Summer of Hamilton: Runfessions September 2020

Philip Schuyler’s summer home (yup, the Hamiltons spent time there)

Sometimes when I fall, I fall hard! It was all Hamilton, all the time this Summer. Watching the movie like five times. Listening to the soundtrack. Visiting the Schuyler Summer home. Reading Hamilton: The Revolution. Then rereading Gore Vidal’s Burr, which I read a lot as a kid — which is surprising, it was kind of dry reading it as an adult! Interesting, though. Then starting to reread My Dear Hamilton, which I read a couple of Summers ago.

I runfess . . .
We are rewatching the West Wing at the moment. We’re into season three (well, four, now). I’d been watching for the episode with the “mind at work” quote. Lin Manuel Miranda wrote an entire song based on that quote from the show. I thought I’d missed it early on but no! It’s season 3, episode 18 (if you’re curious). I was so excited when I finally heard it. Mr. Judy didn’t quite catch my excitement.

Then the next episode they talked about the Vice President being the craziest VP since Aaron Burr, who shot Hamilton, obviously. We were both highly amused by that. We seem to find Hamilton references everywhere now.

It lasts so much longer in some water!

I runfess . . .
I know that sticking asparagus into water is supposed to keep it fresher longer (did you?), but I never did it. Until this Summer. Guess what? Yup, it stays fresh much longer that way! Why do we resist things?

I runfess . . .
About a month or so I had a very small stye on my eye. They’re usually created from stress. I didn’t feel overly stressed (the last one I had was right about the time Chester passed, and then for sure I was stressed).

There really is no treatment. You can use hot compresses. You shouldn’t wear contacts. Which is why I’m wearing my glasses in one of my Yoga videos (that & the fact that I couldn’t see my whiteboard wearing nothing).

I runfess that I did wear my contacts when I went to visit my mom — then I didn’t want to have to wear glasses all day. And I ran a time or two with just one contact in . . .probably would’ve cleared if more quickly if I hadn’t worn contacts (oh vanity!).

I runfess . . .
Right about the time I had the stye I ordered new contacts. I ordered about 6 months worth. Then the next day I ordered another 6 months worth, mainly because I didn’t want to go to the eye doctor and if I waited too long I would’ve had to. I’m good on contacts for at least a year now.

I runfess . . .
I finally broke up with nasal breathing. A month or so ago. At least temporarily. I actually have someone to contact about it . . . but after months of giving it my best, in the heat I found it almost impossible to do without slowing down to a crawl.

I don’t really care about the pace, but that means longer runs — not at all what I wanted in high heat & humidity.

The other reason was that one of the purposes was to get you into the flow state, only it actually made me feel worse. So we’ll see, maybe I’ll do a consultation, or maybe I’ll revisit it when it’s consistently cooler. I’m enjoying my runs much more. Or maybe that’s just the Fall weather!

What was the last movie/show/book that really caught your interest? 

Discovered any kitchen hacks with being home more?

What have you been resisting lately?

What do you have to runfess from September? Come join us


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36 thoughts on “Summer of Hamilton: Runfessions September 2020

  1. I haven’t watched much Tv since it’s been lighter out. I expect that to change come November. I prefer to be outdoors esp with the pandemic. Though I did watch all 6 seasons of Schitts Creek (best show ever).

    Unfortunately I saw Hamilton on Broadway nov 20 and that was the day my foot started hurting. Finally stopped with my hike July 27. My Bad memory though I loved the show and the music even before I saw it.

    Do plan to visit the mansion one day. I did a long time ago but would appreciate it more now.

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      1. It’s rare for a cast to be bad, but it would be interesting to see how it compared. It’s also pretty rare these days to actually see shows with an original cast (pre Pandemic, obviously).


  2. That’s so fun how Hamilton references are popping up for you. We saw it maybe 3ish years ago when it opened here in Chicago.
    I do need to get in for more contacts. I’ve been dragging my feet on that. Thanks for linking!

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    1. I know when my eyes have changed, and I know they haven’t. I’m sure the people there thought it was weird to have 2 orders back to back, but then again, probably not! Still, I feel better knowing I have plenty.


  3. I am actually trying not to resist things and be open to trying new ones right now it’s new foods. Things are less stressful that way. I never really got into the whole Hamilton thing but everyone seems to love it. Whatever keeps you moving!

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  4. That’s interesting about asparagus – I never knew this! I just purchased some at the supermarket this morning so I will try that trick 🙂

    I still haven’t watched Hamilton (I know – I’m crazy), but my best friend is obsessed and finds references everywhere which really makes me want to watch it.

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    1. I knew that about asparagus, but just never wanted to go to the trouble. It really does stay fresher much longer that way though.

      I definitely recommend Hamilton! (obviously). Well, watching it on Disney+ anyway, it’s not that much that way,


  5. I must admit, I have never watched Hamilton. The actor who plays King George is from our town, and I really like him, so I don’t have a good excuse, I just never got around to it. Maybe it’s because we don’t have Disney.

    You gave nasal breathing a good try. I can’t imagine doing it, even though I have tried it halfheartedly from time to time. In my case, I’m not trying to reach a meditative state, I don’t want to accidentally swallow a bee! 🙂

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    1. OMG, King George is only on for 9 minutes of a 2 hour+ show and he is a riot! We only did Disney so I could watch Hamilton. It’s only $6.99 — we did extend it another month, but that was just because I wanted to watch it more. Still cheaper than going to a movie (if you could).

      I was really interested in the whole flow thing with nasal breathing. But it never happened for me. I was probably still running too fast, even though I was running a lot slower.


  6. Being an art geek, and pretty religious, the Da Vinci Code totally sucked me in. The movie was good, but not as good (or detail-rich) as the book, and it was pretty fast-paced…my hubby was lost (and he had not read the book). Harry Potter was a series that I totally loved (even more than my kids), and the movies were pretty good as well.

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  7. Styes are really caused by a plugging of the meibomian glands (eyelashes). It’s interesting that you get them from stress…Usually the warm compresses work great. I’ve never had one, but my patients seem to get them a lot!

    I too loved Hamilton but I would much rather see it live!

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    1. I’d love to see Hamilton live, but it’s certainly a lot cheaper as a movie.

      The warm compresses didn’t really seem to do much this time, but it did resolve eventually. Thankfully I haven’t had many. Once when I was a kid, I think, and then the last 2 in the last 5 years — and those have been super stressful!

      I would certainly be happy to not have one ever again, though. 🙂


  8. I don’t think I could run without my contacts. I wouldn’t be able to see without anything and I think my glasses would be uncomfortable! I don’t even like driving with my glasses on.

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    1. I totally understand — I HATE running in my glasses but yeah, you can do it when you have to. I knew the only way for my eye to heal was to not wear contacts (although I did sometimes run with just one contact in the good eye).


  9. I’ve only watched Hamilton once, but I’ve listened to the soundtrack so many times the lyrics pop into my head all the time — from various songs, depending on the context of what I’m doing. It’s just so fantastic. I haven’t had a stye but I have had a chalazeon (?) which is similar. I use hot compresses but I do think it just takes time to get better.

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    1. Yes, I have the lyrics constantly popping into my head too now!

      Hmm. Maybe what you’re describing was actually what I had — it definitely wasn’t as bad as the last stye I’d had, but yup, it just takes time. It’s been healed a while now though. 🙂


  10. I’ve discovered chopping up apples – I seem to have upped my already fairly good fruit and veg portions through lockdown but I always thought I couldn’t eat apples as I don’t have great teeth. Chopped into slices, though …

    Sorry to hear about the stye and hope it’s better. I get ear infections or just aches when I’m stressed, which is quite annoying.

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    1. Many years ago I chipped my front tooth. It’s had several bonds, so apples are one of the things I’ve cut up for years — although I still eat corn on the cob.

      I also like to bake the apple slices so it’s kind of like eating apple pie (without the pie crust).

      Yes, the stye is long gone, thank you.

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  11. I am so not a movie person that I can’t even remember the last movie I saw at the theatre or at home…

    Hope your stye goes away quickly! I have been wearing my contacts so much more this summer with all of the riding I’m doing. I usually run pre-dawn and don’t need sunglasses so my eye glasses are fine for that.

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    1. Thanks Debbie, the stye is actually long gone. I really do hate wearing glasses to run in though! I usually only wear my glasses at the end of the day (and beginning). They’re several prescriptions old, so some things — like reading the computer screen — are difficult!

      OTOH, I can read my tablet without anything. I’m very near sighted!

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  12. Ugh. Styes are so uncomfortable. We always treated them with hot tea bags, which seemed to work.

    Love Hamilton. Love the story, and the musical and the history of that time. I love that you get to visit so many of the landmarks.

    Recently, I’ve been binging on both Lucifer and Cobra Kai. I also watched and loved The Devil All The Way Down. Next up is Enola Holmes. I am about to start reading American Dirt.

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  13. I loved Hamilton, but never saw the movie. I should fix that. Ron Chernow’s book could be a yoga block for you. There’s a fun virtual Hamilton event that I’ll send you the info on. I cannot wait for my optometrist to open. I really need new glasses.

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  14. I still haven’t seen Hamilton…I need to get on it and finally see why everyone loves it so much!

    Sorry to hear the nasal breathing wasn’t working…I was intrigued by you doing it. I feel like any changes I try to make to running usually backfires!

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    1. You’ve already got your hands full, Janelle!

      I knew nasal breathing would be an adjustment and take time, but after months . . . I guess I really ought to write a post about my reasons for giving it so long at some point.


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