Losing it or . . . : Runfessions December 2018


You’ve got to actually wear it to be motivated

I’m joining Marcia @ Marcia’s Healthy Slice to get off those last minute 2018 Runfessions off my chest.

I runfess . . .
I brought a water bottle to Last Run (read about it here), but never actually used it — or in fact took it out of the car. I meant to, but I forgot. Yes, I like to drink water even during a cold 5k.

The water bottle disappeared. My friend didn’t find it in her car. Maybe it fell out on the driveway when we went to the party, but if it did, no one mentioned it. Apparently I can lose things anywhere.

I runfess . . .
We didn’t leave for Last Run until almost 4 pm. Which leaft me plenty of time to foam roll before (I began foam rolling before runs after the Trigger Point session at the AMR retreat).

Nope, I just dilly dallied all day. I didn’t warm up before the run, or do any stretching or foam rolling when I got home after the party, either. Yup, I am not perfect.

I runfess . . .
I always mean to work on those end of the year blogs slowly, a little bit every month, so it’s not a big chore at the end of the year. Never happens (still with the procrastination theme).

I runfess . . .
I bought a new Momentum Wrap for both myself and running buddy J when we went to the retreat. Then I took advantage of a sale towards Christmas to get a couple more.

The problem? I keep forgetting to put the damn things on before a run because I’m almost always in a rush between getting dressed, foam rolling, feeding the furkids, etc.


I runfess . . .
I had a major senior moment: my car battery died after I did my shopping at Trader Joe’s and had already got in the car and locked the doors. When I called AAA, I couldn’t unlock the door with the automatic lock. I seriously thought I had somehow locked myself inside the car. Until I tried to open the door manually . . . maybe that’s why they got out there so quickly — yes, I already told them my mistake, but maybe they just figured this women needs help more than the next person!

Do you ever wear Momentum Wraps?

Do you lose stuff as much as I seem to?

Care to share any funny senior moments with us?

What do you have to runfess from December? Come join us


I am also linking up with the  Friday Five 2.0  from Fairytales & Fitness and Rachel @ Running on Happy today.


22 thoughts on “Losing it or . . . : Runfessions December 2018

  1. I lost a cookbook a couple of days ago. I ended up finding it in the bookcase that I had searched multiple times. It had been turned on it’s side. I’m not sure if that counts as losing something or as a senior moment.

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  2. LOL, I might do the same thing with the car. You get used to doing things a certain way …. My husband keeps buying me really nice jewelry, but I rarely bother to change things up. I’m trying, but it’s hard to remember. Of course the Garmin is always on my wrist!

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  3. I don’t really lose things, but my husband does. He has lost his wallet multiple times, his phone is constantly lost… I don’t know how he keeps track of anything! I lose my keys a fair amount, but otherwise, I’m pretty good at keeping track of my stuff.

    I’ll runfess that winter has not been going as well as I would like. I feel a bit burnt out of running outside in the cold, so I’ve been doing a bit more on the treadmill.

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  4. My first thought was that you lock the door when you are IN the car? Lol

    I’m so senior that I can’t remember my senior moments. I’m sure there have been many but none to RUNfess that I think of

    And yes I don’t buy the wraps because I don’t remember to put them on. I only bought one but that was a waste of $$. I think I’ll buy socks next time.

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  5. I have plenty of old timers disease. Sometimes I worry it is something more. We hear so much on Alzheimer’s I worry about it whenever I do forget things. At least you remembered where your car was parked. I have forgotten that in the past too!

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  6. I have quite a few wraps too but rarely wear them anymore. I only like to wear my Garmin and Road ID bracelet. In the new year I will ditch my FitBit and that will be one less thing to wear. Maybe now I can wear a wrap?

    That car story! Glad everything turned out OK.

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  7. I have yet to get or own a Momentum wrap, so I guess I don’t have the problem of forgetting to wear one LOL I do have a few different motivation bracelets, though. I usually wear one of them daily, so those are rarely forgotten.

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    1. Since it seems a common theme that no one ever remembers to wear them, you probably shouldn’t be picking one up!

      I have worn them to races, sometimes, and since I wrote about it, I did wear it today on the run. 😉


  8. I have been having so many senior moments lately that I thought I was developing dementia! This week, the NYT had an article about menopause and the brain fog that is associated with it. And now all is well in my world.

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