Wineglass edition: Runfessions October 2017


Wineglass may have been the very first day of October (read about it here), so maybe that just means I’ve been holding out on you guys, cause it sure provided me with plenty of runfessions!

What’s a runfession, you ask? Well, it’s the sort of thing you’d only fess up to another runner, cause we get it; significant others will either give you the blank stare or the eye roll. Join me, Marcia @ Marcia’s Healthy Slice and let’s get those runfessions off of our chests.

Snack of champions . . .

I runfess . . .
Garrett’s Popcorn
has become my lucky charm for halfs this year. With a connection in Chicago for all my flights, I indulged in my love of their cheesecorn. And I runfess that the bag seemed to get bigger and bigger each time.

And since I wasn’t flying for Wineglass, I just ordered it online. With 9 other women going, I didn’t know if I’d have to share or not, so I bought two tins with different flavors to share (one of them was on sale). No one wanted any, really. The extra went into work with Mr. Judy (and his boss was appreciative).

I have some tart cherry juice using my wineglass swag each night (far less than above!)

I runfess . . .
That was no warmup mile or dynamic stretching before Wineglass. I was wearing clown pants (aka throaway sweatpants 2 sizes too big), so too hard to run. And we hung out in the nice warm school until just about the last minute; the school and the start were far too crowded to do my stretching — although people definitely tried.

Would it have made a difference to my race? I really don’t think so. I started out extremely well and right where I wanted to be.

I runfess . . .
I mentioned Poppleton Bakery previously. So in addition to #allthepopcorn, and the very large bagel, I ate a buckeye from there on Saturday. And bought a chocolate peanut butter cupcake for after the race, only we stopped in again after the race. And I bought another buckeye and a chocolate mint cookie dough truffle (more cookie than truffle).

Then I ordered the Chocolate Peanut Butter Landslide cake for dessert after my cinnamon swirl french toast (with a couple of eggs on the side for recovery) for dinner that night. I did share my dessert with several of my runner friends.

Then I had that chocolate peanut butter cupcake after walking around Watkins Glen and lunch the following day.

Somewhere in there there was more popcorn and that cookie dough truffle. And Rachel @ Runningonhappy was worried about my “fast”. This girl knows how to carb load and recover!

I runfess . . .
I shared my detailed race checklist with the Wineglass girls. One of those items was throwaway gloves.

Don’t ask me why I didn’t follow my own advice. Actually, I do know why I didn’t: I thought I’d be able to draw the arms of throaway sweatshirt and the Skirtsports Bolero over my hands.

The problem? My hydration vest. So I ended up tying that sweatshirt around my neck, draped over my shoulders, so it would be easy to get rid of. And I needed to push back the Bolero on my left wrist so I could see my Garmin.

It was 35F at the start. My hands were so cold. But they’ve been colder; I lived in VT for seven years.

I runfess . . .
I wore the race tee from my very first 10k to the Great Pumpkin as a throwaway tee. It’s cotton and I haven’t worn it in years. Maybe it jinxed me.

Because in that first 10k, I had only been to the race location once. I’d only lived here a few years at that point and I hadn’t been running long either. But I thought I knew where the race start was.

I was walking, I was walking, I was walking . . . and when I saw no one else walking towards a race start, I realized I was going the wrong way and had to run to the start, just barely making it in time.

Well, that tee can’t jinx me anymore. I did, indeed, throw it away in Saratoga Park.

Every felt like some race swag was jinxed?

Had a close call getting to the start line of a race?

What do you have to runfess from October? Come join us

And one last real question for you. There’s a trail race on Sunday. We’re supposed to get a real soaker on Sunday. Sometimes it shows it starting in the afternoon, other times it just says rain heavy at times. The Wineglass girls are meeting to run long Saturday. What would you do? Trust the notoriously bad weather forecasters? Just go for it? Or play it safe? Probably by the time you answer I’ll have registered  . . . or not. Registration closes tomorrow morning at 10 am. Not sure yet if there is day off registration.


I am also linking up with the  Friday Five 2.0  from Fairytales & Fitness and Rachel @ Running on Happy today.


32 thoughts on “Wineglass edition: Runfessions October 2017

    1. Yeah, well, MY 10k was going to be on Sunday, too. But I’m not interested in running trails in a downpour. 😦

      Garrett’s is like crack. Seriously. And probably really bad for you. But oh so good.


  1. I’d probably register for the race but bag it if it’s really coming down on race day. Slippery leaves are brutal. I runfess at 35 degrees I wouldn’t even be thinking about wearing gloves. Mine go on at 23 degrees. Not sure why I run so hot.
    Reading about your cheese corn and bakery exploits made me feel like I was reading food porn. I liked it! :p

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m almost always good for some food porn. 🙂

      Turns out there’s day of registration, but I’m pretty sure it’s not happening. Which makes me sad. But I don’t have to have FOMO over missing a group run.

      Darlene runs hot, too, but she had gloves on (apparently her hands don’t run hot). Trust me, it was damn cold and I really regretted it but I survived.

      I think most (but not all) fast runners tend to run hot. They just seem to generate a lot of heat — although that doesn’t explain why Darlene doesn’t seem to sweat and I’m an overachiever in that department.


    1. Turns out I can register day of, but the forecast has swung around to rain starting in the morning. Pretty sure I’m going to pass on it, and it’s bumming me out (and my husband, too, because he has something tomorrow & now I’ll have to go out early & he’ll have to feed the dogs).

      I wanted my socks (the race swag is socks).


  2. For my first-ever big race (the Dam to Dam 20K) in 2008, the hubby thought he knew where we were going. The race starts out near a military camp, and he secured a room for us the evening prior. Well, as we tried to find where the start line was, it turns out was much farther than he’d estimated. We wound up running to the start line, and then losing each other at the porta-pots, and I barely got to the start line in time (back then there weren’t chips for timing). I was so freaked out and worried I’d used up too much energy getting to the race that I wouldn’t be able to run the race itself.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Don’t trust the weather. It was supposed to rain all week in NYC. I never got wet

    Sounds like you want to do the race. Dress appropriately and go slow. It may not even rain hard.

    I have almost missed a race because I got the start time wrong.

    Popcorn doesn’t tempt me. And for some reason neither did that bakery.

    I like pies.

    I’m am so tired that I feel like skipping my long run for the second week in a row. I would run later but have plans.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t normally trust the weather but when they start throwing around 100% and Noreaster, I sit up & listen. It still doesn’t look terrible in the morning, but I also don’t want to drive out 45 minutes & then decide nope, and turn around.

      And running on wet grass is really slippery. My trail half was muddy (and rainy), but it also wasn’t on grass.


  4. I love Garrett’s popcorn! It’s hands down the best popcorn I’ve ever had.

    If there is race day registration for Sunday’s race, I would wait until then to make a decision. That way if you don’t run due to weather, no money wasted! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s what I’m doing, but I also did my “long” run today. I’m pretty sure I’m not doing the race, because unfortunately it’s also about 45 minutes away. If it were closer & it didn’t seem bad tomorrow, I’d still consider.

      Of course if it’s not that bad I’ll also kick myself!


  5. I’ve never had Garrett’s popcorn. Where would I find some?!

    Hmm….Sunday’s race is a conundrum. I see you already said you are probably going to skip it but, I would actually look at radar and see if there’s legitimately stuff heading your way (we’re supposed to get rain on Sunday, too) and then plan from there.

    And YES, at one of my marathons, the port-a-potty lines were moving SO SLOWLY and I barely had enough time to get in there and then make it to the start. I did NOT enjoy that stress and ended up having to use one along the course as well. :/

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’d have to buy some from the online store (it’s a clickable link in my post), go to Chicago or fly through Chicago.

      Actually, I think there’s also a store in Vegas — I think that’s the first time I ever tasted it. And got hooked right away!

      Nothing worse than getting stuck in that port-a-potty line!

      Radar is so damn unreliable most of the time. 😦


  6. There was a popcorn store in Bethlehem — like an ice cream store with about 8 different flavors. I got some dill pickle for after the race and it was awesome! I love your tart cherry juice in a wine glass. That sounds like a habit I should get myself into.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Meg. I did run with the girls. Well, we started together anyway. No one runs my pace (slower or faster; I’d slow down for one friend but it still doesn’t really work for her).

      If it were a road race it *might* be a different story, but it’s a trail race. Quite a bit of it is on the grass.

      It’s still a very slim possibility (day of registration), but I really doubt I’m doing it. Part of the problem is that it’s also not close.


  7. I love flavored popcorn so I would have gladly eaten that other tin for you, lol!

    I just realized how bad the weather is gonna be for my 10K on Sunday – thunderstorms, ugh! Sometimes running in the rain is fun, but with this colder weather I’m not so sure if it’s the best idea!

    I definitely made a post with a Ragnar Packing List then didn’t even listen to my own advice, leaving my rain jacket at home…to proceed to have an entire leg in the pouring rain! Haha!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Our weather tomorrow is much the same. They get it wrong so often, it’s supposed to be worse in the afternoon than morning . . . but . . . ugh. I’m just disappointed.

      The other tin was caramel corn & cheesecorn mixed together. 🙂


  8. I DEFINITELY know what you mean about jinxed swag! I used a shirt from race that I DNFd as a throwaway for a half and almost had to pull out of that race too. Never again!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Garretts is definitely crack. To me, anyway.

      I runfess I pretty much polished off an entire tin between Friday and Tuesday. Almost entirely on my own. Why no one else will help me with it I’ve no idea . . . I’m both happy & not happy about that!

      Now I may have to continue ordering the damn stuff for future halfs if I don’t fly through Chicago!


  9. Yum! We make buckeyes (I assume it’s the peanut butter ball dipped in chocolate?) down here at Christmas time. I think wearing my old race t-shirts as throw-aways brought me luck. Or, it could just be a sign it was could enough to run well.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, PB dipped in chocolate is a buckeye. I seriously can’t make them, that’s like crack for me too (besides Garretts).

      I have a hard time actually throwing away throwaways, but quite frankly I was glad to do it this time! Bad race juju begone!


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