Case of the Mysterious Disappearing Tulips: Tea/coffee Date June 2021



Thanks,  Coco and Deborah, I’m sitting here with my hot chocolate (whether it’s cold or hot outside!) and ready to share one of my pet peeves. 

The red tulips got moved from the back of the house to this plantings area up front — & now they completely disappeared from there, too. Weird.

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d tell you on one run a while ago I watched a woman planting a bunch of red tulips. The next week I ran by the same home, and they were all gone — with other bushes planted in their place. 

Mr. Judy has suggested she moved them to another planting bed — but why go to all that effort? ETA: it appeared she moved them to the planting bed above, but then they promptly disappeared from there, too.

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d tell you I do not like invisible fences. They often don’t work (the dog is willing to take the shock to get at what it sees near its lawn) and it doesn’t protect the dog from being attacked by people/other animals.

These are big & determined dogs (Bernese Mountain Dogs)

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d tell you one house in our neighborhood put in an invisible fence. I never saw the dogs out in the yard. I have seen the dogs basically eating their actual fence, and I know how expensive fences are!

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d tell you that another house in the neighborhood put one in, and their dog was still hit and killed by a car. Now the house across the street from the house where the dog was killed, which doesn’t have a great track record with dogs, is trying one.

They had an elderly (sweet) cocker spaniel who was forever getting out of their fenced yard. Then they had a Border Collie puppy pretty much doing the same, and that dog disappeared and we never found out what happened to it.

There were no dogs for a while and now apparently they have a new (large) puppy, and they’re trying the invisible fence. Another reason I don’t like invisible fences is that the dogs can run right up to your dog while you’re walking, if it takes the shock, which is exactly what happened to me on two walks with Bandit so far.

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d tell you we had these sorts of situations plenty of times with both Lola & Chester, and Bandit & Lola. It is not easy when there’s two of them, but much simpler one there’s one. The puppy and Bandit seemed fine, but Bandit is almost 13, and you never know when an older dog’s gonna get annoyed by a dog suddenly running up to it and getting all up in their business, even if they are both polite.

The woman came over and said they were trying to get the dog used to the invisible fence. I couldn’t see if the dog was wearing the shock collar, but it sure didn’t make a difference to this dog. This house is basically on almost any route we take with Bandit.

Ever had an invisible fence? 

Ever had a run-in with dogs that have an invisible fence? 

Any landscaping antics from neighbors that make you go — whaaaaaat?

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29 thoughts on “Case of the Mysterious Disappearing Tulips: Tea/coffee Date June 2021

  1. Nope on the fence. I have cats.

    I prefer to drive to my runs if possible. There are so many bike paths. And I can choose different directions.

    Of course when I do run in a neighborhood I really haven’t noticed any invisible fences but I may be lost in my podcasts.

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    1. They used to make a product called cat fence in. So you could put it on an existence & then the cats couldn’t get out (in less a tree branch overhangs the fence, of course). I know people who used it. We never did though.

      You wouldn’t notice an invisible fence except they put flags in at first. Even so it wouldn’t be on your radar unless you’re a dog owner.


  2. I have not seen any strange flower incidents but have noticed a lot of pop up home improvements on my walks. I don’t run in my neighborhood-too hilly. I guess people have lots more time on their hands the last few months. I have no idea if people use the invisible fence!

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  3. Max is our first-ever dog, so personal experience with invisible fences. I always wondered just how effective they really were, and suspected some dogs would just “take the shock” if they were distracted enough in chasing something. Ouch. Seems rather cruel to me:-(

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    1. We had another run in today, although it was just while I was running (Bandit therefore wasn’t involved & we made sure to avoid that area when we walked him).

      The dog was loose again. I think she was trying to get it back into their yard but it was across the street. It came running up to me, growling at me. Not real happy about that.

      As I was running away (once the owner had actually come & corralled the dog), I heard a yelp & her saying “well you shouldn’t be out here”. 😔


  4. Sometimes when I go out for afternoon walks I pass a house that has an invisible fence. Often I will see the dog in the yard, but it’s like he knows not to go past a certain point in the yard!

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    1. If it works right, that’s what should happen. Although the dog is still not protected from other dogs, coyotes, bears, etc. I have yet to see work right in this neighborhood & the runs ins I’ve had with those dogs have been really annoying. Was definitely concerned about the dog growling at me this morning (once again running free because he got out of his yard).


  5. I don’t have dogs, but have always wondered about the invisible fences. Sounds like there are more problems than benefits!
    That is very weird about the tulips. It’s one of those things that would drive me nuts, wondering what happened every time I passed the house. You may have to befriend the owners just to find out what happened!

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  6. There was a house up at the lake that had these 2 big Dobermans and every time I ran by, you could almost see the skidmarks at the property line! They had an invisible fence. Someone told me they must have had it turned up to 11! i was surprised that it worked so well.

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    1. Interesting. Not a single one in this neighborhood has worked! Although that’s not quite true, a closer neighbor did have one but their dog had some weird illness & could barely walk.

      They’re getting a new puppy soon — the other dog has been gone quite a few years now.


  7. Our neighbors two doors down have an invisible fence that their dogs seem to heed. It’s funny, Scooby doesn’t care about those dogs at all. They can be barking at him, but he’s looking across the street where the cat lives. 😀

    LOL on the tulips. I haven’t seen that, but I did see a neighbor painting a small square of the side of her brick house when I was walking Scooby at dawn. I eventually figured out she must have been testing out the look/paint, but it was months before they did the rest of the house. Maybe she woke up and couldn’t stand it another minute?

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  8. Never had an invisible fence. Many in our neighborhood do though, although thus far, knock wood, there have been no incidents. Crazy about the tulips. SO much work!

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  9. I am with you on the invisible fence issue, Judy. Our neighbor had a Bernese and a Golden Retriever. When I used to walk Benji, the Golden jumped the electric fence several times and came out and attacked Benji! I started carrying a big stick when we walked, just so I could protect poor Benji, but when our neighbor heard the dogs barking and going crazy, he would usually come outside. I was ready to call the dog warden. I think he just didn’t have the shock set strong enough, but it seems kind of cruel to shock the dogs to train them.

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  10. My parents have an invisible fence for their dog. I think its been fine for them and they’e had it for many years. However, they live kind of in the middle of nowhere so the issue of other dogs walking by isn’t a problem. I don’t think he’s been bold enough to try to leave either. I guess it just depends on the situation. I can definitely see how it can be problematic in alot of ways!

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  11. I prefer that people with dogs have real, solid fences. Why risk it. So many problems just waiting to happen with an invisible one…plus I think it’s cruel to the poor dogs.

    Could deer or rabbits have eaten the tulips? I’ve heard of this 🙂 Or maybe the owner just likes to rotate the display based on season. I hope she didn’t throw away the bulbs though, they’re pretty expensive. I’ve heard people dig them up and store them for next season…so who knows!

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  12. We have an invisible fence that the previous owners installed (they had a pug), but we disconnected it when we moved in without a dog. I suspect it got cut, though, when we had some additional zones added to our irrigation system.

    As for the tulips, I have no guesses. Perhaps she’s just an incredibly bored or indecisive gardener. LOL

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  13. Ahh, that’s terrible about the invisible fences! (I don’t think I’ve ever come across one but it’s also never been on my radar.) I’ve (sadly) never had a dog but hope to adopt one someday — definitely going to be investing in a really sturdy/tall fence though.

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    1. Well, some dogs bark & it’s ok. And some bark & it’s not. You have to look at what the ears & tail are doing, does the dog seem stiff or loose. They often (but not always) give you clues if you look fo4 them.

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