What type of runner are you? (Take II)


Three years ago I wrote about the different types of runners I’ve met — the loner, the chatty cathy, the social runner, and so on. Today I’m thinking about the runners who run, or the runners who like other things but still run, and so on.

I am joining the Friday Five 2.0 from Fairytales & Fitness and Rachel @ Running on Happy — let’s see if you identify with any of these types of runners — or if you’re another type of runner altogether.


I just run
A lot of runners, it seems, just run. That’s what they like to do and that’s all they do. They don’t warm up or stretch, they just go out and run. Because they love running.

I know I should cross train
Then there’s the runner that knows cross training might be beneficial, but they just despise anything other than running.

The only difference between the first and the second type of runners is that the second type knows they should cross train, while the first type doesn’t even think it’s necessary.

I’ll cross train but I don’t like it
There are the runners who cross train but would really rather just be out there running. Maybe they get injured a lot, or maybe they’re trying to get faster, so they see the benefit of cross training.

I’d rather be lifting heavy
. . . but I know it’s important to get in some cardio, too, and running is so “simple” and doesn’t require a lot of money.

Oh look, a squirrel!
There are some runners that genuinely like many different forms of activity — like me. While running is the cornerstone of my fitness (which is funny, considering I’ve only been running nine years), I like to hike, practice yoga, swim, do Pilates — I’m not sure I really like strength training, but I know how good it is for my body, so I do it.

What type of runner are you?

Can you think of other types of runners?

What’s your favorite form of fitness besides running?

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16 thoughts on “What type of runner are you? (Take II)

  1. Like Deborah, I’m a combination. I’ve increased my cross training with recent injuries, but I can be a total squirrel especially if the treadmill & I are having a “don’t wanna” day

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  2. I cross train on the bike, a couple times a week, and do strength training and Barre. I think it’s good to have a variety of strength training to hit all of those muscles. I was doing the main groups and ignoring the small groups. Barre hits those small groups and makes me struggle.

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  3. I do enjoy several types of crosstraining. I am probably a “look, a squirrel” type of runner. Easily distracted. Also definitely a Chatty Cathy. When I run with someone, I tend to never shut up! 🙂

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  4. I guess I fit into the squirrel category, which is fitting with Scooby! It’s a well-planned variety/balance, though. I am still a creature of routine even if it’s a varied routine.

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