5 Things I eat on the run


I think many runners rely on the same tried and true fuel, until for some reason it’s no longer working for them. I love trying new things, and I am almost constantly trying out new foods on the run when I’m running long.

Just one of my fuels — I like variety!

Honeystinger Chews
Honeystinger is tried and true for me. I started out with Honeystinger, took a break while I explored other options, but Honeystinger chews (buy them here) and waffles (I prefer the gluten free waffles here) are almost always along for the ride when I’m running long. Which is exactly why I became a Honeystinger Ambassador.

Mmmm, balls

Date Balls
There are a million recipes for date nut balls out there. Dates are a great source of natural sugar and carbs, but I find that I don’t really like to just chow down on dates on the run. Add in some nuts and other fixins’, though — yup, I almost always have some form of home made date balls with me on long runs too.

A few recipes to get you started:

A running friend recommended Lorna Doones to me one day. Which is not something I’d ever considered. I was having a hard time, though, because I was training in winter for a Southern half. Unfortunately you could break a tooth on my Honeystinger chews — I needed another source of fuel.

I never got Lorna Doones, but I did try out a different brand of shortbread cookies training for and running my last half (read about it here).

They weren’t my sole source of fuel — since it was a warm day I was using my Honeystinger chews as I normally do, but the truth is you never know what will appeal to you at the end of a long run (or during!), so I like to bring a variety of things to eat with me, and I do love shortbread.

The race went relatively well, so I guess it worked for me.

Chocolate covered ginger
Are you like me and struggle to continue to take in fuel as you run long? It’s about the only time I’m not hungry. My stomach is pretty strong, knock on wood, but I do find it hard to get in the fuel I know I need towards the end.

Ginger is very good for upset stomachs. Crystallized ginger is also sweetened, which makes it a good energy source — but to me it’s not annoyingly sweet. Of course I go for dark chocolate covered ginger, but you don’t have to. I usually like to take in a few pieces a few times during a longer race.

Banana Chips
Banana Chips were one of my latest discoveries. I used them in one of the date ball recipes I used for training, and just plain before and during the run/race.

What’s missing?
Gels. I do not take in any gels at all. Ever. It’s not even that I don’t like gels — I do, actually. It’s because as I’ve written about a lot, I prefer to take in a little bit every mile rather than a lot every 45 minutes or so.

It’s not about stomach woes for me; I used gels for quite some time when I first started to run. If you are a person who finds their stomach rebelling, though, it may be because you take in a large amount of sugar and carbs all at once, and getting in a little bit more often might work for you.

Another option is to get gel flasks and dilute your gel with water — that way you actually can take in just a little bit of gel more frequently. I tried that for a while. My problem with that was I really couldn’t tell how much I was taking in and whether or not it was enough. Gel flasks can get a little messy too.

The other thing that’s missing: Nuun. I love Nuun, too, which is why I became an ambassador for them as well. In fact, it’s a similar story: I started out using Nuun, dropped it, then started again a few years back.

I drink it before and after long runs, hot runs, and races — I don’t really want something sweet to drink on the run, but drinking it before and after has really helped reduce the foot cramping I was experiencing.

  • What do you use for fuel on the run?
  • Are you tempted to try some new, real foods now?
  • Do you stick with tried & true or like to experiment?


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24 thoughts on “5 Things I eat on the run

  1. I still use Honey Stinger gels, but i like Huma gels too. I used to love the Honey Stinger chews but they stopped agreeing with my stomach for some reason. One new thing I started using last year is mini pretzels. It’s easy on my stomach and gives me some salt which is always a good thing!

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    1. I do like Huma Gels — I just don’t use gels anymore. Although I do want to try their recovery gels!

      Pretzels are definitely fabulous. I used to carry pb filled ones. They’re kind of bulky & fragile, though, which is why I think I got away from them.


  2. Nope. I only use Gu and only certain flavors for long runs and races. My favorite is salted caramel. My stomach has never rebelled with these so why change. it could be a disaster. Not willing to risk it.

    When I run after work, I use eat a banana or a protein bar but I only run 3-4 miles at most.

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  3. I’m the same way, I prefer taking in a little bit at a time instead of a whole gel at once. I use margarita flavored Clif shot blocks. During marathon training, I learned that I got tired of sweet tastes so I started alternating with gold fish crackers and that worked pretty well for me.

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  4. I used to use GU gels, but they totally make my tummy icky now. The Honey Stinger gels do work better, but I got going on the chews you mentioned above, and those have been awesome for me. I like the SiS gels, too, because they are a much thinner consistency. I tried Tailwind, but it was too much water for me…I needed too many potty breaks with that LOL

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  5. I don’t use gels of any kind EVER. I think they are kind of gross. A friend used to be an ambassador for Stinger, and she would bring their products to every run. I do like a lot of them. If it is up to me, I usually bring dried apricots and salty almonds for a long run.

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    1. I have a real sweet tooth, so I liked gels.

      I would’ve thought dried apricots could be kind of binding — they’re so high in fiber! Obviously it works for you.

      I’ve been tempted to try out dried pineapple, which I really like . . . never have though.

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  6. I was a gel queen but I’ve cut them by half since I started using Tailwind, picked up from another blogger and a revelation, now I’ve got over the it’s not sweet thing. I also like bits of banana and hot cross buns. I will try dark choc covered ginger.

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  7. I am a chews convert as of this Half cycle, but not loyal to one brand yet.I am kind of obsessed with the cherry blossom ones from honey stinger though
    I can’t do gels in the heat. They make me queasy. I think it’s less the gels themselves though and more mixing with the increased water I drink when it’s warm.

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