November 2017: Did I pass?


I ran two races in November, a 15k and a 3.5 mile Turkey Trot, and yes, much like last year in November, I PR’d them both. Clearly I need a half in November or December next year!

But PRs don’t tell the whole story. Let’s get the rest of the story.

Getting in scheduled runs
Finally! I’m not training for anything. Sure, there were those two races in November, and I knew I’d be racing hard, but there is no big goal race on the horizon. I don’t expect there to be for many months, actually..

But I felt well most of the month and there was no reason to skip a run. A few had to be shortened just because of busyness.

Grade Earned:  A

Recording my runs
A bit back and forth here. I really started the month off strong, but not surprisingly, things got hectic Thanksgiving week.

Grade Earned: 

Dynamic Warmup
November was pretty busy, and it wasn’t always easy to take the time for a warmup, but even though I rushed through it a time or two it got done. Even on cold race mornings..

Grade Earned: A

Foam Rolling
I had one time, I think, that I skipped my foam rolling because I was tired. And I regretted it when I woke up a bit stiff the next day!

Grade Earned: A-

Respecting my body
I didn’t push myself to work out when I was exhausted even though I kind of wanted to sometimes — I really feel that strength training makes a huge difference. But it won’t help if you’re laid up because you pushed yourself too hard.

Stockadeathon also seemed to take a lot out of me, so I took an extra rest day — and was able to pick up where I’d left off.

Grade Earned: A-

Why do you keep calling my name?

A few too many BLTs (bites, licks, and tastes). Especially those chips and appetizers on Thanksgiving (although they were lunch!). Lots of baking in preparation for Thanksgiving. I wasn’t horrible but I certainly wasn’t perfect, either.

Actually, I’m not chowing down on the desserts, but I’m still struggling to get back to my “normal” eating — has the winter chowdown begun — before winter?

Grade Earned: B

I got my hair cut. Again! After months of skipping haircuts I got 2 in about 6 weeks. I thought about booking a massage many times . . . like after Stocakadeathon. But it never happened.

Grade Earned: B

A hectic holiday week = not so much cross training

Cross Training
I didn’t do too badly with cross training until Thanksgiving week (although I did get that swim in). Yoga and strength training fell by the wayside Thanksgiving week. Lola’s dental and our trip to Bennington and Thanksgiving prep all combined into the perfect storm.

Grade Earned: B

Still running together sometimes

November 2017 gets  . . . 
. . . an B+. Hardly shocking that November wasn’t the perfect month. For the most part, unlike everyone else, now I get to heave a sign of relief. Lola’s dental is done (but she still has a couple of follow-up visits). Being Jewish, December is pretty low key. Yes, there’s Hannukah, but it’s not an important holiday. We do have my parents’ 70th Anniversary celebration in December, though.

Which leads me to:

How I did on November Goals:

  • Do a short yoga sesh when I wake up early (always feel better afterwards) — Y some days
  • Try for 80/20 with clean eating — don’t go nuts baking for Thanksgiving! — Y mostly, again; I could have done better, of course, but I wasn’t horrible either. Of course I did skip my weigh in since it’s closed Thanksgiving day . . . 
  • Epsom salt soak — let’s try for one, shall we? — N, again!
  • See how a swim feels now that it’s getting colder — Y, with my hair up in a bun it stays mostly dry and swimming always feels good
  • Continue to research 2018 halfs — Y, not signed up for anything but a plan is slowly coming together
  • Although I don’t see a trail race in my future any time soon, continue to run on trails occasionally. It’s good for the body. And soon no doubt they won’t be runnable. — that would be a big, fat N

December Goals:

  • Do a short yoga sesh when I wake up early (always feel better afterwards). It makes such a difference — one day I definitely felt stiff when I woke up and after 20 minutes of yoga, the difference was amazing.
  • Maintain a running base of about 17-20 mpw
  • Epsom salt soak — let’s try for one, shall we? Again! It’s cold out there — this should feel good!
  • Swim if I have the time
  • Continue to research 2018 halfs
  • Although I will be the first to admit that a cold green smoothie isn’t as enticing when it’s cold out, much like getting out the door & running — I’m always glad I made & consumed one! And I think it might help me get back on track with eating. Doesn’t have to be daily — start with just one a week! See if it snowballs from there.

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29 thoughts on “November 2017: Did I pass?

    1. I’ll bet those soaks feel fantastic. I keep thinking about it . . . like I think about many things . . . I actually think I’ve felt too tired to pull out my foot spa! Sad, but true. Life is slowly getting back to normal for me. I love being Jewish at this time of year!


  1. Two races and both PRs. That’s an A+ in my gradebook.

    Have a hair apt on Dec 9 but after the race, it won’t look like much.

    Dec is busy for me – three Friend birthdays and several holiday parties to go to….I do decorate but haven’t started (and am considering skipping it.)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t think that PRs are the measure of how well you do. Of course they’re nice & of course I’m happy when I get them, but that doesn’t deserve an A IMHO.

      December is relatively quiet. Except for my parents’ anniversary. My sister’s anniversary is in there, too, but she doesn’t really celebrate it so much.


      1. Well that depends. If you are “gunning” for a PR and you get it, you did well. If you didn’t train well and you get one by surprise, then NO.

        We can agree to disagree.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. What I mean is we all know that PRs are never a given no matter how hard you work for them. Too many factors outside your control. So that’s not how I rate whether or not I did well.

        To me it’s more important that I do the stuff that supports a healthy lifestyle.

        And with most of the races I’m eyeing for 2018, PRs are doubtful. Again, it’s not why I run — I like the challenge, and I still have more challenges to overcome.


    1. Mostly for me it’s that my foot spa, which I do love, is rather awkward to fill & clean. Or maybe that I end up showering late in the day and then dinner needs to get done.

      I really do need to carve out time to do it, though — my feet will thank me!


  2. Well, I keep pretty much ahead of the game with my haircuts (I schedule the next one before leaving the salon because my gal is always over-booked LOL). I need to commit to a quick yoga thing each morning….I say that every month, and somehow It seldom happens (my bad)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I used to preschedule my haircuts when I lived in TX, but life seems busier here, which is funny, since I still worked when we lived in TX. I think it’s the dogs . . .

      I don’t do yoga every morning. But if I’m up early, I might as well make some good use of that time!


  3. Sounds like a pretty great month! I keep meaning to try an epsom salt bath I think you’ve inspired me! I totally agree that doing a session of yoga can make a world of difference!

    Liked by 1 person

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