Pandemic Dressdown: Tea/coffee Date August 2020



Pull up a chair and mug with Coco and Deborah and me and a bunch of bloggers for the ultimate coffee tea date: I’m sharing all my any cute shoes are gathering dust. But first . . .

woman wearing black dress
Fanny packs: Yay or Nay? | Photo by Johnny Edgardo Guzman on

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
Have you noticed fannypacks making a comeback? I’ve noticed quite a few runners/walkers sporting them. I’m happy that my Skirt Sports provides me with #allthepockets and I don’t have to sport that look.

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d tell you we did find someplace local to donate clothes/shoes. There is more decluttering to be done (seems like an endless job) but it was nice to get rid of quite a few bags I’d accumulated to donate.

You can’t see anything — other than sunscreen it’s all me under that hat!

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d tell you in that I rarely wear any makeup these days with the exception of lip balm (it’s got SPF in it). Seriously, what’s the point? If I’m going out, I’m most likely just putting on a mask at some point anyway. I have to remind myself not to put on the lip balm if I know that I’m going to be wearing a mask!

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d tell you along with the makeup, I rarely wear anything other than running shoes, Oofos, and sneakers I use for walking or very occasionally hiking shoes. So every once in a while when we do go somewhere, I make a little effort and wear some cute sandals (but no makeup).


If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d tell you I rarely wear any earrings, either! I have to remind myself to put in some earrings once in a while so my holes don’t close up. Usually when I go see my mom.

Our glasses and dishes are in these cabinets. It’s so awkward getting in there. Excuse the dirty floor! I blame it on the dogs. Except they’re constantly trying to help me clean the floors.

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
Finally, I’d tell you I have one of  the most awkward kitchens. My dishwasher is almost in the corner by the fridge, with a lazy susan cabinet and some drawers in between — it’s a very tight space.

I’m constantly banging against it when emptying it. I recently knocked my ankle against it good. I had a bruise that hurt for week. Heck, even my foot hurt when I ran for a little while and my gait was slightly altered. Thankfully it did heal up on its own, but I’ve been super careful since then — until the next time, of course.

Do you miss dressing up?

Do you put on makeup even if you’ll be wearing a mask? 

Do you — or have you ever — worn a fannypack? 

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38 thoughts on “Pandemic Dressdown: Tea/coffee Date August 2020

  1. I got a fannypack from Brooks a few weeks ago when we did our “virtual camp”. I haven’t worn it yet, but sometimes when I go outside with my son if I’m wearing leggings or something without pockets it would be nice to have somewhere to put my phone and keys. So I might start using it for that, but it feels kind of weird to wear one!

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  2. Haha, I do use make-up but I haven’t worn tights and shoes for months!
    The other day we had a formal appointment with a client and I put on tights and shoes and it felt so claustrophobic and uncomfortable.
    Otherwise, I’m always in sneakers, hiking boots or Birkenstocks.

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  3. I am never without earrings.

    I do wear makeup when I go out to dinner and do Zooms. But not as often as before. Does that stuff expire?

    I just stuff my clothes in those bins. They have been picking up even during the pandemic. I need to continue doing that.

    I recently got a Vera Bradley fanny pack as a gift. They’re great when you don’t wear skirt sports. But I forgot that I had it. And now all I wear is skirt.

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      1. I guess I was thinking outside of running. I need to carry more than my skirt or jacket will hold. My purse or back pack I guess would be for then.

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  4. I wear my flip belt and running belt which I consider to be a smaller version of a fanny pack but I wear them under my shirt.
    I have stopped using all my “good” skin care products there for a while because I thought, “what’s the point”, I’m not going anywhere or seeing anyone, but then I remembered my skin is aging no matter what, so I should continue to use it…lol.
    I wonder if the cosmetic companies have taken a hit during the pandemic? Have a good weekend.

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  5. So I actually love fanny packs and own a few, lol. They have really come in handy during the pandemic when I’m grocery shopping since I’m usually only bringing my phone, keys and credit card. I have one friend that absolutely hates them and she makes fun of me for wearing it – which only makes me send her more photos of me rocking my various fanny packs LOL.

    I don’t really wear make up so nothing has changed in that aspect, but I do miss dressing up.

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  6. I did not notice the fannypack trend here and I do not wear one. My daughter does love my Spibelts for music festivals. Not that there are any of those happening this summer. I still put on makeup most days but it’s been awhile since I bothered with earrings.

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    1. I wear SPF lip balm when we walk the dogs. I just have to remind myself not to put it on when I know I’ll be wearing a mask!

      Otherwise I usually only put makeup on when we went out to dinner, which we’re not doing. Sometimes I do it for a video . . . more often not because I don’t want to have to take it back off at night, LOL!


  7. one of the perks of wearing a mask is that I don’t have to wear makeup. I do miss all of my lip glosses though. No point in wearing them now. I am not opposed to the fanny pack and there are some cute ones out now. Thanks for linking for coffee have a nice weekend

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  8. I have noticed the fannypacks coming back…it’s so weird! I’d feel embarrassed to wear one, lol!

    I rarely dressed up before all of this and I can’t tell you the last time I wore earrings! Still, it is nice to put on a nice outfit everyone once in a while!

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  9. I suppose my SPIbelt is my version of a fanny pack. In the early days of COVID I used it instead of carrying my handbag with me the few times I went to the grocery store of a doctor’s appointment.

    I hear you on the lip balm and mask. I hate it when my mask becomes lined with lipstick (so gross).

    Have a great weekend, Judy!

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  10. I used to do image consulting (years ago), so I’m hyper aware of little details like makeup and earrings LOL I don’t wear a lot of makeup, but I never leave the house without eyeliner, lipstick and (usually) a touch of brow pencil. Heck, I know I look better with all the above, so why not? And, earrings…I feel naked without them. I have to remind myself to go light on the lipstick, though, or put it on AFTER the requisite masking is done (at the store, etc.) so it doesn’t leave a weird stain (besides, no one can see it anyways, right?).

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    1. I used to do brow pencil, but right now it seems as though what’s the point? But I’m not working like you are, Kim.

      Earrings are a pain when I’m doing Yoga. I’ve never run in them, either, too afraid I’d lose them. Heck, I’ve lost some I really like just walking (usually just one).


  11. I see all the kids sporting fanny packs these days, along with high waisted jeans and shorts (some very short). Of course for some people, fanny packs never went out of style…

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  12. I don’t miss dressing up at all, but I feel out of sorts if I don’t have earrings in, and I do miss wearing my bracelets. I have a flipbelt I use to take Scooby out when my SkirtSports shorts are all in the laundry. Our dishwasher nearly reaches our center island when open, but that makes it easy to unload the dishes into the drawers there.

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    1. The dishwasher is in a super awkward place in our kitchen. You have to try to slide into that small space, because all the dishes/glasses are in the cupboards above it and to the side of it. Basically that’s the only space that makes sense for them, too. 😦


  13. I’ve been wearing bigger running belts so I can carry my phone at all times and a little bottle of hand sanitiser just in case (e.g. that time we found someone’s wallet on the street). I wish I had more pockets as it does get hot and bouncy!

    And I don’t miss dressing up, I was quite casual to start with and am getting downright shabby now. Last clothes I bought were a set of men’s S Gildan tshirts in various colours to be comfy in with yoga pants! I do put mascara on when I see or video chat with my friend Gill, as otherwise she tends to think I’m unwell!

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    1. I don’t carry hand sanitizer on the run. I’ll admit I didn’t think about needing to pick something up — but I haven’t needed to yet.

      I’ve always loved clothes, but these days I’m usually working out in some form most days, so it’s athleisure wear all the way for me.

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    1. Unfortunately mascara irritates my contacts. I do use sunscreen on my face — I like tinted sunscreen, but then it’s just getting all over everything.

      Luckily I usually have enough pockets. Plus I’m not running very long so I can usually fit enough water, etc. into my pockets.


  14. Ahh, I need to find someplace local to donate my stuff too! I’ve been doing a ton of decluttering and there are boxes upon boxes that need to be donated (it feels like a waste to trash it).

    I’ve never worn much makeup but have always wanted to experiment. I can’t say I’ve done much of that lately but maybe one of these days… I’m all about the most comfortable things ever lately, hehe.

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  15. I wear my SPI belt a lot. My iPhone and skirts without draw strings are a PITA, so this is easier. Plus I usually have my iPod in the side pocket. I don’t miss the heaviness of my nathan water belt, which I thought I’d need to use more but then they started opening the water fountains.

    I never wore makeup, but I haven’t carried a purse since March and don’t miss it.
    You can see the shoes I’m living in last week’s run down. Epic sandal tan

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    1. I have a smaller, older iphone. So luckily it doesn’t weigh down my skirts. I do like fall for jackets & even more pockets. 🙂

      When I go out, if I’m out walking a lot, I try to be in shoes rather than sandals to protect my feet more. In the house & backyard? Sandals all the way!


      1. The X is OK in the LBCs with a drawstring. It doesn’t fit the GGU pockets, although most of mine in that style are hand me down older ones. Would be fine in the newer, except I fell (or my hips did) out of love with GGU and into Cascade. At runrise I just carry the phone, but don’t like carrying phone and water
        YEs on the jacket pockets. Makes life much easier

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