Finding Rainbows in Nature: Runfessions October 2020

Between all the colorful leaves, the lakes/ponds, and grasses, it’s been easy to find my rainbows out in nature these days. Hopefully these memories will help sustain me through the long, cold, dark, dreary Winter. Or maybe I’ll find more beauty in nature this Winter; who knows?

I runfess . . .
During our 3 day power outage our generator powers a lot, but not all, of our house. The microwave, refrigerator, and toaster oven (if you move it to another plug) for instance, but not the stove.

We use a portable light for the bathroom. Because we thought those lights weren’t powered (just like the bedroom lights aren’t). We almost died laughing the day I walked into the bathroom and turned on the lights without thinking about it, and sure enough they went on. One switch. There’s another switch that powers a different light as you walk in that isn’t powered by the generator.

I runfess . . .
I actually think a mostly extended break from hard running this year actually has done my body a lot of good. It’s given me time to try to figure out what the right amount of running for me is. Still not sure, but it has helped me mostly move from “I have to run” to “I get to run“. Most days.

Move more, exercise less

I runfess . . .
I think that you’re really not going to lose a lot of fitness in 2 weeks (if you’re not laid up injured or sick). I didn’t have any DOMs when I started to run again — or lift. I’m sure all the walking/hiking I did instead of running helped, too. Don’t be so afraid to stop running every once in a while — just keep moving!

Bandit: hey, what about me?

I dogfess . . .
Last Sunday I had the dogs in the office with me while Mr. Judy made dinner. All by his lonesome. After dinner he fed Lola and Bandit some leftover steak, as he always does, and we were so happy Lola ate some. Then we sat down to watch some TV. After the first show I realized I had never actually fed poor Bandit dinner!

I runfess . . .
Apparently our hot, humid Summer was good for one thing: colorful Fall leaves. At least that’s what someone commented on a post on FB. Or maybe it was the great Fall weather we enjoyed (until now) — according to this PDF here:

The best weather for brilliant fall foliage is a growing season with ample
moisture followed by a dry, cool and sunny autumn with warm days and cool but frostless nights.

I know we’re still actually in a drought, but we haven’t had a frost — yet — and it’s been relatively sunny and dry this Fall. No matter what, all the colorful leaves makes for some happy walking, hiking, and running.

Do you think Fall has been particularly colorful this year? 

Ever felt a little running break actually helped?

Have you been finding new trails/paths to enjoy?

What do you have to runfess from October? Come join us


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25 thoughts on “Finding Rainbows in Nature: Runfessions October 2020

  1. Haha, poor Bandit! Good to hear that Lola is eating again.
    I’m sure a running break is good for you! You stayed active in your two weeks, and you could jump straight back. Now you can take on winter running!

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  2. Not sure if more colorful or I am outside more.

    Drought? It’s rained every day this week and it’s snowing now. I’ve had to walk in the mall.

    I try to find a new place every week. So many mountains to climb.

    I’ve never felt I’ve needed a break from running. But of course I’ve had to when injured. And it was hard coming back.

    Hope Lola is doing better.

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  3. Do you think Fall has been particularly colorful this year? It was more vibrant this year than last.

    Ever felt a little running break actually helped? I am too scared to stop. I have lowered mileage & speed especially in winter. I can only do so much treadmill in one sitting.

    Have you been finding new trails/paths to enjoy? I am in the middle of a Fall challenge. For the season one aspect is getting in 1 hour of exercise each day & I started walking several times a week. I even go to a park next to the office and walk at lunch and those new paths have been fun to explore.

    I am envious that you haven’t had a freeze or snow yet. We had several below freezing days and 2 snow days. I am not sure I will find beauty in Winter but who knows!

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  4. Just keep moving is a great way to look at things. I haven’t noticed the Fall leaves any more colorful than last year here in NC. I had a week off of running and even walking this past week to give my hip a break. It had gotten to the point where it hurt no matter what I was doing. I finally got a massage last night and am really hoping that will help so I can run again soon.

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  5. I am grateful for a beautiful fall here. After such a hot, dry summer, I doubted the leaves would be as colorful as normal. Really no frost yet?? Wow! We’ve frosted over several times already and this morning was low 20s. That I’m not wild about. I do think running breaks do a world of good. Thanks for linking and I hope Lola is doing better.

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  6. Oh no! A 3-day power outage?!?! Wow! That would be inconvenient. We don’t even have a generator and we have a well, so no power, no water. Maybe we should look into getting a generator to use as a backup. I am glad you are figuring out the right amount of running for you. Feeling like you HAVE to run is no fun!

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    1. As our power outage went on, more & more generators started to pop up. 🙂 it’s not that unusual for us to lose power, we live on top of a hill, and we’ve had longer outages — but were lucky to not be at home.

      I don’t think I have figured out the right amount of running yet.

      That feeling of have to run usually has to do with training for races, and since I’m not — no pressure.


  7. I have been taking alot of days off running this month due to moving and work. So when I do grt back to a longer running day I feel so much more refreshed and my legs feel great! Something to be said with rest days whether they are planned or unplanned.

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  8. I love your saying ( has helped me mostly move from “I have to run” to “I get to run“). I need to find my new normal for running now that I’m in this “other” phase of my life. Not sure what that is.
    It took a while to get here, but our fall has been beautiful. I just wish it stayed around longer! Enjoy your fall!
    Thanks for linking up. Have a good weekend and a Happy Halloween! -M

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  9. The fall colors are lovely here too! I forget to feed Scooby once in a while. He doesn’t seem to care in the morning, but by mid-afternoon he started acting extra-needy and I realized I never fed him breakfast. I agree that running breaks can pay off when you return to running, but haven’t taken one this year.

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    1. Bandit is actually quite good about it. We had taken to feeding them breakfast later because Lola often wouldn’t eat it early (even before she got so sick). He never made a pest of himself.

      It’s so funny how he went from this dog who completely wouldn’t eat to one that will eat pretty much any time (except when away from home sometimes).

      In fact, he hangs around when we’re syringe feeding Lola. He’s happy to eat up anything she drops, which is a fair amount, although we have to be careful before because she was on antibiotics. Sadly she’s been throwing up often after feedings the last day & we’ve even had to go back to syringe feeding her water.

      Sigh. She was doing so much better but now she’s not, because it’s the weekend, of course.


  10. Our Fall has had some color, but not as much as in previous year. We lost a lot of trees from the derecho, so there’s a definitely fewer leaves this year. And, it’s been SO WINDY, the leaves are not sticking around LOL I had to laugh at your comment about the power loss and the light switch. We were without power for almost nine days (derecho). It took several days to stop flipping on all the switches (because no power). We’d gotten so used to not using power, it took a few days to remember we actually had it after it had been restored.

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  11. Although I really am kind of annoyed I can’t run for 4 more weeks, I’m feeling that this break is helping me get more rest and be better overall. So yes, I agree breaks can be good for something. I’m worried about losing fitness over 6 weeks though because that’s a long time to be off and I was just starting to get to a point where I was really proud of my paces. However, I will say I’ve been very dedicated to cross training so hopefully that helps me maintain some of my hard earned running fitness!

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