I Believe in the little things


I believe that often it’s not the big things that trip us up, it’s the little things.

In prehab
I believe that rehab sucks, and  prehab (working on your weak areas before an injury), while not particularly fun, can definitely help.

In dynmaic stretching
I believe that just going out and running, for most people, can lead to injury. You know how stiff you feel when you’re cold? And how loose you feel when you’re warm?

Stiff things have a tendency to break. Loose things are more fluid.

In short bouts of strength training
I believe that you can really strengthen yourself in 10 minutes. You’re super busy and you don’t have time for that strength training or rehab, you say? Try 10 minutes before leaving for work. 10 minutes when you get home. 

It all adds up quickly. It really makes a difference.

Strength training isn’t just about looking buff or running faster. It’s about living your best life — having the strength to do the things you want to do.

In short doses of yoga frequently
. . . rather than just one or two classes a week.

There’s a reason they call it a yoga practice. Not in the practice makes perfect sense, but in the sense that you will reap more rewards the more you do it. Just like strength training, you don’t have to wait until you have an hour to spare.

In meal prepping
I believe that it’s all too easy to eat these days. Often the wrong things. The vending machines, the Starbucks, the Dunkin Donuts on every corner.

When you’re famished those donuts seems like an excellent idea. If you’re armed with your own healthy snacks and breakfasts, you are more likely to resist temptations — and the end result is that you feel better.

In cross training
I believe that far too many runners rely solely on running. And it’s the rare runner who doesn’t end up on the injured list at some point during their life.

Cross training can help prevent those injuries — and it gives you something to turn to if you do happen to end up injured.

In journaling
I believe that having a record of your running journey can be invaluable. It can help you determine what may have led to an injury or an illness. It can help you determine if you’re improving. It can help you see what you did in a previous training cycle that worked for you — or didn’t.

In rest
I believe that rest shouldn’t be a four letter word. It’s not really a small thing — rest can make all the difference between failure and success.

I believe that far too many runners see other runners running a race every weekend, or month, or running ___ times per week, or ____ number of miles, and fall prey to peer pressure, rather than listening to their own body and enjoying their own journey.

I believe the people who say they’ll sleep when they’re dead are heading for a breakdown somewhere along the road.

What small things do you believe in?

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25 thoughts on “I Believe in the little things

  1. This is a great post! Makes me think of thins just a little differently.

    I have totally slacked on weight training and I know it holding me back on progress in my overall fitness goals. Stretching and foam rolling too for sure. Thanks for the reminders.

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  2. That last quote is exactly the one sue and I agreed on during our drive home from the race.

    I do believe that You’ll sleep when your dead. Lol.

    It’s important for your mind and body to be active.

    Life is too short. People are dying way too young.

    So you sometimes do what you what makes you happy even if there are risks such as injury or sickness.

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    1. I totally disagree about rest. Which obviously doesn’t mean you need to be a sloth, but rest is important too. It’s where recovery happens.

      Big difference between taking risks & driving yourself into
      Sickness – that darn balance thing again!


  3. I have exercises I do twice a day, once during my lunch break, and then when I get home. And then I tack on more exercises when I’m at home. I need to figure out how I’m going to do my dynamic warm up in the corrals.

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  4. I believe in all that you’re saying. Especially the last two paragraphs about peer pressure and sleeping when your dead. Everybody is different and should be treated as such. And personally, I treasure my sleep. Lack of sleep is not good… for anyone. If you were having surgery and your surgeon didn’t sleep the night before, would you still want him to operate? Me personally, no way. Good post Judy.

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  5. I believe in so many of these things as well! Prehab and cross training, yes please! And I’m going to do my best to get back to consistent, detailed journaling of my runs/workouts.

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  6. I am guilty of peer pressure & find myself trying to keep up with others rather than listening to my body. I now take 2 rest days a week without guilt. Running is important to me, but enjoying my runs is equally important. I just recently began adding in cross training such as bike riding, resistance exercise with weights and hiking. My runs have improved both time wise as well as emotionally.

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    1. I think some people can get away with too little sleep, and while it might catch up with them, not necessarily as a disaster.

      I also think ignoring recovery is a bad, bad idea. At some point it’s just got to catch up with you.


  7. I go to Starbucks every day and we have plenty of healthy options, besides coffee is an excellent choice for endurance athletes!! Cross-training and rest is important too šŸ™‚ And, I always keep up on my training logs and journals.

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