Karma vs Dharma


Karma: What you are here to learn

Karma isn’t necessarily about past lives, although for those who believe — I’m not sure if I do or not — it can be. We’re all here for a reason, which is actually more about Dharma than Karma — we’ll get to that in a bit. You can hear a bit about the difference between Karma and Dharma in my vlog here.

Karma is really about what we were born to learn. Or the many things we were born to learn — I know I’ve learned quite a bit over the years; I’m not talking about the stuff we learn in school!

Fairytales and Fitness

What I’ve learned
I know it’s really boring to many, or triggering for some, but weight is something I’ve always struggled with. Even having maintained a healthy weight for quite a few years, it’s not always as easy for me as it is for some people. It’s something I know I was meant to learn in this life.

I also had to learn that motion is lotion. Although my parents were very active and encouraged activity in their kids, I was the quiet, bookish one.  It took a lot of years, but now an active lifestyle is normal for me, even if I can sit still for long periods of time easily.

Dharma: What’s Your Purpose in Life?

Your Dharma most likely isn’t your job, although it can be. What makes you feel most alive? What fires you up? What would you do even if you weren’t paid for it? That’s your Dharma, and it can change in your life — or change your life.

We are not are jobs. If your job fires you up and you’re passionate about it — lucky you! Your Dharma may be to be a great mom. It may be to be of service to other people. If you don’t know your Dharma, I really do believe that now is a great time to ponder your life’s direction. Maybe it’s time to change course.

bdharmaWhat’s my Dharma?
I believe that my purpose in life is to help people to live happier, healthier, less stressful lives. It’s taken many forms over my life: becoming a WW leader (for a short time), blogging about these subjects — even before this blog, training the furkids and making sure they get great food/treats, and of course, becoming a Yoga teacher.

Many different “jobs”, but most actually fell right in line with my Dharma.

Your purpose in life is to know yourself & love yourself. — Chocolaterunsjudy

Do you know your Dharma (life’s purpose)?

Is your Dharma different from your job?

What’s your Karma?

GWY Grounding Yin Thumbnail

ICYMI: Feeling in need of a longer stretch after a run? Or maybe you just need some grounding in these crazy times. Today’s Yin Yoga practice here will help you do both.

21 Days of Yoga Social Media
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26 thoughts on “Karma vs Dharma

  1. Wow, your questions got me thinking!
    I’m here to learn to be more patient and kind with other people, especially with those that get on my nerves.
    My purpose in life is to encourage others to live a healthy life. I try to be a role model by exercising regularly, eating healthily and feeding my mind on positive, upbuilding things.

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  2. My Dharma has always been to teach and help people learn. I used to play teacher even as a little kid.

    Luckily my jobs have always been inline with this as a French teacher, technology director, instructional technologist and now a computer trainer.

    Outside of work, I’ve always been involved in teaching and sharing knowledge. For example, served on various bd of directors, in a Russian exchange program, mentored a single mom and participated in Stem and Girls on the Run, etc. Blogging is just another way to teach.

    I learned that I am the happiest when I am outdoors and in motion. I realized this as an adult when I started playing tennis. And now that I am a runner, I know this to be true.

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      1. that’s what I thought when I taught French. Everyone should know another language other than their own. But many of my students thought it was a waste of time. Then I switched to technology…so far so good.

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  3. My Dharma has been to care for other people–my family, my friends, and my patients. But not so much that I sacrifice myself. Self care is part of my dharma and that is where fitness and healthy eating come in. My Karma–and it’s a work in progress, lol, is to be more patient and accepting of others’ differences when they aren’t in line with my ideas.

    Deep thoughts for a Friday morning, Judy! Thanks!

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    1. It’s interesting — I’m good at caring for others, but the truth is, I would never choose that as my Dharma. Am I too self centered? I don’t really think that’s it, but I am just not called to be a caretaker.

      Don’t worry, I have something lighter in store for Tuesday. 🙂


  4. Wow, really thoughtful post! This is a lot to think about. I kind of feel sometimes like I’ve lost my way from my purpose. I guess now is a good time to think about all that since we’re at home all the time.

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  5. I have always thought of Karma as a “what comes around, goes around” perspective….and I have seen that played out many times. I strongly believe it, too. My Darma would be extending kindness to others, especially those who may not always deserve it…because they are usually the ones who need it most. Awesome thought-provoking post!

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    1. That’s what most people think of as Karma, Kim. And I am no expert! But that’s what we learned in YTT & it got me to thinking.

      Extending kindness, even to those who may not deserve it — I have to admit, I’m not so good at that! That is an awesome Dharma, Kim!


  6. This is interesting. I need to really think about this. I have always been a helper of sorts. In my old life I was an eating disorder therapist-not sure if I ever told you that! I guess I am also an organizer that brings people together through MRTT and GOTR. Those are my passions. Not sure if I was destined to be that person

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    1. I knew you were a therapist, but I didn’t know what kind. I have actually had many jobs.

      Deborah, you are obviously a great organizer, and that is a good thing to be. I can be good at that, I’ve done it, but it’s definitely not my Dharma. 🙂


  7. Wonderful questions, Judy. I think at one time my dharma was to be a teacher. I think I was a good one and it was my passion for a lot of years. Now that I am retired, I am not so sure what my dharma is. Maybe it has to do with the blog. I know it is important to me to write what I am passionate about – not always fitness or faith or any one particular subject, but rather what I am thinking about right now.

    I am looking forward to seeing your new yoga ventures. I am going to do one of your videos this afternoon. Today is a rest day for me from running and I look forward to doing some yin stretches!

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    1. That’s pretty much how I blog, too, as you may have noticed. 🙂

      Being retired is such a great time to revisit your Dharma & see if it’s changed! And from everything you have written on your blog, I’ve no doubt you were a great teacher.


  8. My dharma is not my job, although I do love it, as a scientist. My true dharma is travel, and sharing my experiences with others so they can see that the world is our oyster and humans around the world really aren’t that different from one another (well, when we’re not all in lockdown).

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    1. I think too often people confuse their job with their Dharma. And that can be very difficult on them if they have their job taken away (as so many do right now).

      I love your Dharma! Seriously, I am so longing to travel. It’s been well over a year for me. This is probably the longest I’m going to go without a vacation my entire life so far — or at least I hope I never go this long again!

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    1. Your job hasn’t been effected Lacey? The flight attendant job. I know so few people are traveling now.

      I absolutely never thought I would ever find myself being a “fitness instructor”, LOL! Of course, I also never thought that I would be a runner. 🙂


  9. I believe my Dharma is to communicate information, whether that be through teaching, or through writing, or face to face. What a thought provoking post Judy! I will be listening to your Vlog when I can get to a quiet place…lol Thanks for linking up with us!

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    1. Being able to communicate info well – that’s a real skill! It’s not easy! Oddly, I know that I’m good at training people, but I don’t think I always get my point across as well in writing. So of course I write a lot. 🙂


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