August 2017: Did I pass?


August was a month of good running, but I’ve let a lot of stuff slide that I really shouldn’t. Let’s not even talk about the length of my hair (and bangs!). It’s kind of scary.

So let’s get right down to it.

Getting in scheduled runs
I skipped one run this month due to feeling super run down. And I felt a lot better the next week!

Grade Earned:  A-

Recording my runs
I’m slipping a bit on this one. Sometimes days go by before I get around to it — who remembers what they did yesterday, let alone a few days ago? I need to get back into it, because I know find the information very useful and am always sorry when there are gaps in my journal.

Grade Earned: B

Dynamic Warmup
I made a real effort to do my dynamic warmups, even when I was short on time, and not just go through the motions, either. And the full routine, too. 

Grade Earned: A+

Not enough of this

Foam Rolling
I continued to be pretty good with my foam rolling, but there was a time or two (or three) that I left it to the end of the day — mainly when I ran at the end of the day — and I just threw in the towel on it.

Grade Earned: B

Respecting my body
I think I listened closely to my body and definitely respected it. And I was rewarded by not getting sick (knocks on wood).

Grade Earned: A

Yummy, healthy food

I joined an eating challenge this month. I didn’t lose much weight at all, but I feel better and my clothes are fitting better, too.

Grade Earned: A+

Kind of fell off of the deep end there . . . it’s been months since my last chiropractor appointment and ditto with massage. I feel pretty good, but I also know that these things are important for me.

Grade Earned: B-

Cross Training
No stationary biking. I swam until the pool closed down for maintenance. I stopped hiking because either the weekends were too busy, it was too hot and humid, or I was just run down.

I actually think that hiking might be part of why I was feeling run down; I don’t regret it at all, but I also know I wasn’t really getting in enough rest. And I have a list of places I want to get to . . .

Grade Earned: B

August 2017 gets  . . . 
. . . an B+. I know everyone will say it looks like a great month, but I know that I’ve been skipping some important stuff. You can only get by with that for so long until it comes back to bite you. I always find it harder as the days get shorter, even if I appreciate the cooler mornings and more shade for running.

Which leads me to:

Goals for August:

  • Keep my journal up to date. Sort of
  • Swim once a week (until they close the pool mid-month for maintenance). Y
  • I’d like to continue some trail running, but that will depend on the weather during the dog days of summer. Ditto hiking. Y for trail, N for hikes
  • Maybe sign up for a trail race at the end of the month. Maybe. – read about it next week!
  • Continue with Pahla B’s Guide to Faster Running for strength training. Y (slight hiatus one week when needed more rest)

Goals for September:

  • Keep my journal up to date.
  • Return to swimming when the pool re-opens. Doesn’t have to be every week.
  • Epsom salt soak once a week.
  • Continue my clean eating plan — maybe about 90%. Deprivation never works!
  • Continue with Pahla B’s Guide to Faster Running for strength training.
  • Foam roll immediately following roll unless I’m not home, and then do it when I get home. I’m just too liable to let it go if I wait until the evening.

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37 thoughts on “August 2017: Did I pass?

  1. Hit the send before I was ready. My running question was when not training for a race, what is your running plan? Do you follow an off season running plan?

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    1. This year will be the first year I’ll have a coach for my off season, but usually there’s no plan at all — which is nice — and just try to keep a long run of about 5-6 miles so I’m not really rebuilding too much in the spring.

      Oddly, sometimes I’ll run more just because I feel like it; when I’m training, I never run a step more than I have to!


  2. I’ve been sucking at cross training of any sort. When I’m running so much with marathon training, I just run out of time.

    Good job fitting in everything you did. I think we are all way harder on ourselves than we should be. You did awesome.

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  3. It’s hard to record runs after I’ve been on the treadmill. My Garmin stores my outdoor runs, but I started using the little Notes app on my phone to record my treadmill miles. I memorize the distance and time long enough to get to my phone in the locker room.

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    1. I’m usually rushing around doing errands after a run — sometimes it’s easier when I’m on the treadmill (at home) because I just bring the journal down with me.

      I used to bring it with me when I go somewhere to run, but like I said, I’m usually on the clock. Darn dogs.


    1. I love having the info to look back later — comparing last year to this year, my race info, etc. etc. But usually the dogs need attention the minute I get home, I have groceries to put away, I need to eat . . .


  4. The idea of grading myself totally resonates with the ex-teacher in me. Great idea, and As and Bs make a pretty solid report card. Nice job!

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  5. The longer my runs get with training the less time it seems I have for anything else!! I cleaned the bathroom for the first time in 3 weeks this past weekend!! Other than getting my runs in, that about it for the month!! The first 3 weeks of training I got the cross training in, but not so much here lately!!

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    1. I’d say you made me feel great, Jodi, especially since my husband reads this — then again, you’re training for a FULL marathon AND working, while I don’t work and am training for a half.

      Well, still made me feel a bit better. 🙂

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    1. Sometimes I definitely feel like a whiner because so many do so much more . . . whatever, it’s my life. Everyone needs a good whine now & again.

      I just have to make sure I work with my body — get that chiro, massage, and do the damn rolling before evening! Especially as the days get shorter. Fall seems to have arrived already.


  6. You did great on your goals, you’re a tough grader, lol! When it comes to support, I really wanted to get a massage this month and now I’m realizing I never got to it! Self-care always seems to drop on the list of priorities…

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  7. I know how you feel! When I look at my workouts on paper it looks like I am working fairly hard, but I know I am skipping important stuff and I have just about given up this month with my diet…I think this may be my lowest dip ever as far as caring.
    I did cut my hair lol I know all about the big scary hair!
    I have not soaked my feet in a few months.
    That is great the the clothes feel better!! That is always a good spot to be in 🙂

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  8. As everyone else said, it’s looks like a great month to me. Sometimes we get more done when we have less time. I was off all last summer and I don’t think my house was any cleaner. I just did more social things. I make my hair appts every 5 weeks at least a year in advance so I don’t forget. I stare at my nails on the computer so I know when they are due.

    I have a late night tonight – hosting mah jongg so I’ll be dragging tomorrow but looking forward to it since I have had two rest days in a row.

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    1. As they say, if you want to get something done, ask a busy person. Although I actually feel busy.

      I’m sure you won’t actually be dragging. I would have made the start later, but I do need to get back home & wanted to be able to go out with everyone. You could always come later — you’ll finish faster.


      1. I would run with you if Judy lynch didn’t ask me to run with her. It’s more enjoyable when you can chat the whole time. Maybe another time. Are you running with them tomorrow?

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