Imagination vs Knowledge


Imagination: the faculty or action of forming new ideas, or images or concepts of external objects not present to the senses.

Imagination is so important when it comes to running:

  • Can you imagine running free and happy?
  • Can you imagine yourself crossing the finish line — how it feels, how it sounds, maybe what you’ll be tasting afterwards?
  • Can you imagine going longer than you ever have before?
  • Can you even imagine yourself taking those first few running steps if you’ve never run before?

I believe that imagination is more important than knowledge. That myth is more potent than history. That dreams are more powerful than facts. That hope always triumphs over experience. That laughter is the only cure for grief. And I believe that love is stronger than death. — Robert Fulghum

One of my favorite mantas is “what you believe, you achieve”. If you can’t see it, feel it, even taste it, it will probably elude you. And maybe frustrate you, too.

But . . . and this is a big But . . . imagination can only take you so far.

You have to do the work, too
I most emphatically do not believe that hope always triumphs over experience, and I learned that the hard way.

You can’t imagine away an impending injury. You can’t imagine that adrenaline and excitement will get you to a finish line pain free if you haven’t trained properly.
Both Imagination and Knowledge are powerful
Knowledge, as they say, is power. I have come a long way from the half virgin who toed the line at her first half marathon (or race, for that fact!). Learning, experimenting, always trying new things have improved my running.

You can have all the knowledge in the world, however, but if you don’t have the imagination to see yourself improving, running a strong race, achieving your dreams . . . it’s not going to happen.

I believe that both knowledge and imagination are equally important when it comes to doing our best at whatever we’re interested in tackling.

Imagination powered by knowledge will take you farther than you ever thought you could go.
— Judy @ Chocolaterunsjudy

Deb Runs

Tell me in the comments:

Do you think imagination and knowledge are equally important?

If not, which one is more important?

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