I feel the need for speed: 12/17-23 Weekly Wrap

Training Week 3: Best Damn Race Savannah Half

Definitely a much better week than the previous one. Running is going pretty good. In case you hadn’t noticed, I’m not pushing as hard as I did in the last four goal races. It was a lot of hard training, so this time I’m still training but I’m just taking it a bit easier on the body. Things are feeling better so I decided to try out four runs this week. Unfortunately most of our weather was very windy and cold and either rainy or snowy or a mixture, so I ended up on the mill a couple of times.

I’m joining up with the Weekly Wrap from Holly @ Hohoruns and Wendy @ Taking the Long Way Home and sharing the need for a little speed.


Workouts update

  • Monday: TM Speed Intervals (6 x 1/1), Dogwalk, TBL Pilates (30 minutes)
  • Tuesday: 3 Easy TM miles, Dogwalk, YFPR Align & Alleviate (30 minutes)
  • Wednesday: Dogwalk, Balanced Life Pilates (30 minutes)
  • Thursday: 9 Mile LSD
  • Friday:   3 miles easy cause it was 60!
  • Saturday: Dogwalk, YFPR Rebuild & Restore (30 minutes)
  • Sunday: Dogwalk, Balanced Life Pilates (30 minutes)

Mileage: 19 (+2)

JY = Jasyoga
PB = Killer B
TM = Treadmill
YFR = Yoga for Runners*
WU = warmup
CD = cooldown
SB = Stationary Bike
YFPR = Yoga for Pain Relief
YTU = Yoga Tune Up Lower Body*

*Disclaimer: Amazon affiliate links; I will make a small amount of money if you buy through these links

Running Updates

We didn’t get much snow, but there was a lot of ice overnight. It warmed up, the ice melted, and I could have run outside; I didn’t know that would happen, though, so I ran on the mill in the morning.

I haven’t been pushing things: no speed work, no hills, and only running 3 x week. The niggles are much better, so I decided it was time to ease into some speed work, specifically 6 intervals of 1 minute fast and 1 minute recovery, for a total of 4 miles (with warmup & cool down). It actually felt pretty good.

Extreme cold & wind, although sunny. I should have waited til Wednesday — still cold but no wind. But then I’d be running before my long run (moved due to a monsoon predicted for Friday). So 3 miles on the mill, which I swear felt longer than the 4 miles of speed work.

That winter sun — I felt lucky to see some, we don’t see it much

With a real soaker coming in on Friday, I got my long run done on Thursday — I’m lucky that I can do that, although it made for some juggling. I was surprised that I couldn’t get too far on the bike path and had to loop a lot, because 2 miles in either direction there was just enough ice to make it unrunnable (for me). Had a fairly zippy pace for me then demolished all the carbs at afternoon tea.

If you squint real hard you’ll see some of the raindrops in the puddle

The monsoon came in almost as predicted. Actually it started early. The temps got up to 60F and I was able to run in a skirt. The radar showed it being dry, but I did get rained on a little. Still felt pretty damn good.

Nothing like a warm beverage to warm you up

Favorites of the week
I had to push the pace on my long run so I could get home, shower, and change. Although you might notice I didn’t have time to wash my hair . . . again. I wanted to do 10 miles, but I realized since I was pushing the pace and running four times this week, it was probably better to do 9 anyway.

I do enjoy afternoon tea every once in a while. Maybe a bit too much! I shared the desserts but demolished the rest on my own.

Gizmo doesn’t care who’s on me when he wants to be on me

Gizmo is at it again. Bandit took advantage of my empty lap to lay on me. Then Gizmo decided he needed to as well. He kept inching closer and closer to Bandit . . . then simply walked all over Bandit so he could be on my lap. You never know with Bandit, but he was good about it.

Gizmo is doing a lot better. Yesterday the fluids went great — he got a good dose and he ate great. This morning he was just not having it and I wasn’t as patient as I usually am. He got some, but not anywhere near as much as he should and he managed to pull out the needle not once but twice, getting himself and my glasses wet in the process — he’s still doing okay though. I probably should have given up after the first try (I learned that lesson painfully many years ago when Cleo bit me after one too many tries).

Gizmo is the third cat I’ve had to give fluids to. None of them are terribly accepting at first — Gizmo was only because he was sick; when they fight you, you know they’re feeling better. They do learn in time, though, that it makes them feel better. My cat Puss was definitely a handful at first, but eventually she used to just hop up onto the bathroom counter when it was time.

I also got together with a couple of friends on Saturday, one whom I haven’t seen in a few months, and we spent 2 1/2 hours talking over brunch.

Oh, and getting back to BDR Savannah, we booked our flights & hotels this week, which is always exciting. We are less than 2 months away!

Let’s get the conversation started:

Happy Holdiays! I hope you have a great time with friends & family

If you have cats & dogs, do they get along?

When do you start getting excited about a goal race?

30 thoughts on “I feel the need for speed: 12/17-23 Weekly Wrap

  1. Glad to hear your aches and pains are gone.

    Crazy weather week. I wound up not running Mon Thursday and Friday due to rain and today cuz it’s my rest day.

    I’m enjoying a very casual training. My Florida is fun one so I only had to run 7 this week. But I still crave company on any distance over 3 lol.

    You just reminded me that other than my flight, I have made no plans for Feb 10 race. Need to rent a car and contact my friends. But my laptop died today. It’s always something.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am sorry about the laptop. Hopefully it can be resuscitated. Yes, it always is something.

      Luckily we don’t need to rent a car, so it’s just pet sitters, hotel & flight & crossing fingers that everyone stays healthy.


      1. My stepson already put one in but the big problem is that I lost everything on the old one …don’t even what that is until I need.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I guess. I upload all photos to FB & Google & Shutterfly. The other stuff who knows. It’s only my taxes that will be missed. Hope I don’t gt audited LOL

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I have been audited. It definitely wasn’t fun, but I had the documentation to prove we didn’t owe anything extra (part of it was because of my business & part of it was just because of Lloyd’s travel for work & per diem etc.).


      4. So far TurboTax hasn’t failed me for many many years. I just don’t print anything so I don’t have copies of any of our taxes. But we don’t have anything complicated.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Glad to hear Gizmo is on the mend.
    I’m with Darlene on this – definite casual training. Although I have Lebow first, the training is focused on Fort Lauderdale (2/17) as there was no way I could train for Lebow without getting hurt. So that will be a training run. I’d like to PR at Fort Lauderdale – for the NYC Half I just want to have fun running through my city

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have targeted this race as a fun run but I still train & you never know. 🙂 Mine is the day before yours.

      The hardest part is getting in the long runs during winter! If Jan can be somewhat snow free that will be immensely helpful.


    1. Gizmo HATED dogs for years & years. But now he seems to have lost all fear and will just walk all over whoever is in his way.

      I’ve never been to Savannah — looking forward to it but need to research it more on what to do too!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I bet that 4th runday feltgood! It’s great when our bodies allow us to push a little more every once in a while. Savannah sounds like a Fantastic venue. Look forward to following along on your training

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Thankfully, we haven’t had much for precipitation. It’s been a little misty at times, but very minimal. Rumor has it we may be getting snow Christmas Eve and Christmas morning….then, afterwards, it can all go LOL Glad to hear Gizmo is doing better!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We’re getting a dusting as I type, but it’s not supposed to be more than that. We continue with kooky weather as it’s supposed to warm up & rain again Friday. Sigh. I will probably have to squeeze in that long run on Thursday again.

      Merry Christmas, Kim!


  5. Glad Gizmo is feeling better! My two cats have reached an uneasy peace but sadly they’re not really friends 😦 Oh well, I guess you can’t force them to like each other. That tea looks so delicious!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Gizmo & Simba, who were littermates, got along . . . until they didn’t. 🙂

      Puss & Cleo, who were NOT littermates, mostly ignored each other for 16 years. That is to say that Cleo would try to get Puss to play, but she was not interested.

      And then Puss hated Gizmo & Simba til the day she tied — but they seemed to respect her as Queen Bee (she was 16 when we adopted the boys) & left her alone.


  6. It’s good to take it easy to let all those aches and pains heal — you’ve got plenty of time to ramp things up again before your next race. I forgot how warm it was earlier this week. Imagine packing up a two bedroom apartment in the monsoon – that’s what we did on Thursday. I lucked out and spent most of the day packing up the kitchen while my husband and son did most of the lugging and loading in the rain. I wonder what season we’ll have this week?

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Great training week! My cats have been kind of a pain lately. Elly is fine, but Sydney has had some kidney problems and is in and out of the vet. She’s got me pretty nervous. They typically ignore each other, but every once in a while they will get into a bit of a fight.

    I have a few big races this year and I’m already getting excited!!

    Liked by 1 person

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