Wool or Bust!: Runfessions January 2019


I’m joining Marcia @ Marcia’s Healthy Slice to talk wool and socks — doesn’t every runner?

I runfess . . .
I can be a terrible procrastinator getting out for a run during Winter. Seriously, it’s much more comfortable to sit around in pajamas, reading emails, meditating, giving Giz fluids  . . . anything rather than wiggle into a gazillion layers and brave the frigid temps and damn wind.

Sometimes I tell myself it ain’t gonna get any warmer, so just do it — but I still seem to get out at least a half hour later than I’d anticipated.

I runfess . . .
I don’t have Noxgear, or Knuckle Lights — I don’t usually have to run in the dark and when Darlene @ Myfirst5kposted about a run/walk held by our local Fleet Feet, I decided to go and just walk. Luckily another woman kindly walked with me, as she had a very bright headlamp — the group went out into the park I run at so often, but it was totally dark. I know it well, and I did have a few small lights on myself, but there were patches of ice so it could have been a disaster by myself.

Must.buy.more — yup, I did! I will still only have 3, though.

I runfess . . .
I have fallen so in love with Skirt Sports’ Wonder Wool tops — use code 522CRJ for 15% off — that I seriously do not want to wear any other tops during the Winter. They don’t have a lot of wool in them, so they’re not itchy, but they wick like nobody’s busy and dry quickly, and the sleeves partially cover your hands and have thumbholes. The only problem is that I only have two of them. And I run four times a week.

They are out in more colors this year, I think it’s time to buy more.

My socks don’t have to gather dust any more. Because of the damn cold temps!

I runfess . . .
I did find a use for those quarter socks I no longer run in — it got so cold for several runs this month that I wore them under my compression socks.

Sometimes we all need a little reminder

I runfess . . .
That since I wrote about not wearing my Momentum Wraps last month, I am now wearing them on most runs. Funny how seeing it in black and white can shame you into actually doing something!

Do you ever double up on your socks?

Fall so in love with some item in running gear that you can’t run in anything else?

Find yourself procrastinating on runs when the weather isn’t fun?

What do you have to runfess from January? Come join us


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24 thoughts on “Wool or Bust!: Runfessions January 2019

  1. I actually don’t double up my socks on the run–when I used to do that, my feet seemed colder! Maybe it was lack of circulation? I buy those toe warmer thingies and stick them in my shoes. That helps a ton. I didn’t know SS had wool tops–those are really cute!

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    1. I have to loosen up the ties on my shoes when I double up, but usually I’m using a rather thin sock for the under layer and my Mud Gear Compression socks are loose around the foot — which is why I love them — so it works for me.

      Thankfully I don’t have to do it often, but it does help.

      I seriously love those Wonder Wool tops. Of course they are not cheap, but you can find older ones (but new!) at a decent price on Amazon (which still helps Skirt Sports bottom line).

      My new one came yesterday, and it’s a bright blue — unfortunately, you never actually see them because if it’s cold enough for them, I’m also wearing a jacket on top of them.


  2. I think my shoes would be too tight if I doubled up. So No.

    Haven’t bought wonder wool. I don’t want to like lol. I have too many running tops already.

    As I runfessed, I often wear the same tough girl over and over in the winter.

    I love my knuckle lights. Don’t have a head light. But I Run most of the time in the dark.

    I can’t procrastinate because I don’t have time or someone else is waiting. I guess I would if I could.

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  3. I don’t remember the last time it was cold enough for me to double up on socks…because I’ve been in on the mill. Haha! I’ve been wearing my Run Lights gloves for early and late dog walks and I love them. Poor Ozzy’s gonna hate our -8 high today. Thanks for linking!

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    1. The dogs don’t get walked when it gets below 20 usually. They are just balky about it (despite the coats and/or sweaters). Luckily Bandit is good about doing his business outside; Lola is a different issue — poor girl was a big problem in the pouring rain all day we got yesterday, but we managed to get her out enough to avoid an accident.

      We’re warm, we’re cold, we’re warm, we’re SUPER cold — not yet, but next weekend. When, of course, I have the longest long run of this training cycle.

      Just keep those roads clear . . . and today’s gonna be interesting because after all that rain the temps plummeted and now it’s kind of icy — hoping with enough cars going over the roads it’ll be ok.

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  4. I don’t give myself a chance to procrastinate. I don’t even check FB before I run, otherwise that day would be gone. Last weeken I accidentally wore non-running leggings on my run. I wondered why my legs were so cold and realized I had grabbed a pair that had decorative cut outs above the ankle. Brr!

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    1. It’s sort of easier when you work. But harder, too.

      The whole feeding the furkids/giving Giz fluids thing takes about an hour most days. It makes it hard to get out early!

      Oh no on those leggings — I would’ve frozen!


  5. I guess the Good thing about winter running is that you can always put on more layers. Of course, that impairs mobility, when you are dressed up like a snowman. I must runfess, I am loving visiting my sister in Florida. I ran in shorts yesterday!

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  6. I don’t think I have ever doubled up on socks but I have been enjoying the quarter length Balega’s the past few weeks. Most of my tights are 7/8 length so there is a little gap at my ankles. I do have one of those wool shirts but never remember to wear it for running-will break it out

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    1. I see people with those gaps all the time and it always just makes me feel cold looking at it!

      Of course, keep in mind that 7/8 tights are leggings on me. I seriously have some that that is exactly how i use them (for every day, not running, but actually some sort of for running, too).


  7. When getting in a run I try to make myself do it first thing in the morning (especially on the weekend) or right after coming home from work during the work week. If not, I will find literally any excuse not to run, lol.

    I love the look of those wool tops! I have a pair of compression wool socks that I wear for super cold runs and love them. Similar to the shirts, they are not itchy and are so warm!

    I don’t run when it’s dark but if I did I would definitely buy that Noxgear item – it’ so bright!

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    1. I always do get the run done, just start later than I’d anticipated. Luckily I can do that.

      What brand is the compression wool socks? I really love my Mud Gear compression socks because they’re not too tight on me feet, but I love wool too — especially if I’m slogging through muck — my feet get so cold sometimes! Obviously.

      Thankfully I rarely run in the dark, too.


  8. I’m pretty good about getting out for my runs during the week because I have to get to work by 8:00. I glance at FB and Insta briefly (via my phone) as I”m getting ready, but that’s it. My race got cancelled for tomorrow, so it’ll be Milly and me. That run may get procrastinated LOL

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  9. Those tops sound really cozy! I runfess that I’ve worn my favorite fleece lined running pants to work a few times this winter! I wear them with boots and a long sweater so you really can’t tell they are running pants, but my legs know and they are SO cozy in them…haha -M

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  10. It’s funny, my fingers freeze, but my feet never get cold. I have to wear mittens over my gloves almost all winter long, but never wear more than my thin low cut socks. I hate when I can’t run first thing in the morning because then I procrastinate if I’m running later in the day.

    Have a great weekend!

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  11. Do you ever double up on your socks? Never. My runnng shoes wouldn’t fit well.

    Fall so in love with some item in running gear that you can’t run in anything else? Yes, until it wears out!

    Find yourself procrastinating on runs when the weather isn’t fun? Yes as I really have trouble breathing in real cold weather.


  12. I don’t generally double up on socks! I am quite afraid of getting blisters for whatever reason so I would rather not take the chance! I runfess I have actually THOUGHT about doing it with toe socks and compression socks 🙂

    I love InknBurn but I have now promised myself no purchases for at least 6 months. It’s just too pricey even though I usually only buy the sale items!

    I do procrastinate runs if the weather is particularly bad. Once I’m more serious about training (ie training for something) then I’ll likely track the weather better and make sure I just do it.


  13. I procrastinate all the weather. Something way more appealing about coffee, email and vegging even if I do want to run.
    I can’t do wool. But ooh those look fun and warm.

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    1. There really isn’t a lot of wool in those tops, so they’re not like super warm, although they will hep you keep warm. For me, it’s the wicking & the fact that it dries so quickly. I’d probably be ok after a cold sweaty run except for the bra!


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