Why I Also Like Running Solo


Choosing the right route for me
I might want to run some hills. Or I don’t want to run hills because something’s bothering me! I might be short on time and want to stay in my neighborhood. I might not want to drive to the route the group has chosen, which might be close to them but further away from me.

Running at the time I want
Sometimes I want to start earlier to beat the heat. Sometimes I want to start later when it’s colder. I am lucky that I don’t have a 9-5 job and am able to cherry pick when I run (sort of).

Choosing a different long run day
Again, no 9-5 job. Which means I often choose to run my long run on a Thursday, Friday, maybe Sunday — it might be that a different day has better weather, or that I just have other commitments on the day the group runs a long run.

Go with the flow
The weather changes. A lot. Always running on the same day means you may be dealing with foul weather. There is nothing wrong with that, but if you can choose another day with better weather? Yes, misery may love company, but going solo helps build that mental muscle.

I don’t think I was mad because I was running alone . . .

Sometimes I just need to be alone
There have definitely been times when I’ve been angry, or sad, or just overwhelmed, and the truth is I want to be alone. Sometimes running hard by myself is just what the doctor ordered. Or running slowly and stopping at lot!

Final Thoughts
I think it really comes down to flexibility for me. Running with groups has many advantages, as I wrote about last week here. Don’t count out running solo, though — it’s got its advantages too.

Group runner?
Solo runner?
Both Group and Solo?


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23 thoughts on “Why I Also Like Running Solo

  1. As you know I hate running alone. I am not a good solo runner.

    Your reasons are all valid. I cited most of them in my post.

    Sometimes by virtue of being a full time worker I have to run alone. No one is available. Summer is easier because there are already group runs scheduled.

    But I’m pretty flexible when it comes to time place and pace. So I will do whatever works so I can stay connected with my friends.

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      1. Running with a group doesn’t always mean you have to run too fast. I definitely never try to run faster than I want but I do run faster and longer than if I were alone. Chatting just makes it more fun (for me that it). Running is not my job so it should be fun IMO.

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  2. Yes! Excellent points, Judy.

    I used to run solo a lot when I had a stressful job. I used my lunchtime runs to be alone.
    It was like having a conversation with myself and sorting out my thoughts. Such runs were very refreshing and I got back to my desk with a clear head. It was like a new day!

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    1. I hear you! The stress with my parents has been going on quite literally for years. There were many runs where I ran off that stress — now I find that usually Yoga is a better way for me to handle the stress. Although a good run can help too. 🙂


    1. My schedule is just all over the place the last few weeks. I’m only here part of the week, but with the limited visitation, I will only stay a couple of days this week. So it’s hard to run with a group right now.

      Most meet at night, too, and I’m just not an evening runner!

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  3. I agree with everything you listed. The one about choosing your long run day is something I forgot! Sometimes I’ve been lucky enough to do long runs on Fridays instead of the weekend which always made me happy because it felt like I had more free time on the weekends because I didn’t have to do my long run with a group on Saturday or Sunday.

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  4. As you know, I do a mixture of both solo runs and some with Barb (or a small group, on occasion). I like variety, but also it helps to keep things interesting mixing up the paces and scenery.

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  5. Solo here! I’m not opposed to group running though- i just haven’t done it in so long and right now have no group to run with. There are so many advantages to solo runs- flexibility being the main one.

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