I found love in the broken places: May 2019


I just modified the song slightly (I, instead of we) to fit my love songs for 2019 theme. No, I am not broken, I’m well, although over the last few months it kind of felt like I was a little broken. It’s sort of going to be a theme this week, I think.

Normally I’d share my race recap from the weekend, but I like having my monthly recaps to look back on, so I’ll share my recap from Freihofers Run for Women for that next week.

Getting in scheduled runs
Nope, no scheduled runs. Just listening to my body and running when it says it’s the right time — with the exception of my commitment to mentoring, which ended the week before Memorial Day (the race was last Saturday). I definitely ran on days I wouldn’t have chosen to! Easing back in with running 3 x week.

Grade Earned:  A

Recording my runs
Still going strong with recording runs, although previously I had recorded what I did before/after runs — what I ate, if I foam rolled, etc. I’ve been getting away from that. It’s really useful to try to determine what worked well for my run . . . and what didn’t.

Grade Earned: A-

Dynamic Warmup
Doing better on dynamic warmups in May. Maybe because it slowly got warmer. We still had some pretty darn cool days, and way too much rain, but I didn’t have to worry as much about freezing my butt off while warming up; again, mostly (there were some really cold mornings for mentoring this month)! There were a few where I didn’t do my full warmup, choosing to warm up on the stationary bike but skipping things like lunges, etc.

Grade Earned: B

Foam Rolling
Going strong with foam rolling. What can I say — it helps me.

Grade Earned: A

Fresh Freggies makes it easier to eat a little healthier

Of course nutrtion was all over the place in May. For 10 days I could barely eat (including the one day when I ate nothing). Then it was mostly bone broth and white rice. Yes, I lost some weight.

Then one day the appetite came back, but somehow I was able to reign myself in and hold onto that weight loss. Not only that, I managed to lose a few more. I’m back to a much happier weight for me, one I haven’t seen in almost three years.

Now I’m back to normal eating. It’s healthy most of the time, but obviously I enjoy an indulgence here and there — even without a long run.

Grade Earned: B+


  • Massage? Nope.
  • Chiropractor Appointment? I really do need one, I just keep procrastinating about booking it.
  • Do I need a hair appointment? Got a haircut before Mother’s Day so I wouldn’t scare people. So can stretch that out a bit more.

Grade Earned: B-

Lots of Bandit supervised Yoga

Cross Training
Pilates, Yoga, and strength training, oh my — once I was feeling better! More time on the stationary bike. Unfortunately my shoulder started to complain towards the end of the month, so I wasn’t able to progress my strength training as much as I wanted to.

Grade Earned: A+

May 2019  gets  . . . 
. . . a A-. Recreational running. Yoga, Pilates, and some strength training. Better nutrition, trying to discover the foods that really work for me, a slight weight loss. Some spring like weather — finally! Of course we can’t control the weather, but I can’t tell you how desperately I needed some sunshine (too bad it went away again at the end of the month).

May Goals:

    • Continue to Prehab. Y. As long as my foot is happy, I’m happy to do my PT exercises. I don’t do them every day, although I strive for that. I can now wear a lot of shoes that used to cause me foot pain, which makes me happy!
    • Strength train 2 – 3x week. Y/N. As I felt better I started strength training again just a little at a time. Then my shoulder started to bother me.
    • Continue practicing yoga.Y. I found several yoga routines for shoulder pain that helped a lot. The shoulder would hurt again after just using resistance bands. There’s always core and legs . . . I also found that doing some routines for recovering from illness helpful after I was sick.
    • Plan out meals the day before. N. See “Start Lifestyle Phase” below.
    • Foam roll almost daily.Y. Like PT, it makes me feel better, so I do it. 
    • Start the Lifestyle Phase of the ELT Diet. N. Obviously that was a bust due to my illness. I had one last food (corn) to test when I started eating again, and I needed to take a few days to eliminate the toast & rice again — for testing purposes (see my review of Eat Live Thrive Diet for a little more info here). So I tested corn, and haven’t quite gotten around to the Lifestyle Phase, although I am also not presently tracking my food. Intuitive eating is a big buzzword, and something I’ve always wanted to strive for — at the moment I’m doing well without tracking, so I’ll just see where that goes. After June it’s time to give my body a rest from trying to lose weight & just maintain for a while.
    • Meal plan on the weekends! Y. I may not be tracking, but meal planning is still important. Too easy to make bad choices if you don’t have a plan. 
    • A short race? N. I was never able to find a race that either: called to me or didn’t interfere with mentoring, plus I really just did not feel the need to push myself this month — for obvious reasons.

Which leads me to June Goals:

    • Continue to Prehab. Let’s keep the feet happy (and me happy with my cute shoes).
    • Strength train 2 – 3x week. Would definitely like to get a little toning in there again. Despite a “happy weight”, I’m also a little fluffy due to not much strength training. Nothing crazy.
    • Start extending my weekend runs. I finally got back to a couple of 4 mile runs at the end of May (although those weren’t on the weekend). I’d like to work back up to 6 miles. Or 7, maybe.
    • Continue practicing Yoga. Yoga just makes me feel good. And there are so many different ways to practice yoga! It actually has helped in my last two illnesses.
    • Foam roll almost daily. I’d really like to say daily, but I just know that won’t happen. 
    • Continue to try to eat intuitively — unless the weight starts to creep up. Not tracking has never been a hard goal for me. If I have to track the rest of my life to maintain my weight, I’m cool with it. Life is definitely simpler if you don’t have to track every meal, though.
    • Meal plan on the weekends! Much easier to shop and eat well when I have a plan. 
    • A short race? There are a few short trail races in June. OTOH, because of all the rain, it’s also incredibly buggy. Stay tuned.


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24 thoughts on “I found love in the broken places: May 2019

  1. I love how all the different people I follow are at different places with their running, but everyone’s trying to look after themselves, which is the most important thing. Love your dog-supervised yoga! And yay rolling. I am on day two of “not snacking unless I’ve run 10+ miles today or yesterday) at the moment, managed day one. Doing this by trying to sleep more which then lessens the need to prop myself up with sugar. We’ve all got something, right? Oh, and hooray pretty shoes. No bare toes for me ever again, I have to say.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think snacks are ok, the sugar obviously not so much. I always have to watch the sugar, and when I eat less of it, I also just naturally make healthier choices.

      Oh, I love going barefoot when it’s warm enough! I just had a lot of shoes that would cause foot pain, and now it’s a lot better. It took like a year of doing those darn PT exercises!


      1. Yes, I should have been clearer, healthy snacks aren’t such a problem and fuelling/refuelling ones definitely not, but using sugar to replace a good night’s sleep, not so much …

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Cocoa loves yoga! I need to be better about doing it, tho.

    You had a rough month and I’m glad to see it ended on a positive note. Hopefully June will be a much healthier month for you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I fully expect June to be normal in the health department — thank you!

      All my animals love/d yoga. Maybe because it puts us in easy reach or because it puts us in a better frame of mind?


  3. I hope you have a great running June full of workouts and races!
    Recording the runs is also a favorite hobby of mine: all of them are registered on a logbook, on Running ahead and Garmin connect. Moreover I have on my pc a photo album with also many information about any race I have entered.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I fully expect June to be a good month.

      Wow, I’m really impressed with all the ways you record your runs! I like the idea of a photo album about races. I may have to steal that.


  4. All of my May travel really left my nutritional habits in a not so desirable place. My main goal this month is to get back on track with those. Glad to hear you have been feeling better the last few weeks.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Travel nutrition isn’t easy. And throw in all that racing — then it’s even harder!

      Once my stomach bug ran its course I felt fine. Just tired, at first, due to lack of eating, but that didn’t last long. 😉


  5. I’m glad things have turned around! I have been doing a lot more foam rolling in recent months (still probably not as much as I should, though), and I have been doing some each time before bed. Just recently I had a revelation –> I have had not had any bothersome niggles or injuries in a long time. Well, there were all the post-Murph DOMS, but that was kind of a unique circumstance. Foam rolling (and other self care stuff like stretching and yoga) really make a difference. Here’s to a great June!!

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