31 thoughts on “Thank You, Mother Nature!: 8/17 – 23 WRD

  1. I ran a route today I somehow haven’t run for ages – in fact I’ve only ever run that exact route twice, weirdly, once with Cari exactly two years ago today, which is why I ran it today. Highlight of the week, too, although we also found some cool new TV programmes to watch together which was cheering (esp as we head into a local re-lockdown).

    It’s been cooler here, very autumnal, and I’ve made my peace with the fact that my tomatoes are never going to fruit this year. I did well with runner beans at least …

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    1. We are in the hunt for a new TV programs. Right now we are re-watching the West Wing.

      Thankfully our numbers are still quite low here, but obviously that’s not the case for the much of the US. So I’m still very cautious.

      We were a lot cooler, but we’ve had enough heat this summer that my tomatoes are being picked. 🙂

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  2. I also appreciated the break in heat and humidity this week. We’re back to the hot weather today but there were a few mornings this week where it felt like we got a glimpse of Fall and I loved it.

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  3. The weather this week was fabulous–I can’t remember such a beautiful streak of good days. We’re back into the heat this week. I also noticed very few bugs too. Except for the spiders-they are starting to build their webs for fall.

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    1. I didn’t know spiders actually had a season! I got some great pics of them when I walked across that bridge last week but never shared those.

      Now that it’s warmer again (briefly) the bugs are back, but I think we may actually be on the other side of summer. Don’t want winter but frankly I’ve been waiting for this all summer!


  4. Other than the derecho last week, I have no complaints at all about our weather. Overall it’s been a lovely summer. Our heat is building back and the humidity is climbing, but it’s still bearable because the nights cool off a bit. I’ve been thinking lately of all the routes I do not currently run because I save them for marathon-training miles over 10.

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  5. Still hot and humid around here but I do hope to get back to running this week. Fingers crossed! Glad you had some nicer days of running. Way to go on those bootcamps & they definitely count as running. Good luck w your filming this week! Thanks for linking up

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  6. Glad you had a nice week! Despite the derecho, we’ve had pretty nice weather (cool and low/moderate humidity) since…and that was so nice for all the clean-up and lack of electricity. Haven’t spotted too many bugs yet…

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  7. The weather is some parts of the country is just awful. We had a few days of nice, cool weather but it didn’t stick around for long. Glad you could enjoy the weather this week!

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  8. Had the same weather as you but too busy work wise to enjoy the cooler temps. Saturday’s run was quite humid.

    Yes. Always exploring new places. Thurs was Thacher and tomorrow hope to hike in the Adirondacks.

    Highlight was today playing tennis with my friends. It was dry in Chestertown but thunderstorms a short way away at the marina. Where I am sleeping tonight.

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    1. LOL on the computer glitch! The highlight of my week was when my son and his wife stopped by and stayed for (take-out) dinner. In person is so much better than texting.

      The Peloton App could use some “fixing” but I’m sure any improvements would make someone complain. 😉

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  9. We are still getting slammed by daily storms. In fact, there was just a huge bolt of lightning, and crack of thunder and it scared us all half to death! This is just very unusual for us and this time of year.

    I’m glad you had some cooler weather – that would be nice. I went out this morning and it was like running with a wet towel wrapped around my head.

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  10. I hope one day there is a search option in the Peloton app. It is needed. I still cannot find the foam rolling classes.

    Another great week for you! Busy.

    Well, not exactly for exploring but I’ve found “new” places for running. One day I will find the house I want to buy. 🙂

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    1. Foam rolling is by Hannah Corbin. I think it’s under stretching.

      I think new places for running definitely can be considered exploring.

      How are you guys doing? Still sending healing vibes to you all.


      1. Thanks, Judy. They’re both doing much better. Looks like the worst is over. Hopefully soon my mother can visit. I have seen her a few times but from the window.

        I will look up those foam rolling classes.

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  11. Spring for us starts on 1st Sept, so August is when it starts getting warmer and feeling like Spring for us. BUT last week we had a sudden cold front and apparently it was even snowing in the Western Cape (South Africa). It was such a shock as we had already started packing away our winter stuff! Luckily this week, things feel normal again.

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  12. Last week’s weather was much cooler here as well, but the heat and humidity is back in full force this week. We had flash flooding two weeks ago, but other than that it’s been pretty typical August weather overall.

    Have a great weekend, Judy!

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    1. It’s humid today, but it was VERY cool this week (as evidenced by my hoodie on our hike on Wed). We’re supposed to have another washout tomorrow, and then it’ll cool down again. I am so ready for that! Although some 70s without humidity is just about right for skirts. 🙂

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