I tried it: Peloton App


I got in on the very last day for a 90 day free Peloton app trial. I have recently finished that trial, and I’m staying on. I actually took some form of class every day in July except for one.

Everything a runner & cyclist needs in one app

What I liked about it:

  • The variety: there are classes in: Strength, Yoga, Cardio, Meditation, Running, Outdoor (audio classes), Cycling, Stretching, Bootcamp, Walking. There are different kind of classes within each category, too (warm up, low impact, etc.).
  • The instructors. There’s someone for everyone, and they’re all very encouraging and upbeat. You may not jive with everyone, of course, but there’s enough instructors that you’ll find someone you like.
  • Music. I think that’s one of the key draws for Peloton — there’s music with all the classes, and you can choose what sort of music you want.
  • You can preload classes. I did that so I could take a warmup when I drove somewhere to run and it worked fine for me. And I have an older iphone that can be balky about connecting.
  • You can bookmark favorite classes.
  • You can filter each type of class: bookmarked, taken by you, length, class type, instructor, music, and difficulty.
  • When you filter classes, you can also sort them by: new, trending, popular, top rated, easiest, and hardest.
  • If you’re motivated by challenges, there are quite a few to choose from. I have not joined a challenge yet (lone wolf that I am!).
  • There are a variety of classes linked together into what Peloton calls “programs” — these are usually multi week programs with a variety of instructors on a common theme: strength, training for a 5k or marathon (hello, what about the other distances?), meditation, core, and a whole lot more.
  • Then there are collections. Don’t ask me what the difference between a collection and a program is, they seem rather similar to me.
  • Finally there’s a schedule of upcoming live classes to choose from. I haven’t tried a live class yet.
  • The community. Actually I haven’t really done much at all with the community aspect of the app, but it’s there. If you want to connect with others to motivate you, it’s possible.

What I didn’t like about it:

  • This is my biggest complaint: there is no way to search! Seriously? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to search for something, like when it was mentioned that there are some foam rolling classes on the app. Darned if I’ve been able to unearth them.
  • Sometimes things just weren’t where I expected them to be, and of course I couldn’t search on them, since there’s no way to search (unless I’ve somehow missed the search function?). For instance, I expected a run warmup to be under “running”. I suppose it makes sense for it to be under “stretching”, but that wasn’t intuitive to me.
  • Not to beat a dead horse, but there’s so much available it can be hard to remember where you found it — or find it in the first place. Because there’s no way to search.
  • I guess I’m old enough that a lot of the music doesn’t really appeal to me. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve found plenty of classes whose music I enjoy. I’ve also looked at a lot of classes that look interesting, only to not be excited by the music choices. Sometimes I take them anyway, but more often I keep searching until I find something with music that I’ve at least heard of.
  • The instructors have a tendency to talk too much for my taste. Hey, I came for the music, let me actually listen to it! OTOH, they usually have inspiring, upbeat messages.
  • I’m not a big fan of the strength classes. It’s not that they’re not good (most), but I find most of the instructors are rushing through it too quickly — and sometimes, quite frankly, using bad form. They will admonish you to take your time and then they’re actually kind of throwing the weights around — it’s a recipe for injury for those who don’t know better.
  • Why no Pilates? You know I love me some Pilates. There’s a Crush Your Core Program, and that is somewhat-Pilates based. There’s also a lot of crunches in that program. Crunches work mostly the superficial muscles in the abs — the showy 6 pack abs, not so much the deep abs that really give you core stability. Otherwise there’s no Pilates. Yet, anyway.
  • Sometimes I wanted longer classes. Why are there no post run stretches longer than 10 minutes, for instance? I totally get a short pre run stretch, in the summer I rarely do more than 5 minutes — but after sometimes I do want a longer stretch. There are also no strength classes longer than 30 minutes — which is fine by me, and  you can stack classes together; still, sometimes it left me scratching my head.
Lots of variety

Final Thoughts
You can see that I liked more things than I didn’t like. I didn’t mention that you get badges as you complete a certain number of classes, or particular series — it’s cute, and I know some people are really motivated by it.

There are a lot of things I haven’t even tried: walking, running (yes, since I had been trying to do my runs outside), cardio, outside.

I think the two things I love most about Peloton:

  1. The music: before the app I was rarely on my stationary bike longer than 20 minutes and I wasn’t getting that productive a workout — I’ve definitely felt some of those cycling workouts! Music definitely motivates me, but on my own I rarely use it for my workouts. That has its advantages too; music can keep you too disconnected from your body — but it definitely has advantages.
  2. The instructors: you have to find the instructors that resonate with you, but they all have such upbeat, inclusive messages. There’s no shouting or no pain, no gain attitude.

It always come down to: would I pay for it? Obviously my answer is yes.

One last thought: yes, I think I would love a Peloton treadmill. Mine is ancient. Of course $$$. They stopped selling them for a while because they come with in-home setup (nice!), but they are being sold now. I haven’t really researched them to see what people really think about them, but I know many bloggers who love their bikes, so I have to imagine the treadmills are good too.

What’s your favorite fitness app? 

Are you intrigued by Peloton now?

If you’re on the Peloton app — or lucky you, own a bike or treadmill — what’s your favorite thing about Peloton? 


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31 thoughts on “I tried it: Peloton App

  1. Thank you, Judy!
    From reading other blogs, I had some idea what it is about but I have never read such a comprehensive review about Peloton. Nice! I especially like the variety.

    I have not gone back to the gym and have been using a variety of online videos on youtube.
    I think it’s time for me to have a closer look at the Peloton workouts.

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    1. I probably should’ve added, I’m not sure that I would have stayed on the app if I didn’t already have a treadmill and a stationary bike. I think for me the biggest thing are the cycling classes. although I do regularly use the pre run warmups too. Like, every run!

      For strength training, I always recommend Pahla B Fitness (on Youtube) — she’s a runner, she knows her stuff, and she’s a lot of fun. And she also focuses heavily on women of a certain age. 🙂

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  2. I did like it. I used it for outdoor running and even if you preload you use data and I would need a bigger data plan.

    If I ever get a treadmill or stationary bike, I may rejoin. But there are a lot of free videos out there too.

    I would love the Peleton bike but they are expensive. My hotel in NYC had them and they are cool.

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    1. I rarely use data these days. But for the app I only used it for the warmups,, and those were short. I don’t have unlimited data either — probably a lot less than you, it’s like a GB or so per year (but you can add more at a reasonable price).

      I know you’re not getting a treadmill. 🙂 I would LOVE to get the treadmill, I think, and mine is ancient. One of these days it won’t be able to be resuscitated.

      So there’s something we can agree on thought — I’m not sure I would’ve paid for it if it weren’t for the cycling classes for me. Yoga & strength training & meditation I can get from other sources. It’s really helped me to use my stationary bike more — which is great cross training.


      1. Yes I do agree.

        I wish my gym would open. When there are a run of rainy days in a row I had to resort to the tm. And when it was cold, on my rest days, I used the bike when now I walk or hike.

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  3. I’m so glad that you took advantage of the 90 day trial! I agree with you on your likes and dislikes, especially on the searching. I find that it’s easier to search on the bike for my cycle classes, but the app can definitely be a little confusing! I know that they are always looking to add content so I wouldn’t be surprised if you see Pilates at some point 🙂

    I have heard rumors that they are releasing a cheaper version of the treadmill this Fall. If that’s true, I may go to a showroom to check it out!

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  4. Good review! I did enjoy the trial, and got quite a bit of use out of it (but certainly not a lot based on all the bloggers I know!!). If I didn’t have a gym membership, and didn’t have my other options (group bike rides, treadmill, and bootcamp), I would have continued my membership too. They have a solid thing going!

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  5. I’m obsessed with the Beachbody on Demand app! I’m able to access the app on my TV using a Firestick, which is so awesome! But if I’m traveling, I can access the app on my phone or tablet. The app is filled with tons of different types of workout programs (strength training, yoga, cardio, dance, Pilates, etc.) I never get bored and I have yet to find a program that I don’t like or a trainer that I don’t love!

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  6. I tried the app too, when I was stuck inside on the TM. It served me well for that. I definitely wouldn’t want the app for when I am running outside. I bet it would be great on the stationary bike too!

    You loved the music but you didn’t like the music?

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  7. Ah another Peloton convert! I love it! As you know I am a huge fan. I love that there is something for everyone. I do like the strength training classes myself bc I like to be able to stack a bunch of different classes.

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  8. I’ve been looking forward to your review! I found a Facebook group where people have started files that categorize the workouts in more detail, but I’m still taking a random approach. I think programs are sets of classes you’re meant to go through, while collections are more music-themed? I’ve learned that I actually like the shorter strength classes because there is less wasted time. I’ve also learned that some instructors are more/less chatty than others. As for the treadmill, I think you could find the same quality for 1/2 the price, especially if you don’t care about the metrics being stored on your profile. I’d have to see how I “fit” on one since the monitor looks huge in the photos I’ve seen. I wouldn’t be able to see over/around it — but maybe that’s how it’s designed?

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    1. Your definition of program vs collection makes sense; thanks!

      I haven’t seriously looked into the treadmill. Most likely we wouldn’t end up spending that much $$. And then there’s the whole what if they go under someday? I mean, I’ve had my current treadmill 20 years!

      In an ironic twist of synchronicity I stumbled across the foam rolling classes the other day!


  9. I tried the app in the spring but honestly only used it a few times for core classes. I really should have taken advantage and tried some other things! That’s annoying that there’s no search function. I didn’t notice that when I used it.

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  10. I am loving the app! I mainly used it for the bike and even I wasn’t using it enough. Suddenly something clicked and now I use it every single day. I agree with you that some of the instructions TALK TOO MUCH. One of them I am liking a lot more so I usually just select his classes. I would also think that a run warmup would be under “running”.

    I would love a treadmill but those are way too expensive. Plus, I have no room for it in the apartment.

    Thank you for linking up with us!

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  11. I love so much about Peloton, but since I don’t have the bike or the treadmill (or any bike or treadmill, really), I just haven’t bothered with the app. I don’t think I would get as much out of it, even though I know not every workout is on those platforms.

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    1. I wouldn’t keep the app if I didn’t have a bike & treadmill, either. There are other good workouts, but I mainly use it for the bike & running warm up/cool downs right now.

      I did do my first bootcamp using the treadmill, which I liked. But again, treadmill.


  12. I’ve been trying to talk to them about whether the classes are suitable for the cross trainer and recumbent bike, which are the two pieces of equipment I have (I have a rower, too, as it’s part of the recumbent bike). The app is £12.99 a month here and I’m cancelling my gym membership so it’s going to happen, I think.

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    1. I think any cardio equipment would work fine I have a simple stationary bike, but I can add resistance, and a pretty simple treadmill, too. They work fine with the app.

      Without cardio equipment I wouldn’t pay for the app, I’ll be honest.

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