The Summer of the Shelf Bra


I never liked shelf bra tops. The bra never seemed to fit right or the top was too tight showing every roll. So I shied away from ordering any of the Skirtsports shelf bra tops. Big mistake. Huge!

With the spring line, I ordered a couple of the newer tops with shelf bras. And I fell in love. Mind you, I don’t have much on top. If you’re big busted, I can’t speak to how these tops will fit you.

I love the comfort and ease of all these tops. I especially love not having to wear a top and a bra! Not to mention that it cut down on the amount of laundry I had to do — and I never ran out of bras (because I seriously don’t have enough running bras).

One cool day when I wore a tee instead of a tank I was disgruntled about having to wear a bra, too, but it’s about the only day all summer I ended up wearing one! To run in, that is. I greatly expanded my collection with the Skirtsports summer, sale, too, so let me give you a little run down on them.

Did Wonder Girl help me snag a PR?
Wonder Girl
It’s the tank that started it all. The one I wore for the first time in NOLA, and liked it so much, I wore it for my race (read about that here) even though I’d never worn it on a long run. And it totally rocked.

It has a cleavage alley pocket, which I used for my room key, a credit card, and a little cash. The fabric was also light enough so that I didn’t have a melt-down in a very muggy race.

Buy your Wonder Girl tank here (new colors! I’ll be ordering Flyaway)

Racecation helped me power through a hot July 4th race
Racecation was actually the first shelf bra tank I wore in NOLA. It’s slightly lighter than the Wonder Girl, but also has a higher neckline, and therefore no cleavage pocket. It’s also a bit more “flowy” than Wonder Girl (which helps to hide anything in the muffin top area).

It’s so cute that it works well when you’re not running, too, and I’ve also worn it for a lot of hikes.

Buy your Racecation tank here

It may say C/D, but this B cup girl likes it too!
Kelly C/D Support
While Kelly should work for you more well endowed ladies (I am not), it actually works just fine for me, too. No unaboob here either, as the shelf bra actually has two separate cups. Because of the separate cups, again, there is no pocket.

The back straps are adjustable — you can shorten them, as need be, and wear them straight or crosssed.

The material is a little heavier than the previous tanks I mention, but the back is quite open and I’ve found it very comfortable for summer running.

Buy your Kelly C/D Support tank here

Cute, comfy, and functional!
Because I didn’t like shelf bras, I didn’t order them for a long time. And boy, was I missing the boat! I just love this tank. It’s got the pocket, there’s an actual bra with the tank attached, it’s nice and flowy over those areas that some of us like to camoflauge.

I’m seriously considering buying a couple more because yes, it’s on sale too and I love it so much I could just live in it in the summer.

Buy your Exhale tank here

Super Girl — it was my uniform all summer long for long runs!
Super Girl
I’ve saved the best for last (at least in my opinion). Super Girl must have given me super powers in Utah (read about that race here), and it’s been my go to for my “shorter” long runs (up to about 8 miles).

Why, you might ask? Because it is made like a cycling jersey and has three back pockets. Three! And the cleavage alley pocket, too! I put a water bottle in two of the pockets, and my keys and some fuel in the third. No handlheld. No vest. No problem!

The material is again on the thicker side, but it kept me comfortable in UT from start (around 50 — I was wearing a throwaway sweatshirt) to finish (around 70).

Buy your Super Girl tank  here

I’m not super fond of putting my keys in the cleavage pocket, but here’s a little tip: they’re great for doggy poop bags! Seriously, I’ve been using them for that all summer long. It’s definitely a generous sized pocket — for runs, I will sometimes put a small tube of lube in there . . . just in case.

Disclaimer: I am a Skirtsports Ambassador, but I don’t make any money if you buy if you buy any Skirtsports clothing. I’m just sharing the love. And speaking of the love, don’t forget to use code FWC20 for 20% off most items — and most of these tanks are on sale right now (although sizes are somewhat limited for some of them).


This week I am also joining up with Running on Happy, Suzlyfe, Crazy Running Girl, and Coach Debbie Runs each week for the Coaches’ Corner linkup

coachescornerTalk to me:

Do you wear shelf bra tanks?

What would you put in a cleavage alley pocket?

Which tank do you want to buy?


28 thoughts on “The Summer of the Shelf Bra

  1. As you’ve said. To each his own. Not a fan. I’m small so I prefer a bra with some padding. I’m don’t like the headlight look or swear circles that happen with those tops. So if I buy them because I like the style, I still wear a bra. I’ve even cut out the bra.

    I don’t run more than 4x a week and I have 4 bras so I’m good.

    Eclipse is my favorite SS top.

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      1. Both Kelly and Exhale are real bras, btw. I just love the simplicity of them and I find them very comfortable. Much more comfortable than my Athleta top, although I use it when I have to.


  2. I don’t wear shelf bras for the reason you first mentioned, the rolls…lol. And I don’t feel like I’m “kept in” well enough. I do like the idea of those pockets though. If I bought one I would go with the one with the separate cups.

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  3. I struggle with shelf bras and tanks because they get all twisted around in the wash and I can’t ever get them back to normal. LOL BUT, I really like the look of some of these and I like the convenience factor. I may have to check some of these out. I don’t know what I would put in a cleavage alley pocket. I don’t have much cleavage so…. haha

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I do have another older shelf bra tank from Athleta. When I got it it was far too tight, but I’m actually glad that I held onto it all those years (and lost more weight), because it has back pockets too. I just find them incredibly useful. It’s just not as comfortable as the SS ones.

      I don’t have troubles with it getting twisted, though Thankfully!

      Poop bags go so nicely in the cleavage pocket (and I don’t have much either). Or credit cards & money & the room key if you’re traveling and touring.


  4. I have one shirt that has a built-in bra, and I feel kind of naked in it. It’s got good support, and I’m not chesty either, but the back is a little bare. That’s what makes me a little uneasy, and I’ll wear a sports bra with it.

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    1. As long as it feels cool when I’m running, I don’t really care if the back is a little bare! I really doubt that anyone is ogling me.

      Certainly not the young boys on track, apparently, that were running while I was this morning!


  5. Oh, interesting! I hadn’t heard of these shirts yet, I’ll have to look into them. I have a couple shirts with built in bras but I save them for other workouts since they’re no supportive enough for running.

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  6. I am chicken on this one because even though I am not well endowed but I find I need the support. I have not tried so I could be like you, who knows?! I sure love how the exhale looks! It is super cute.

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  7. I’ve been shying away from shelf bras for the reasons you described. I don’t like headlights and I feel like I want more support. I only have way too many sports bras because I keep mine waaaay too long. I need an intervention.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I keep mine way too long, too (like since I began running — almost!) — but I still don’t have that many.

      I get headlights in a regular bra — I have plenty of race pictures to show that! So I might as well be comfy.

      Both Kelly & Exhale have real bras, though.


  8. Okay, I honestly didn’t know that “shelf bra” was the technical term! I do like these and probably need to add more to my collection. I still haven’t bought a thing from SkirtSports…geez!

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  9. I am glad that they come in sizes for us ladies on the ‘larger’ side, lol. I’ve never tried a shelf bra because I thought it wouldn’t support my twins but I would definitely be willing to try it!

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