There’s a little dog in all men: Tea/coffee Date January 2020


Mr. Judy and the dogs figure largely in what I’d tell you if we were meeting up for some hot beverages today. I’ll bet you’re really shocked — not!


Pull up a chair and mug with Coco and Deborah and me for the ultimate coffee tea date, while I forgive the dogs for the disgusting things they do because they’re cute. And maybe Mr. Judy, too.

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I would tell you Mr. Judy was going through some old stuff, and came across some papers from his Dad (who also suffered with dementia).One was a list of passwords. One was JLITT.

We had a good laugh when at first I was puzzled about why he would use my name as a password. His first name was Jerry. I needed that laugh!

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d tell you that Mr. Judy got a bee in his bonnet about making latkes (potato pancakes) from scratch. Yes, Mr. Judy can cook, but doesn’t do it a lot, so it’s often filled with me finding almost everything for him and some swearing. If you’ve never made latkes, it’s a labor intensive procedure and this fell in the week we were moving my Dad to the nursing home.

I made the frozen latkes from Trader Joes — as did one of his aunts and his sister — but that wasn’t good enough for him. I runfess I’m glad he did it while I was away from home.

It’s a good thing they’re cute

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d tell you I came home from yoga last Sunday, put away the groceries, sat down and talked to Mr. Judy a bit. Got up to make myself some tea. Walked back over and . . . someone had thrown up.

Lola has done her share of “redecorating” as I euphemistically call it

My money is on Bandit. Lola had just gotten up on the couch, and I think we would have noticed if she’d gotten back off.  I don’t remember Bandit getting off his couch, but he is the one that randomly throws up.

I’m pretty sure it wasn’t there when I was talking to Mr. Judy, we didn’t hear anything (Bandit tends to do it pretty quietly). It wasn’t me and it wasn’t Mr. Judy. Good thing the dogs are cute, and at least this time they missed bedding, furniture, and carpeting.

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d tell you I have actually gone from someone who loved to bake, and often baked simply because I enjoyed it and found it stress-busting . . . to someone that doesn’t bake so often anymore.

Could that be part of the secret to being able to maintain my weight without tracking? It’s mostly been that I am just too busy with other things. You know how when you’re really engaged in something and you don’t even think about eating? Yeah, it’s kind of like that.

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d tell you that starting my YouTube Channel (you can check it out here) has been hard! I seriously knew nothing about editing video before I started. It seemed like with each new video a different problem would pop up.

In my latest video, I’d recorded an intro to it — at the moment I film using my Ipad — and for the first time, for whatever reason, the audio came out completely garbled. Unusable. Hence no intro to that video.

In that same video, I recorded the audio early one morning. It’s a longer video, clocking in at almost an hour. I finished, hit done, and poof! No audio. I simply didn’t have another hour to sit & re-record it. As I was venting to Mr. Judy, it finally appeared. I guess it just needed some processing time.

What was the last good laugh you had?

What was the last thing you had to learn that really challenged you?

What was something you used to really enjoy doing that you no longer do? 

I am also linking up with the  Fridays with Fairytales and Fitness from Fairytales & Fitness.


38 thoughts on “There’s a little dog in all men: Tea/coffee Date January 2020

  1. I can imagine Mr. Judy making latkes! He sounds like my husband: “where is this, why don’t we have that”, and a HUGE mess in the kitchen. But at least he tries 😉
    I think it’s great that you are venturing into the youtube world. Have you considered adding some soft music to your videos? Or would it spoil the quiet mood too much?

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  2. Work has been skipping a lot if things. One is cooking and baking. Used to do it a lot. There’s quilting. Etc.

    My work is very challenging. Learning new manuals to train is hard. But eventually they come together and you do it.

    The same will happen with videos. What software do you use. At my last job, I used to use SonY Vegas and Adobe premiere. We recorded all events and many classes and instructional ones.

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    1. Adobe premiere & Sony are many $$$. Ironically as a designer who used to write about design, I used to have the full Adobe Suite, but I didn’t do video & my copies are much to far out of date to use, as that was long, long ago.

      I know it’ll get easier but so far it definitely hasn’t been easy.

      I am not good at memorization, never was unfortunately. A definite problem.


      1. I wouldn’t be able to do my job if I couldn’t memorize. I can look at my credit card and remember the number but where I put my phone/…nope LOL

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  3. We always use the Streit’s vegetable potato pancake mix. Luckily Greg cooks pretty often so the swearing is usually on my end. The kitties do love to redecorate. Malika is the one who goes straight to the rug to do so. Callie is much better about using a hard surface.

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    1. Oh yes, the boys helped decorate often. Especially since they had access to outdoor grass in their kennel, which they loved to upchuck inside, of course.

      Mr. Judy’s a good cook, but he doesn’t do it often enough to know where things are. I usually prefer to be absent when he’s cooking, it’s more relaxing for me that way!


  4. I think I made latkes twice. The sweet potato ones were great but yeah, the mess! I am in the same place as you are with baking. I used to spend literally weeks in the evenings after work before the holidays (and that was not the only time I baked) making dough, baking, and distributing sweets to my family, friends, co-workers, the neighborhood. And I weighed a good 20-30 lbs more than I do now. Your yoga channel looks great! I know how difficult the whole video thing is so kudos!

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    1. Thank you Deborah! I hope you find a video you enjoy! I have so many ideas for videos the problem is time!

      I actually haven’t tried Mr. Judy’s latkes. I’m sure they’re wonderful, but it’s just not something I need right now.


  5. Now I am hungry for latkes. I used to make them, but haven’t for a while. Bill cooks occasionally, mostly breakfast stuff. I used to bake a lot when my kids were younger. I can’t believe I used to have a homemade dessert every night for dinner. Whew! Now that sounds like way too much work for me. Bill misses my baking, but we have both lost weight last year and I think cutting way down on the sugar was partly responsible.

    Your dogs are so cute! We had to clean up dog barf yesterday too. Luckily it was on the kitchen floor, which is cork and easy to clean. If it had been on a rug, I would still be scrubbing. The things we do for our pets! 🙂

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  6. My husband is so like that. This year, he had to make ricotta cookies for Christmas. And every St. Patrick’s Day, no matter what I do, he always has to make a certain kind of corned beef and cabbage.

    Those puppers are so cute!

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  7. I used to love playing the piano. Love. I took lessons for 10 years and played throughout high school in the bands and choruses. For some reason, I rarely do it anymore. I don’t know why. I think I need to get back to it. I bet it would be good for my fingers.

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  8. I am constantly telling Max he’s lucky to be so cute, because he can be a little stinker (literally) at times. AS for learning something new….I hate, HATE, taking car trips with the hubby. He gives me his phone to navigate, and his phone is an Android and is SOOO confusing for me (I’m a tech moron, don’t forget). Last week, both his phone (and mine) were intermittently not using audio for the driving directions. The hubby was irritated (and quite impatient) and I was frustrated because neither GPS would “talk” to us. I don’t know if the Blue Tooth was not functioning (in the renter car…a whole other device to learn), or if the volume kept cutting in/out. Alas, we made it back, and we’re still married LOL

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    1. Good that you’re still married. 😊 Not too long ago for some reason my GPS (a stand alone) absolutely refused to turn on, so I put it in my glove compartment where I normally keep it. I think I generally knew where I was going.

      As I started to drive, suddenly I could hear it talking in my glove compartment! So weird. I was happy it hadn’t died, at least.


  9. Aww, the dogs are definitely adorable! I have one cat who likes to eat super-super fast and since she basically never chews and spends 50% of her life grooming herself (and the other 50% begging for food), she hacks up a lottt of hairballs…

    I’ve never made latkes but I’ve had em’ before and they’re delicious! Sad that they’re very labor-intensive though!

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  10. Oh, gosh, good video is so time-consuming. I just can’t go there. Did you get to try any of your husband’s latkes? My son likes to make things from scratch – he is a good cook. My husband would just as soon have mac & cheese from a box than anything else.

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    1. Well, I’m pretty sure my videos wouldn’t be considered good — I don’t even really have the right equipment yet — but I know that I will continue to improve. 🙂

      Mr. Judy really does like to cook. One of my other problems with him cooking is that he tends to make unhealthy things — and lots of them.

      He does grill a lot, too. Sometimes even in Winter! When the grill isn’t buried in snow. 🙂


  11. I’m currently trying to (re)learn a programming language or two. I’ve had to write code multiple times before, but it’s one of those things that just doesn’t seem to stick for me.

    One of our cats has recently been upchucking partially digested vole. They (because we’re pretty sure the other cat is responsible for killing the voles) have about reached the limit of what the cute will excuse them from. Time to find the hole in their outdoor enclosure and close it up.

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    1. I can remember way back in the day learning things like FORTRAN (probably before your time). Never really did anything like that. HTML is pretty easy, and it’s actually served me well with this blog. 🙂

      Voles are disgusting when they’re alive! Giz caught a few, but he never ate them. I had an outdoor enclosure for the cats too! Best thing we ever did (other than them eating grass and throwing it up inside and yes, catching animals and bringing them inside).


  12. so how were the latkes? I love homemade latkes but I don’t think I’d dare try to make them!!

    we also have three cats that somehow have the look on their face of “it wasn’t me” when it comes to little piles of half chewed cat crunchies on the freshly washed bathmat… aren’t pets wonderful 🙂

    I used to read a lot and I never do it anymore. My patience level is very low and/or I’m tired and I can’t focus. But I really love reading. I don’t know how so many people who are also bloggers, full or part time employed and frequently sport also have time to read.

    Last thing I learned that really challenged me? I did both of my massage courses (which included anatomy and physiology) in Dutch with lovely touches of latin (anatomy). Since Dutch is my second language and I”m probably only the last 10 years proficient in it, this was an enormous challenge. What is also challenging is then actually helping people with massage when the human body is so complex and their ailments can be any number of things!

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    1. I can’t even imagine how hard it would be do do something as intense as massage school in a second language!

      I definitely don’t read as much as I used to, but I still almost always read before going to sleep.

      I haven’t tried the latkes, much to Mr. Judy’s chagrin. There’s been enough holiday eating (part of why I didn’t want huge batch of them hanging around in the first place).


  13. “at least this time they missed bedding, furniture, and carpeting.” – that’s a Christmas miracle right there, right? We have mainly hard floors, but where have all our cats rushed to throw up? Any rug we might have, or the few carpets!

    I am no longer doing my athletics officiating hobby. I thought I enjoyed it, and I did in parts, but I didn’t fit in well with the culture and I’ve pulled the plug on all but the veterans’ league (where I’ve always had good experiences). I also don’t play my clarinet any more – I live in a terraced house, so it just doesn’t feel appropriate!!

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    1. It was a Christmas miracle that the rugs, etc. remained unscathed. We don’t have a lot of rugs, mainly due to the furkids, and we have laminate upstairs. Unfortunately we have carpet in my yoga studio/fitness room. I really wish we didn’t!

      I’m so surprised that you’re not officiating, but if it no longer serves you, best to let it go. I used to volunteer at animal shelters, and eventually I burned out on that. There were parts i enjoyed, and because one was run by a friend, I couldn’t figure out how to stop — then we had to move. Problem solved, LOL!

      I haven’t touched my flute since college. The thing I’m said about is that I no longer draw or paint (or rarely knit). Which reminds me I have a new planner, trying to be much better organized, so I need to put knitting/crocheting in there — maybe I need to crochet more blankets for the Humane Society. I did a few that I haven’t donated yet, but since Mr. Judy volunteers there, that problem is solved. 🙂

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      1. it’s really sad and I obv can’t talk about it in “public” on my blog but I’m one of those people who gets bullied and I got bullied in various ways, internalised it, thought it was just robustness, but in the end realised it was better to come away from it. I’m quite upset about it as you can imagine, as I devoted a lot of time and energy to it (and money).

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