5 Ways to Know You’re a Runner


You might be a runner if . . .

This post was inspired by Laurie @ Meditations in Motion’s post on Are You Really a Runner? (read it here). Maybe you can even read this post in five minutes (or perhaps a bit more) — and get a few laughs along the way, too.

I am joining the Friday Five 2.0 from Fairytales & Fitness and Rachel @ Running on Happy to share with you some ways you can tell you’re a “real” runner.


I actually staged this it a bit, but it’s all usually hanging around!

Things are hanging . . .
. . . everywhere: socks, wet running clothes, hats, jackets, sport bags . . . you name it, it’s probably hanging somewhere (or multiple places) in your home.

You come home completely exhausted
Totally spent. Your job, your SO, your kids, your furkids, you name it, and they’ve drained every last ounce of life out of you.

So of course the first thing you do is lace up and go for a run.

You hesitate to buy yourself new clothes . . . 
. . . but you don’t blink an eye at shelling out $13 for one pair of socks.

You know the location of all the bathrooms
In the stores, in the parks, along the bike paths. You know where the porty potties are, too. And which ones are the “good” ones. You also know when the bathrooms are closed and when they’re open.

I am generally not prone to GI issues but it’s not unusual for me to need a pee break before or after a run, so yes, for the most part, I know these things.

Inaccurate weaather: one of my weather apps

You have multiple weather apps
You consult them hourly. They all say something different. They all change hourly. They’re all almost always wrong.

Seriously, what would we talk about if we weren’t complaining about the weather?

Talk to me. Leave a comment or answer a question:

How many weather apps are on your phone (and is there an accurate one)?

What sports-related items are hanging around your home?

What would you add to my list?

24 thoughts on “5 Ways to Know You’re a Runner

  1. Only have one weather app.

    I plan social events around my races.

    I always have running clothes in my car so I can run. If I go home first i will not run.

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  2. Guilty! In addition to knowing the locations of all the bathrooms (and keeping an eye out for new porta potty placements), I know the locations of all the water fountains and when they are turned on! 🙂

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  3. On the days I do the sports laundry (which is almost daily now with the kids doing track) I air dry everybody’s gear and it expands out of my mudroom into my kitchen and hangs from cabinet drawer pulls. The kitchen “fruit bowl” has become my storage place for earphones, Garmin and headband. I should’ve saved this for the Runfessional.

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  4. Yup, I’ve got two weather apps. One always seemed wrong last spring, so I got another. They’re both wrong a lot, and other times i don’t like what they’re showing me.

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  5. OMG yes to the hanging of things! I feel bad washing certain running clothes after one use. Especially because I mostly run in the morning, in the dark, all by myself, so the only person that has to smell myself is… myself! We have a railing in our house above the basement steps that we hang clean clothes and my sweaty running clothes on. I also hang them on my spin bike. 🙂

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  6. One weather app – it’s good for today’s weather. Next weeks weather can change a few times! But for planning today and tomorrow it’s great.

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    1. Well of course next weather’s week changes, but I have to be educated to make my best guess of when to run, or whether or not to run a race, or schedule an appointment for the furkids . . . and quite frankly, mine isn’t usually accurate even hour to hour!

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  7. You nailed it! I actually don’t do the weather app thing to be honest. Right now I’m tempted to start stalking weather for my marathon but I know it’s way too soon to get that in my head, lol! I definitely know about all the water fountains and porta-potties…I really needed the potty info on my long run, lol!

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    1. Oh, I definitely would’ve been stalking for your marathon by last weekend if I were you!

      I’m always stalking weather: choosing which days to run, when to walk the dogs, and of course, what the heck to wear for the race!

      I hope you have great weather this weekend. Looks like it’ll be pretty good up here — good thing it’s sunday & not saturday, though.


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