Long Hair Runfessions July 2021


Okay, there’s only one runfession that has to do with long hair, and none that involve my Garmin! My ability to misplace things almost always makes an appearance in runfessions, though, and this month’s is no different.

Every time I put my keys in a different place “just for a minute” it doesn’t end well.

I runfess . . .
On a recent long run, I opened my trunk to get my stuff out . . . and then couldn’t find my keys when I was ready to run. I checked the lock on the trunk, because sometimes I leave them in there so I don’t forget them (ironic, right?). How about the ignition? Yes, my car is that old. Nope. Seriously, where the heck could they get to?

I had moved the Yaktrax from the passenger front seat into a bag in the trunk. Apparently I had the keys in my hand and that’s where they ended up. I really don’t think I’m going to need those Yaktrax any time soon!

I runfess . . .
I backed into a parking space for the very first time in my life on the Fourth. We had stopped at Olana on the way to my mom, and the place was hopping. I had to back up just to get out of the very small parking lot, and Mr. Judy said you’re practically in the space anyway. Let’s just say my peripheral vision is not the greatest, but with his guidance I managed. 

I runfess . . .
I took running clothes with me to my sister’s the first time I went down. The second time I didn’t even bother. Although afterward I began to think about maybe trying to get in a run at the Walkway over the Hudson one morning while I’m there. It’s not a long drive from my sister, although it is concrete, but the views on a nice day might be worth it. Stay tuned!

It’s a lot of hair folks — soon (hopefully) to be less

I runfess . . .
Recently Zenaida wrote about 5 Gross Things Runners Do here. I must runfess that while I will change out of my sweaty running clothes quickly, I don’t always shower immediately after a run. I like to air dry my hair and it takes forever, so on days I need to wash my hair I usually shower in the afternoon. On the days I do shower immediately after a run it feels amazing!

It’s all about the very long hair

I runfess . . .
I am glad that I didn’t sign up for any races anytime soon. I’d been thinking about maybe a half in December, although they’re still not sure it will actually be run. My guess is it’s just not the right time for me. I don’t do halfs unless I’ve trained for them — it’s way too easy to injure yourself if you’re not prepared. Been there, done that, don’t care to repeat it.

Does your hair ever dictate when you run or shower? 

Is your race calendar full?

What do you have to runfess from July? Come join us


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21 thoughts on “Long Hair Runfessions July 2021

  1. Yes, I don’t like to run with very clean hair. I typically save my runs for hair washing days. Glad you found your keys. Seems to me like this COVID variant may be a death knell for fall racing. Sigh.

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    1. Since I do run back to back days, & I don’t wash my hair every day, sometimes it’s just the shower. I never feel clean if I haven’t washed my hair, though. It’s weird!

      Mr. Judy was reading something about how the UK was surging & then it dropped bigtime — the hypothesis being either everyone was vaccinated and/or had had it & had immunity. Here’s hoping that happens here.


  2. My race calendar is very full. Maybe too full. But I love it.

    Humidity does like my hair so although I keep the layers trimmed even during COVID I’m thinking of much shorter. It takes forever to dry since it’s thick. I wash it in the morning since I run in the evening. And I shower every morning anyway. But only wash it once a week. Thick and extremely dry.

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      1. I haven’t blown my hair dry in many years. It looks awful – like a wig.

        Remember my hair does not get sweaty and if it did I would wash it every day. Cuz that’s gross. So I guess I’m lucky in that way.

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  3. My hair takes a lifetime to air dry so if I don’t wash it in the morning after a run I’ve gotta blow dry it – which is just not happening in this humid weather.

    I tend to agree with Marcia – I think this new variant is going to put a wrinkle in fall racing plans.

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  4. I have to wash my wash my hair daily it just gets too sweaty not too. I do shower right after running bc I am either so hot or so cold ha I need to get in there.I hope you get that run in at your sister’s house. A change of scenery is always nice!

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  5. You need a new car with a backup camera! I swear, I don’t know how i lived without it.

    I haven’t cut my hair for several months, but that will be remedied tomorrow. It’s a good thing because a bunch of hair fell out last week. I heard that stress can cause hair loss, but i have never had it happen before.

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  6. I recently commented on someone else’s blog (I’m forgetting who it was LOL) about my hair. It takes forever to blow dry, so I’ve gotten rather skilled with my fancy bun game. I do them off-center, low, on the side, and on the top…they look different everyday, just don’t come too close and take a sniff, ha!

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  7. My family makes fun of my “showers” because it’s usually just me quickly rinsing off (wait- why am I sharing that on the internet?). Of course if it’s a hair washing day it’s a different story, but usually I just pull my hair into a bun. Luckily for my job I need to look clean and presentable, but not glamorous in any way.
    I like how one of your runfessions is that you backed into a parking space for the first time! i agree with Wendy- I have my first car with a backup cam and it’s amazing.

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    1. When I’m not washing my hair, it’s super quick. We also have a plumbing problem. Even when I do wash my hair, it’s somewhat quick (because, plumbing problem) but obviously takes longer.

      My hair gets really scary after I run. Especially in Summer!

      I use my husband’s car when I go back & forth to my sister/mother, because mine’s so old. I don’t really understand the backup camera, I have to runfess! I try to use it, but I’m still looking over my shoulder.


  8. My hair isn’t super long or thick so fortunately it dries pretty quickly. My daughter has the opposite type hair than mine- hers is so thick it’s crazy and it takes an eternity to dry so I see her struggles with that.

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  9. I have the opposite hair issue, but it still rules my life. Since I have to blow it dry and hate that process, I hate to shower more than once a day. I’d be tempted to run at your sister’s to catch a good view!

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  10. I am paranoid about losing my keys too. With my new car I don’t have to put them in the ignition but they need to be close by in order for it to start. I once left the car on and didn’t even realize it till I went back to the car because I had forgotten something. I hope you get to run at your sister’s. A new place sounds wonderful!

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