What is the right diet for YOU?


5 Ways to recognize the right diet

I can be a rebel sometimes.  The suggested subject for the  Friday Five 2.0  from Fairytales & Fitness and Rachel @ Running on Happy today is your gym/workout space. I could probably write a good post on that, and maybe even earn myself a little bit of affiliate money.

Instead, I’m going to write about diet and healthy lifestyles. Because trust me, it’s important to your running. Any engine can fail when it has crappy fuel put into it.


A diet is something you do for a while, lose a few pounds, and then go right back to the way you were eating before — and usually you find those lost pounds plus some.

I really shouldn’t have used the word diet in my title. What you’re really looking for is a healthy lifestyle — I know people love to hate on that expression, but it’s true. And a healthy lifestyle is something you can envision yourself doing for the rest of your life.

There are no quick fixes when it comes to weight loss.

Do you find yourself not wanting to go out to eat or to parties because it just won’t fit in with your diet? Is your way of eating something you do at home, then ditch when you’re at someone else’s house or on vacation because it’s just too difficult?

I get it, actually; I still struggle with some of these things myself. My way of eating isn’t restrictive — I eat everything — but, for instance, I really didn’t want to go out to eat when I was at my parents. I do eat out, but I don’t like going out to eat all the time. My waistline doesn’t like it either. Luckily I was able to beg out because of the snow.

Back to my point, though, if you find you are missing out on the things you love because of the way you eat, then it’s time to rethink the way you eat.

No Deprivation
Repeat after me: deprivation will just lead to overeating or even worse, bingeing.

Deprivation does not work. It’s the elephant in the room — the minute you forbid something it’s the only thing you can think about.

If your diet forbids whole food groups, then it fails both point#1 and point#2 (unless you have a medical reason you can’t eat a certain food group) and point#3. I’d say that gets an F, for sure.

That doesn’t mean that eating whatever you want, however much you want, whenever you want it works either. There’s a happy medium between eating healthy most of the time and indulging occasionally.

Makes you feel energized
Sugar may make you feel energized — in the short term. But it won’t give  you lasting energy. There are plenty of foods that can make you feel sluggish — and that may vary from person to person.

If you find yourself constantly exhausted, though, and there’s no medical reason for it, you might want to take a look at what you’re eating.

Addresses your mind and spirit, not just what you eat
You have to get at your “why”. Why you want to eat healthy: what are  you hoping to get out of it? Look good in your clothes? Feel good about yourself? Get off medications? I seem to be a broken record on this subject lately, but that’s because it’s just that important.

Your why may change over time, too. For instance, when I started with Weight Watchers decades ago, my why was mostly to look good. Many young people’s why to lose weight is to look good.

When I recommitted to Weight Watchers in my late 40s, my why had changed. Of course I enjoy looking better in my clothes, but that’s mostly a side benefit. That is still a why, but instead of being about looking good, it’s about self esteem — I feel better about myself when I’m at a healthy weight.

And that’s just one why. One of my biggest whys is to age gracefully — to be happy with myself, to be able to do the things I enjoy, to keep old age ailments at bay for as long as possible.

This is point#5 for a good reason: if you take nothing else away from this post, I hope you take away that in order to change, you must delve deep into your why.

Talk to me. Leave a comment or answer a question:

What does a healthy lifestyle look like to you?

Do you get anxious about having to eat out?

What is your why?

I’m also linking up with Nicole @ Fitfulfocus and her Fit & Fashionable Friday linkup (been a while!) today.

Fitful Focus


31 thoughts on “What is the right diet for YOU?

    1. I’m kind of resigned to the folds around the middle. We’re different shapes, but believe me, my belly ain’t flat. I pretty much know what it would take to get it that way & I’m just not that disciplined.


  1. I don’t have much to say since I don’t follow any particular “diet.”

    I am at my highest weight EVER but I do like to eat out and I need my carbs to run well. And the menipot happened after 60 😦 – fair warning.

    So I’ll just buy those medium bottoms and get rid of all those “smalls.” Wear long loose tops. And I fool everyone in thinking that I am still thin LOL

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Except you are STILL thin. Obviously, you’re not like you were when you were younger — who is? I may weigh almost the same as I did 30 years ago, but I assure you, I don’t look the same.

      But all you have to do is look at your arms. And since you don’t have a scale, you really don’t know that you’re at your highest weight.

      Oh, btw, I was reading an the intro to a book, by Dr. Dean Ornish, who cited several studies that concluded that you can turn around diseases via diet.

      Plus my late 70s friend at WW? She used to be on diabetes medication. She isn’t any longer & she’s not even at her GW (but she has lost about 40 lbs).


      1. I carry my weight differently. It’s in my butt and thighs.

        The last time I weighed myself I was at my highest weight and I know I haven’t lost weight since then.

        Luckily I don’t have any diseases …yet.

        Of course if you have high blood pressure, high sugar levels or high cholesterol, you should watch what you eat. Sometimes, it’s just genetics.

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      2. Sometimes it is genetics. But you can often escape that by making better choices. I truly believe that, and God knows I have lousy genetics (despite the fact that my Dad is almost 91, my Mom almost 89).


  2. The diet industry sets people up the fail, so they keep coming back. It’s not all about the scale either. I gained a little weight between annual physicals, but that weight was all muscle from the strength training I was doing. I think it’s important to enjoy food and not be afraid of it.


  3. I don’t follow a diet but I have purposely been depriving myself of my usual cupcakes andd candy (sour patch patch kids and gummy life savers, etc). And i’m totally okay with the deprivation. Now I only have candy for special occasions/holidays. I need to work on my mid section but I also know that I running and lack of sweets isn’t enough to do that..lol. Have a good weekend Judy and thanks for linking up!

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  4. Yes, yes and yes! Too many newcomers to the fitness journey think that a “diet” is the starting point. I try to convince them that it’s all about making better choices, portion control, allowing yourself that “treat” once a week and moving that body more! That’s really all there is to it. Oh and don’t get me started on the deprivation deal! A friend of mine, who is a personal trainer, is always telling me that if I’d just cut out my red wine I’d lose this unwanted belly fat ..well, guess what? Ain’t gonna happen! I’ll live with a little fluff to enjoy the fruit of the vine! 🙂

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    1. Um, did you ask your friend for advice? If not, well, maybe you ought to tell her that. 🙂

      Believe me, I was there with the whole diet mentality many years (decades) ago. That’s why I’m so passionate about trying to help people avoid my mistakes!

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  5. This is SUCH an interesting topic for me! I have been figuring out how to practice a healthy lifestyle for me for years. I’m slowly getting there. This year, I’m consciously practicing balance and a huge part of that is not beating myself up if I slip or go out to eat once in a while. So far, so good! But then again, it’s only February 3. 😉

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  6. I love this post. Thank you so much for writing it!!! My “why” is because I know that I need to do what’s best for me and my body. I struggled with self esteem issues (and still do occasionally) for most of my life until I re-discovered running and learned about healthy eating. Now, I’m so much more confident. And I’m happier! And then, grandchildren entered the picture. Man, I need to be around to love them and teach them and watch them grow. NEED!!! Especially for my granddaughter. I do NOT want her to struggle the way that I did and the way I know her mom did. I know so much more now than I did then and I swear I will be her biggest fan and cheerleader. I want her to know, and see, that girls of all shapes and sizes are beautiful and intelligent and IMPORTANT.

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  7. This is a great post. And I totally don’t hate on the healthy lifestyle mantra because it’s true. If you’re “dieting” and not able to maintain your food choices, then what good is it in the first place?

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  8. My why is to hopefully remain healthy for the rest of my life. I do struggle when eating out. I really don’t find many places I like to be truthful. Most serve such unhealthy food. I really try to make the health choices, but I can’t deprive as that only drives me closer to binge. The key for me is making the changes that I can live with forever.

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  9. I agree with your ethos ENTIRELY. Why deprive? Food is there to be enjoyed. No food should be demonised or cut out. All this does is attach a negative behaviour towards that food, which can in turn lead to overeating on it or giving up a ‘diet’ entirely. Best way is a healthy lifestyle. Everything in balance. I follow the 80/20 rule and I advise my clients to do the same. Followed! 🙂

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