5 Reasons Runners Need Gyms


Runners gonna run. Runners like to run. Runners often won’t do the things that will keep them running. You know: strength training, cross training, balance work, foam rolling, etc. And sometimes runners pay the consequences.

If you belong to a gym, it’s far easier to make sure you’re not a one trick pony — the payoff might even be better running. This post is a do as I say, not as I do post — I don’t presently belong to a gym. But I have, in the past, multiple times — and who knows? Maybe I will again in the future.


Today I am joining up with the  Friday Five 2.0  from Fairytales & Fitness and Rachel @ Running on Happy to share reasons why it’s a good thing to get into the gym.

Yoga. Weights. Machines. Pools. Pilates. Zumba. You name it, and a lot of gyms have it. You can certainly get variety at home, but a good gym will offer you way more than you will ever be able to squeeze into your basement gym.

Access to Personal Trainers
All gyms have personal trainers, although all personal trainers are not created alike. Maybe some day I’ll do a post on what to look for in a personal trainer, but for now you can read this post from the Huffington Post here.

I have, in fact, worked out with a personal trainer, and I highly recommend it. It’s much like working with a running coach (and lucky you if they’re also your personal trainer) — they will push you harder than you push yourself, you won’t have to think about your workouts, and they will encourage and motivate you every step of the way.

Fitness Testing
Are you skinny fat? Are you flexible? Are you recovering well from cardio workouts? Many gyms offer body fat and wellness testing. It’s nice to see your progress as your bodyfat drops or your heart rate recovers quicker from workouts.

For Fun
Don’t roll your eyes at me! Gym classes can be addictive. You get to know the people and it gets to be a social outing. Classes like Zumba, even if you have two left feet, are a ton of fun and great cross training.

Anything is more fun when you do it with other people, so I suggest if you do join a gym, check out those classes. Yes, you’ll probably be anxious at first. Give it a few tries and try a few classes — everyone enjoys different things.

One day you’ll find yourself the old pro welcoming the newbies.

Stay on the Cutting Edge
A good gym (and a good instructor or personal trainer) is on top of the trends, the newest equipment, the newest workouts,  and is periodically introducing them to you, the gym members.

So let me know in the comments:

Do you belong to a gym?

What’s your favorite gym class?

What surprised you most about joining a gym?

25 thoughts on “5 Reasons Runners Need Gyms

  1. I belong to Planet Fitness and I love it. There are no classes and their trainers are crap, but it is cheap and clean. For $10 a month I can use a treadmill on bad weather days, lift weights, or use the arc trainer if I want low impact cardio! A couple years ago I bought weights so I can lift at home, but I still go to the gym to do that sometimes too. And for $10 a month, it makes sense to just always have the gym in my back pocket in case I need it! I used to go to the Y and I enjoyed spin and Zumba, but it’s like $30 a month… which is definitely worth it if I would go to classes regularly, but right now I am not into that. Maybe someday I will be again! Because $30 is cheap IF you are actually going.

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    1. $30 is definitely cheap for a gym! One of my friends belongs to a local gym that’s also about $10/month, but I just prefer to work out at home. I’m away enough running as it is!

      I also have subscriptions to a couple of online sites, but that’s a whole other post!


    1. Absolutely! For some of my retired friends, it’s VERY social (or a way to get away from the hubs for a while).

      I just find right now running has me away from home enough. And I’m luckily the self motivated type that will actually work out at home.


  2. I don’t belong to a gym but I have many items at home that make up my home gym.

    I do wish I belonged to a gym just to try out a spin class….they are all the rave and I have heard really good things about it.

    When I belonged to golds gym, I loved taking body pump and kick boxing classes.

    I do miss being around people. The gym was good for that.

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  3. I have joined a gym in the past but that was before tennis and before running. Now I just don’t have the time to go. I occasionally use a free gym which has lots of machine. If I didn’t work, I definitely would join the Y for all the reasons you mentioned. As you said, exercising is more fun around others. The same reason why I prefer to race than run.

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      1. We make time for priorities. Gym is not one for both of us. I know I could squeeze an hour in before work or in the evening instead of TV. Just not motivated at the moment.

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  4. My husband and I got a really good deal on a family membership to a gym. I love the access to a treadmill and the different classes. It’s also one that has branches in a lot of places so it’s useful when we travel.

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  5. I joined a gym when the weather was so unpredictable this past spring. I’m still looking for cardio machines to put in the basement, and I’m building up my dumbbell collection. I haven’t work with a personal trainer in years, and I’m always there before classes start. I usually get in, do my workout, and head home.

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    1. Since I don’t work, going to the gym involves getting there, working out, then coming home. It’s simpler for me to work out at home.

      It was easier before Bandit . . . he still gets really anxious when I leave — or rather when I’m gone, he’s pretty chill when I actually leave but he’s super anxious by the time I get home!


  6. I did go to a gym ($35) a month but didn’t offer any classes. I really like going because it keeps me motivated but i’m away from home enough as it is and when I come home from work I want to just be with Baylee so this fall i’m gonna try to get into a routine to do more stuff at home in the evening.

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    1. I am at home a lot, but I’m a homebody and I actually liked it. And since I’m not out already for work, I’d usually rather save that hour or so in the car going back and forth for doing something at home.


  7. I’m fortunate enough to work at a gym. I have access to work out, take classes, and just about every other benefit. I even get discounts on massage and stretch therapy (or I can trade off with the other therapists/trainers. Just about a perfect arrangement!

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  8. Our family belonged to a fitness center many years ago…like when our 23-yr old was a baby LOL The hubby goes to a local gym that is $40/month, but you can freeze your membership anytime you want and pay nothing to renew it. He usually gores to spinning and lights weights over the winter and freezes in over the late spring & summer. I prefer to just do my own thing at home …I have some hand weights and a somewhat creative brain 😉

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    1. The only gym I go to is a community center to swim — and they have a pay as you go plan; since I don’t go every week and often don’t go during winter, it ends up being cheaper than paying for a membership.

      Now if they would only fix the sauna . . .


    1. There was a yoga instructor I LOVED at the last gym I belonged to. But it cost way too much to belong just for that! And since the pool was small and ALWAYS busy, I only belonged for one year.

      I like the pool I swim at now — rarely crowded, warmer than any other pool I’ve swum in up here, and relatively inexpensive.

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  9. I dont belong to a gym outside of our offerings at work, but I do have membership at a yoga and barre studio. It’s so important to stay versatile and work different muscle groups!

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  10. No gym membership here! I am lucky enough that the work gym has cardio machines and weight machines I haven’t used yet!! I have a ton of workout videos that I use at home, but that has fallen to the wayside the last few weeks.


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