Battling Elements & Tech: Tea/coffee Date May 2020


Remind me why I thought starting a YouTube channel was a good idea? (it’s here, if you haven’t already checked it out).


Pull up a chair and mug with Coco and Deborah and me for the ultimate coffee tea date: and I’d chew your ear off about all my tech woes.

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d tell you tech has been super frustrating lately. Editing videos is just not for the impatient. Although the volume sounds just fine on my devices, apparently not on anyone else’s. I don’t know why. I am working on fixing that (but nothing is easy when it comes to tech!).

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d tell you it’s truly amazing what you can have delivered these days, and those delivery people are superheroes in my book. I even finally found some baking powder — I believe, anyway, we’ll see what happens when I get that delivery.

C’mon Spring, it’s time to put those Winter coats away!

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d tell you I am still occasionally wearing Winter coats (I hope that’s not true by the time this goes live!). At least I don’t have to wear the purple monstrosity, although there was one day last week I considered it. I did wear the green coat this week, sadly. I’m hoping that’ll be the last time.

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d tell you I came home from my long run last Saturday, and told Mr. Judy I was bored with my 8 mile long runs so I went 9. You get me, right? He’s lived with me long enough to sorta understand, but he’s not a runner, so he doesn’t really get it.

So ready to go somewhere. Anywhere, really!

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d tell you I long for a vacation, even though I know it’s not happening. I have a feeling this will be my longest stretch ever with no travel. We’re considering getting some BBQ & bringing some to my mom.

We can’t go in, but we can social distance with her if she comes out on the porch. It would mean a really long day in the car (and for the dogs in the car, no way could we leave them at home for that many hours). Then do we eat it in the car or do we bring it home, which means reheating it hours later? If it ever stops raining . . .

Is it still cold enough to wear a Winter coat sometimes where you live?

Are you excited or bored by your runs/workouts? 

If you could travel, where would you go? 

I am also linking up with the  Fridays with Fairytales and Fitness from Fairytales & Fitness.


ICYMI: I took advantage of the one nice day this week to film outside; I talk about Karma vs Dharma here. I’m also going live on Facebook at 4 pm ET  hereto share a short-er preview of next week’s longer Yin Yoga video (which was also filmed outside — feels so much better out there!).

I can’t really interact with you while I’m doing the live video, but you can like it and/or comment and I’ll get back to you later! Maybe there will be a new meditation this weekend . . .

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34 thoughts on “Battling Elements & Tech: Tea/coffee Date May 2020

  1. I hope you’ll manage to fix the volume issue with your videos. I wonder if it would help if you record the instructions in a second session? You know, as a type of voice-over?
    Anyways, I am enjoying your yoga sessions immensely!
    Ah, travel…. I would go to Cape Town. Where would you go to?

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    1. Unfortunately, I do voiceovers for my Yin videos, so that’s not the issue.

      I ordered a microphone (they’re actually not easy to get right now), but i thought it was wireless & it’s not. I also have Apple Airpods my husband found at a good price hopefully coming soon. I’ll look dorky, but I hear from a lot of people they work well.

      I’ve also learned a few tricks about upping the volume, but unfortunately going back and redoing videos means the link changes (seriously, why does YT do that?).

      I’m so glad you’re enjoying the Yoga — it’s always really nice to hear!

      Well, I know these trips are not happening, but it would probably be either HI (which we love), New Zealand, or maybe something like Fiji or the Maldives. HI is the only place on that list I’ve been.

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  2. I have your weather. So still wearing hats gloves and coats.

    I have run in a skirt several times but this rain and wind makes me unhappy.

    I am loving my routes. I am walking a lot and so far 14 new trails. Once the mud dries up I may even run on them.

    I should be in Florida right now. Hopefully NH Race cation in October will happen. But who knows? 2021?

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      1. It’s sad that I can count 4 as the skirt wearings but we have different thermostats when it comes to running. The other day, it was sunny and warm in the am but by lunch it was cloudy cold and windy. This weather!!!

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  3. I packed my winter coat away early in April and I refuse to take it out. It has been cold and yes, we had snow, but it isn’t winter cold, if you catch my drift… pun intended. It’s just raw. I am so ready for it to warm up!!!

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    1. I hate being cold, and I live in leggings, even before all this happened. And some mornings, with the wind chill, it’s been damn cold. Spoke with my sister yesterday, yup, she’s still wearing hers sometimes too — and they’re a couple of hours south of us & usually warmer.


  4. I still have my winter coats on the chair by the door…but I haven’t had to wear them for awhile. I need to just stash them in the other closet and have faith Spring is really here to stay. I’ve been taking food to my parents, but they live three blocks away, so it’s not a big production. My mom is going nutzo being cooped up in their house. I’m gonna take Max for a walk after work, and hang out in their driveway for awhile…

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    1. Well, I haven’t had to pull out the true Winter running clothes, I actually did put those away. I’m still wearing a heavier coat occasionally for running, but tomorrow should be warm enough for skirt, which warms my heart!

      Unfortunately I realized this morning I can’t make the run to my mom. There is simply nowhere to use a bathroom, and we’d be gone at least 5 hours! That wouldn’t work for either of us.

      When Mr. Judy eyed my mason jars, I said uh-uh. I love my mom, but no, still not gonna happen. My sister lives a lot closer so she’ll be there this weekend.

      May can be a cold month here, but it does look like there’s a warming trend. At least it doesn’t typically snow in May!


  5. Editing is so hard! That is the reason I do not do recipe videos it’s just way too much work. One of these days I will figure it out! We are over the cold here but it’s been raining so much which is hard bc I really am enjoying my afternoon walks. Thanks for popping in for coffee!

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    1. We tend to walk in the mornings because by the afternoon either it’s too hot for Lola (and yes, it’s not at all hot) or it’s raining. Unless I run.

      OMG, I cannot even tell you WHAT a struggle it’s been with video. Of course i don’t have proper equipment for video, either. But you do learn, it sort of gets easier. . .


  6. Judy, I haven’t done all the videos yet but there was only one where I noticed some issues with the volume. And if I turned the volume on my computer up the whole way, I could hear you just fine.

    I have put my winter coat away. I washed my running hat and gloves yesterday for what I hope is the last time until next November. I’ve thought that before, though and it hasn’t worked out yet.

    I am missing traveling too. we will have to save up for a doozy of a trip when this is all over. Taking BBQ to your mom sounds like a good idea. I’m sure she would be happy to see you in person, even if it is from the balcony.

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    1. It’s much warmer where you live. Now, some people walk around (or run around) in shorts when I still have that Winter coat on, but seriously, “feels like 30” or so deserves a Winter coat in my book.

      Unfortunately, as I told Kim, the BBQ idea won’t work. It’s basically at the very least 5 hours between getting it, going to my mom, chatting with her, pit stops for the dogs — but nowhere I’d feel comfortable making a pitstop. I wouldn’t be able to do that.

      Thankfully she is doing ok, and my sister, who lives a lot closer, will visit here this weekend.


  7. The weather cannot make up its mind out here. We don’t ever really “put up” our winter clothes – we don’t really have the space to store it and everything fits fine in our closet anyway – we converted a small bedroom upstairs into a walk-in closet. That said, I’m glad it’s all out because one day I’m wearing my wonder wool top to run and the next, I’m wearing a tank top. Good grief!!

    Right now, I’m doing okay with my workouts. Helps that I’m kinda building them around my training plan so I’m making them exciting. But, yes, I totally feel you. And I’d run for miles to see a view like that. 🙂

    If I could travel, I’d be on a plane to California in a heartbeat.

    I need to check out your yoga channel. I’ve started adding it in to my routine and so far, have been pretty good about keeping it up. I definitely need stretching. The meditation part is good but I really need a solid stretch. I’ve noticed that my left side is much stiffer than my right so I’m working on that.

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    1. The weather is the same here (but a lot colder).

      I had made my spare room basically into a walk in closet, too. Except now I’m trying to clear it out to film videos in there. It’s been challenging — it’s a small room (barely enough room for a bed, which thankfully it doesn’t have).

      I’m having to get rid of a lot of stuff that fits & I like, but in the end I’ll have a cozy space for myself so that’s ok!

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  8. Yesterday was a winter coat day. Today we’re in the 60s, finally. I won’t put away the winter stuff just yet though. I did not notice any sound issues on your videos. I totally understand the stress though over technology. My YouTube attempts have been laughable so far. Oh well, we have to start somewhere right?

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    1. My videos are still a struggle. I was impressed with your start! LMK if you are at all interested in some sort of collaboration (no worries if you’re not.

      This weekend we’re finally hitting the jackpot weather-wise. But looking forward still some mornings in the 30s -40s. I’ll take what I can get, one day at a time!


  9. I can’t imagine how time-consuming video is. I take long enough to put my blog posts together. It was faster before photos, but not as much fun! I think one of my first trips will be to see my daughter!

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  10. I’m wildly awkward on video and don’t think I have the patience to edit videos, so I never ventured out into the YouTube world, but props to you for going for it! I hope you’re able to fix the volume issue!

    I would so love to travel right now too. :[ Fingers crossed that it’ll get to happen sometime this year!

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  11. We still have winter coats on hooks in the mudroom and yes I wore one the other day — I really wish spring would show-up and stay a while!

    I haven’t made it over to check out your videos yet, but I will. Sorry for the tech issues – I’ve been fighting with my blog and that’s making me crazy! I can’t event imagine video editing!


    1. Hopefully you’re getting some nice weather today like we are! A whole weekend even.

      I keep my blog really low tech, so most of the time I don’t fight that too much. Video seems to be an adventure (and not in a good way) every single damn time. At least I’ve learned a lot.


  12. Thankfully, I’ve put away my winter coats for the year. If Pablo were visiting and I were out taking him on walks there are days that I might still need my coat. This past week was damp and cool, but today was gorgeous!

    I can’t wait to go see my mom again. It’s a six hour drive to get there so we can’t go until we can go inside and stay overnight. Fingers crossed that we can go in June… we’ll see.

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    1. I joked with my husband the only way we could go — even though it’s not as long a trip for us — would be to rent an RV. I was only half joking. 😦

      I hope you get there in June! I have my doubts about being able to visit my mom by then. We were supposed to bury my Dad then, too.


  13. We went warm for a bit but we’re back to winter coats now. This is quite useful as the cats have made a hole in the window screen that keeps them from falling out of my office window, so I could do with it being less hot until I find a solution! I understand about the 8 mile / 9 mile thing. I’m missing my long runs, as well.

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    1. We used to have metal bars over the wire screens in in the windows when we lived with TX. I don’t remember what my husband used, but if you had wire shelving that might work.

      They did still get out once! Both survived to tell the “tail”.

      Right now, since my half is officially cancelled, I’m dropping my mileage. Not that it was super high to begin with!

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  14. I love that idea of going to bring your mom dinner. I would just eat in the car. We’ve done that a few times when we have needed to get out. It’s ridiculous, but kind of an adventure? I guess?

    My husband is starting a podcast. I was able to direct him to some equipment he would need (learned about it at my blog conference a few months ago), and shared with him all my info, but I know he’s going to be hitting me up for more help soon. Joy. #notatechperson

    I’m not bored with my workouts right now, just because I’m still in this comeback, and so it’s all pretty new and exciting.

    And all I want to do is go to Banner Elk this summer with my college roommate and her family. We have a week in a cabin planned, and I want to walk on that giant suspension bridge, and hike, and grill out at the cabin with all the kids. We are still in a holding pattern, and we will all make the wise decision when it’s time, but for right now, we’re holding on to the dream.

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    1. The problem with going to see my mom was there would be nowhere to make a pitstop, and it would be a long enough trip to need that (especially with the dogs along, although of course THEY could get a pitstop). I don’t know when I’ll be seeing her. 😦

      I hope that you get to take your family vacation. Good luck!

      A podcast s something I absolutely have no desire to do, but never say never.


  15. I haven’t ventured into the world of video making, mainly because I hate to see myself on videos. I’m super self conscious about it.

    I’m also feigning for a vacation of some sorts and a change of scenery. I really miss running by the beach. Things are starting to reopen slowly down here in Florida so maybe I’ll trek out to Clearwater Beach this weekend and try a run along the shore. That usually gives me some peace and happiness.

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    1. It’s funny, I get the same reaction to YouTube as I did back when I started to do trail running (well slightly different).

      Seriously, though, there’s no reason to do it if you don’t want to! But trust me, just like I say about running halfs, if I can do it, ANYONE can! You just have to want to. I am totally self conscious — but the more you do it, the easier it gets (sort of).

      I LOVE running along the shore. Alas no ocean anywhere near here. Enjoy!


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