Fit & Fueld: My Thoughts Halfway Through


Do you have burning questions about running and nutrition? If you’re eating the right foods to fuel your runs? If you’re getting the most out of your workouts? All these questions, and more, are addressed in Laura @ Mommyrunfast’s Fit and Fueled Nutrition Course for Runners (more information here).

This course is full, but Laura says she plans to offer it again the beginning of March.

Disclaimer: My fee for this course was waived in exchange for an honest review of the course. All my thoughts and opinions are totally my own.

So what is Fit and Fueled?
Fit and Fueled is a month long online course aimed at runners, and specifically how to balance training and fueling (and what is proper fueling) for runners. The course is comprised of six modules, with both videos and PDF handouts:

  1. Best carbs
  2. Timing nutrients
  3. Balance training to improve fitness
  4. Train low, race high
  5. Run stronger with appropriate strength training
  6. Dial in your nutrition
  7. Bonus tips

Note that while there are six modules, there’s actually seven, since there are bonus tips. As of this writing we are through module three.

Also included in the fee is a private Facebook group where we can discuss what we’re learning, ask Laura questions, and all the videos and handouts are posted to the group (they are also emailed to you).

My Thoughts so Far
I’m digging it! I consider myself to be fairly knowledgeable about nutrition; you’ll quickly realize if you read this blog that nutrition is a passion of mine. Overweight for much of my life, a lifetime Weight Watchers member (it works for me), a former Weight Watchers leader for a hot minute, I actually find nutrition fascinating.

I also believe that learning is a life-long process, and I am definitely learning new things and changing up some of my routines to put that knowledge into play.

The videos and the handouts are short, and even the busiest person, if interested, will be able to find the time to view/read them. The discussions in the private Facebook group have been very helpful, too.

I’ll be back in February to share my final thoughts on Fit and Fueled.


This week I am also joining up with Running on Happy, Suzlyfe, Crazy Running Girl, and Coach Debbie Runs each week for the Coaches’ Corner linkup


Have you tweaked your nutrition in 2018?

Do you feel confused about when to eat — and what?

Or do you just go by the motto: if the engine is hot enough it will burn off anything?

14 thoughts on “Fit & Fueld: My Thoughts Halfway Through

    1. Well, you are a running coach, after all. I know a lot about nutrition, and a fair amount about running + nutrition, but I’m still learning & I’m definitely trying some new things because of the course. Time will tell how that works for me.


  1. I’m definitely enjoying the course too! I read a lot about nutrition and I try to pay attention to what I’m actually doing but, being off from running for a while had me a little all over the place. It’s nice to have that refresher/reminder about what and when! Especially since I’m looking at pushing real high mileage in my training this year. And, to be honest, sometimes I fall in that “if the engine is hot enough” category but I try not to do that too often. 🙂

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  2. I wouldn’t say tweaked, but I needed new inspiration for meals, and I ordered Run Fast, Eat Slow with a gift card. I’m testing out the recipes that I thought I’d like, and it’s been fun so far.

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  3. I don’t claim to be super knowledgeable but my basic belief is if God gave it to us as food there is probably some benefit for our bodies. My problem is time, I have zero desire to cook, so I chose things out of convenience. I also can’t seem to overcome my slowing thyroid and the in vs out equation just isn’t working… I am trying to tweak things but ultimately I know I am going to have do a big calorie cut and I just cant get motivated.
    I am loving Laura’s modules, it gets me thinking about things instead of feeling overwhelmed.

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    1. I’m loving Laura’s course, too!

      I agree with you, but then it seems you shouldn’t be vegetarian, right? Although I understand being vegetarian from an ethical standpoint.

      It definitely isn’t easy cooking when you come home from work & are tired. Crockpots are a wonderful thing. 🙂


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