3 Must Haves for a Bad Weather Run


I have been known to avoid running in the cold wind or cold rain or cold, windy rain with the best of them. Retreating to my treadmill when the weather isn’t great. I can run in bad weather, though, and have many times.

Right now you may have no choice about running outside in bad weather if you want to keep running.

Here are my three must haves to have a good bad weather run

1. Attitude
Attitude is number one for a reason! If you dread getting out there when the weather isn’t gorgeous — guess what? You’re probably going to hate your run. Let’s face it: how often is the weather gorgeous? Maybe if you live in HI or CA a lot. I can tell you up here, in upstate NY, really nice days are few and far between.

I know if I’m dreading a bad weather run, I’ll procrastinate. no doubt hoping whatever nastiness is going on outside will blow over. I may hate every step if the weather doesn’t get better. I’ll ask myself why I thought running was a good idea in the first place.

If I embrace the mindset that it’s only the first step that’s hard, I am more likely to get myself out the door quicker. I am much more likely to feel it’s really not as bad as I thought it was — it rarely is (although there are days it’s worse, I won’t lie to you!). I might actually enjoy my run, bad weather and all.

Attitude is everything!

The right outfit can make bad weather more enjoyable

2. The Right Gear
Attitude may be everything, but again, I’m not gonna lie: the right gear makes a bad weather run more, well, weatherable. When you get your outfit right, you will realize that you can not only run in bad weather, you can enjoy bad weather runs.

3. A Goal
Why would you ever run in bad weather if you didn’t have a goal in mind? It really doesn’t matter if the goal is big or small, it just matters whether or not it motivates you.

Possible goals:

  • Maintain your base
  • Keep a running streak alive
  • Train for a goal race
  • Meeting up with friends for a social run
  • Maintain your weight
  • Yummy food you might pass on if you didn’t run
  • Get healthy
  • Decrease stress

What outfit advice do you have for bad weather runs? 

How do you motivate yourself out the door when the weather isn’t nice? 

What goals keep you running, no matter the weather? 


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32 thoughts on “3 Must Haves for a Bad Weather Run

  1. Your post makes me even more appreciative of the wonderful spring weather we’re having!
    The thing that gets me out in winter is thinking about how I will feel AFTER my run vs. how I will feel if I don’t for a run. Works every single time!

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  2. I’m kinda glad I don’t own a treadmill. I get outside. Especially now.

    I don’t run in the rain or ice. Those are my rest days. Luckily they don’t last more than a few days. I can just rearrange my schedule.

    Being flexible is the most important thing. Missing a run won’t ruin your race.

    And not procrastinating. Just get up and get out there.

    Never regret a run, right?

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    1. Oh, I have had runs I’ve regretted. But not many.

      I can definitely be bad about procrastinating. That’s the downside of working from home — but not having to be there 8 straight hours.


  3. You know I run outside year-round, too. My main goal? Stay off the treadmill LOL I crave the outdoors, even in less-than-desirable weather. Besides, it’s pretty empowering to come home after a run in bad weather knowing you didn’t let the cold/rain/snow/wind stop you 😉

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    1. I don’t mind the treadmill, as you know, but it’s been a long time since I’ve resorted to it — even though nice weather is still kinda rare here. Mainly because I never know if I’ll have to run on the treadmill. Hopefully it won’t come to that.


  4. The right gear makes such a huge difference! When I first started running in the Winter I had no idea about coldgear clothing items and I was always freezing. Once I got the proper clothing, my runs were so much more enjoyable.

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  5. I LOVE running in winter and in the rain, but gear makes such a difference! For me is the right shoes and covering neck and hands– if those get cold, my body is cold the rest of the run. This winter I added Korkers spikes to my running shoes for snow/ice and made a huge difference giving me confidence in those conditions.

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    1. Oh God, I really don’t like running in Winter & rain. Although I do prefer it to heat & humidity.

      I’ve never found spikes I like. I don’t like the feel of the rubber going around my foot. I do have some screw shoes, and that has helped me a lot.


  6. I love these pointers! Right now I am struggling to run, not so much because of bad weather, but that we are banned from running outdoors. So attitude and goals are what’s keeping me returning to my treadmill day after day. Today I sat by the treadmill and nearly called it quits but then I remembered the 40 day running streak I’m on, and hopped on. It was an okay run, but so looking forward to the day I can run outside again.

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    1. Thankfully we can still run outside. I do have a treadmill, as well, but I’ve tried hard not to use (despite some less than optimal weather) in case we get where you are.\

      I hope you are able to run outside again soon!


  7. I don’t mind running in rain and I actually like it sometimes. I don’t always have a goal as I sometimes just like to run to run. These days I am really just so appreciative I can still get outside. Thanks in advance for linking up!

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    1. I definitely appreciate that I’m still able to get outside, even if I’ve voluntarily curtailed myself to my neighborhood.

      I don’t mind warm rain, but at this time of year, for us, it’s a lot of cold rain. Even with a mild winter, so over being cold!


  8. The right attitude is so important! Now that I have my own treadmill I rarely run outside when the weather is really bad. I used to go out in just about anything. The right gear is so helpful too.

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  9. We don’t really have weather like that here. At most, I have to put on tights and a long sleeve, with gloves and an ear warmer. We worry more about how to dress for the heat and humidity. Ugh.

    As far as motivation, my thought is just get up and get moving and make the habit and expectation. I may not always feel it, but I do it.

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  10. You are so right, Judy – attitude is everything. Just taking that first step out the door in bad weather is the hardest part. I don’t mind running in the cold or snow but there are 2 things that will keep me indoors – ice and thunderstorms. I once ran a race in a thunderstorm and I was scared! The man running next to me told me to run next to someone taller than me so they would get struck by lightning rather than me. I told him “You’re taller than me!” We both laughed and I was much less nervous about finishing the race.

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    1. I have run in thunderstorms a few times — not intentionally, just getting caught out when I’m like 5 miles away from my car with no shelter in sight.

      It is one of the few things that is guaranteed to make me run faster, LOL!


  11. I love that Attitude is at the top of the list! It’s easy to be miserable in bad weather but attitude is everything! I actually skipped my run this morning because, good attitude or not, it was pouring! I may go out for a walk a little later if it clears up a bit.

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  12. Mother Nature cannot make up her mind. The weather changes almost everyday. I agree with attitude and right gear. I don’t have a goal and am just happy to run. I guess enjoying my run is my goal? Sometimes wished I had a treadmill at home because I don’t want to deal with the weather. There was one winter that I did almost all of my runs outside in the snow and freezing weather. Now? It is too late and I don’t run. 🙂

    Thank you for linking up with us and I am sorry for responding so late.

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