Signs of Spring: Tea/coffee Date March 2021


Thanks,  Coco and Deborah, getting us altogether virtually for a coffee date. I may have to stop drinking hot chocolate as we move into Spring. Yeah, not happening, bwahaha!


The long & winding road up. Yes, this day was 50F!

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d tell you the first time I stopped at Olana on the way to my mom since being sick, I had to pause to catch my breath multiple times on the very steep uphill back to the car. Normally I can make it without stopping at all.

Last week’s visit there was no stopping, although I did walk up the other side, which I think is less steep. My V02 MAX has continued to rise into a more normal level for me.

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d tell you I wanted to get the Saucony Peregrine Ice shoes I heard about. But I couldn’t make up my mind. I couldn’t figure out what the right size was, and some reviews said they weren’t really that great on the slippery stuff anyway. Now we’re close enough to Spring, maybe I just have to make up my mind what I want for next year and see if we can get a deal.

Eagle? Turkey vulture? Just a very large hawk?

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d tell you I spied a really large bird in the trees across the street last week. I often see hawks there in spring/summer/fall but I haven’t seen them recently. This bird seemed much larger. Mr. Judy got this photo but even with his big digital camera it was pretty out of focus. I think it was a young male bald eagle! So that was our excitement last week.

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d tell you we are really hoping that things will have settled down enough by the Fall so that we feel safe to travel again. We already have a loose plan for our anniversary in October. By that point in time it will be close to three years since I’ve had an actual vacation; of any length. 

It will also have been almost a year and a half since Mr. Judy has seen his mother. She’s significantly younger than my mother, but she’s still no spring chicken!

I wonder if he’ll stop the snuggling when it’s warmer? Apparently yes, he’s already mostly stopped

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d tell you Bandit likes Outlander. I will sometimes watch an episode right before making his dinner. He’s taken to laying next to me and snuggling during it. I’m sure he’s just waiting for his dinner, but he lays quietly next to me so it’s all good.

Are your furkids snuggly — or only when they want something, like Bandit? 

Do you have special running shoes for Winter? 

Are you ready to plan something — anything?

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42 thoughts on “Signs of Spring: Tea/coffee Date March 2021

  1. My cats snuggle whenever they want.

    I haven’t stopped my vacations. Have another planned for early May. Hopefully another girls race cation in fall. Of course there were and are different just to be safe during the pandemic. But still enjoyed and essential (for me).

    I borrowed micro spikes for icy hikes. I wear my trail shoes often to run in the winter. No problems.

    The snow is mostly gone everywhere. Hope we’re done for the year.

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      1. I’ll be happy when all the bike paths are clear to run on. I’m sick of the Crossings. And when it’s warm enough to have our post run brunches.

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  2. Scooby is definitely a snugger. He tries to be a lap dog …. My daughter has a friend getting married in November – I sure hope traveling is a non-issue by then!

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    1. Not sure how travel will look for us either. I’m cool with something drivable where I don’t have to cook & clean — this assumes I’m vaccinated, of course. Mr. Judy gets his first next week but I’m still not eligible.

      I definitely hope you get to go somewhere Kim!


  3. I wear Saucony Peregrine trail shoes all year round as my main running shoes because they hurt my feet less than any others I’ve tried. I’m not sure if these are the same you mention or if they have an ice version, but the tread on mine is intense. LOL

    We are hoping to travel to Florida in late May/early June to check out the wedding and rehearsal dinner venue. I’ve booked the rehearsal dinner restaurant based on online info and talking to their rep, but want to see it and our second choice in person before the big day in late November. We’ll only go if we’re both vaccinated by then, though.

    It sounds like snuggling with Bandit is like with a child so enjoy them while he’ll still let you!

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    1. There is a special version of saucony peregrines for winter. They’re actually not terribly expensive (for trail shoes). I do wear my regular one sometimes but they’re getting pretty old.

      Fingers crossed you get to FL! Sounds like it could be doable!

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  4. My Tippy is very independent. She snuggles only on her terms…usually will sit beside me on the couch for about 20 – 30 minutes and then she’s done. LOL

    I don’t have winter running shoes since I don’t get out when it’s slippery. I run on the treadmill instead.

    I was thinking the other day about things I have missed. I really don’t go out to eat much, or go to the movies, or any of those “normal” things that most people do. The only thing I have really missed is my trips to FL to see the grandkids and great grandkids. I’m more afraid of staying in a hotel than I am of being there. I hope to figure it out this year and make a trip down.

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    1. Bandit was a senior rescue. He was 8ish when we adopted him. We’re his third (and final) home. In his first he was abused. In his second there was a bad divorce. He’s got a lot of damage!

      Missing your grandkids is huge!

      We only ate out once a week typically but I do really miss that. And movies! And being able to stay overnight at my mom’s!

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      1. I’m hoping the vaccine will soon let us get back to doing some of these things safely. I’m so glad that you adopted Bandit and are giving him a great furever home! He’s lucky to have you.

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      2. Bandit was lucky we found something that worked for his anxiety. It was a really rocky road for months (we had another dog & a geriatric cat at the time, both gone now).


  5. We also get excited when we spot any wildlife (well, mostly me).
    Luna lays her head in my lap or
    on the chair next to me and gives me those puppy dog eyes when she wants something.

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    1. Yup, when Bandit snuggles it’s either he wants to go outside but he wants a treat & therefore needs me to go with him, it’s near dinner time, or it’s really cold — or I’m sick!


  6. Max is a huge snuggler. I’m usually on the loveseat & he forces his way onto the cushion by me. He chooses his daddy only when said daddy has food.

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  7. Ooh, planning a trip for the fall makes things seem fun and hopeful. My son will be going to college in the fall- we don’t know where he’s going yet but i’m hoping we’ll be able to take him up to school and make a trip out of it. Fingers crossed!

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    1. Cocoa sounds like Lola!

      We have friends in ME who have issued an open invitation. I have a friend here who nought a second home recently. That one would just be a day trip though but different is good!


  8. Ozzy snuggles off and on. I don’t have a winter running shoe specifically but I do use my trail shoes for ice and snow. That said, I need some new ones. I’d say that bird looks very eagle-esque. If you could see a white tail that’d seal the deal.

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  9. Sadly, I have no furkids to snuggle with anymore. I have never heard of a shoe specifically made for ice/snow running. I will have to look into it. I used to wear Saucony shoes all the time. Then they changed the ones I wore, and I switched to Nikes. My guess about the bird would be a red-tailed hawk. They are big. One way to tell for sure is to look at the belly. If it’s mostly white (or light-colored), it’s a red-tail.

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  10. My dog Kai is 115 lbs and loves to snuggle, but sometimes I get squished 🙂

    I really holding on to hope that things will be better in the Fall and that travel will be possible. I’m starting to feel a little stir-crazy at home.

    My guess is that bird is a young eagle – definitely looks too big to be a hawk. What an exciting find!

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    1. I can’t really imagine that large a dog snuggling! It always seems the bigger they are, the more they want to snuggle.

      I definitely hear you on stir crazy!

      I think it was a young eagle too; it hasn’t been back but the hawks who do hang out there are back!


    1. It has been a really long time. Most likely we’d start with driving, assuming we’re both vaccinated — my husband will be soon, but I still have to wait. Although I do want him to see his mom & that’s the west coast.


  11. Bandit is adorable! I hope he still snuggles with you when the weather gets warmer. As you may guess, my two are SO snuggly! They are needy….lol

    I don’t have special shoes for winter running but a few years back I bought my husband those rubber ice trex things that wrap around the bottom of your shoes ( from LL. Bean). He’s never used them so I’ve sort of taken ownership of them. I have not use them for running but I have used them this year for on my boots when we take the dogs out. We’ve had quite a few icy spots in our yard this winter and they have saved me a few times when one of the dogs would pull on the leash! It gave me more of a grip to stay standing upright…lol!

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  12. my little Leonardo kitty still snuggles with me every night in his little cat bed which is next to my pillow. Initially we put it there for him so he would feel like he had a safe place. he was super young and tiny when we got him so he only took up half the space. now he overflows the cat bed but still sleeps there next to me every night! I love it but it’s the only time he snuggles with me. None of the other cats do either, except for Charlie (the 2nd youngest) in the mornings when we are just waking up. Hmmm. No wonder I can’t actually get out of bed!

    We aren’t planning anything at all. I’d like to go see my family in October if I can, but I’m not sure Ron will want to go with me. It’s hard for him sometimes. He gets a little bit bored on trips where it’s centered around MY family or MY friends. But he does surprise me still at times. Maybe he will want to go at that stage.

    I definitely don’t have special shoes for winter running. I just skip it for the few days a year it’s too bad to go out and run.

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    1. My cats were all huge smugglers (until they get sick). Annoyingly so!

      I gotta say going to see family is NOT a vacation (either side). My husband rarely comes with me when I visit my mom. Sometimes it’s just easier that way but it’s kind of grueling too.


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