THE Book on Stress: Tea/coffee Date August 2021



Thanks,  Coco and Deborah, I’m still drinking my hot chocolate (whether it’s cold or hot outside!) and I still have some unusual animal sightings in the neighborhood.

In the “big” rain we got at least 4 more mason jars full!

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d tell you before Summer really kicked in, we got some amazing rain harvests. We had the tub we use to bathe Bandit out and got way more than pictured above. I’m still using it for the indoor plants! We had to stop due to the warmer, more humid weather, but I’ll be back at it in the Fall.

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d tell you Lola (aka the seedling our vet sent us after her passing) was going strong. We planted her. I was going to take a photo and . . . apparently the rabbits got at her. All her leaves were gone. This is the fourth seedling the vet has sent us and none of them has made it! I don’t have the heart to tell the vet.

When a neighbor not too far away said she’d seen a raccoon, that clinched it. We don’t know, but we think it was a raccoon. How’d it climb up there?

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d tell the interesting animal sightings in the neighborhood continue. Albie stops by a few times a week, usually. We chatted with a neighbor recently and she had great photos of an eagle in the neighborhood.

Remember a while ago I was sure I saw a young eagle in the trees across the road? Well, I’m even more sure that the very large bird I saw in our neighbor’s yard the other day was also a young eagle (no white head), but alas he flew away before I could even try to get photos.

Then there was the somewhat large pawprints on the side of our deck. Can’t quite figure out what those might be — it’s off the second floor and has no stairs to it.

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d tell you that supposedly the ability to curl your tongue is a genetic thing. I can’t do it. Yet both my brother and sister can. I would think I was adopted except I very clearly do take after my Dad’s side.

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d tell you I never did get to tell you about the chat I had with the runner when we were hiking a few weeks ago. He used to own a shoe store here long ago, and was very involved in racing. He had advice for runners (he no longer runs though): don’t run too hard. If you’re doing 800s, for instance, don’t go out so hard that you’re slowing down in the last few repeats.

He also recommended the book The Stress of Life, by Hans Selye (Amazon Affiliate Link here). I haven’t yet bought it, but right now, maybe I should! You can probably get it cheaper on Ebay or look through the used books available at Amazon.

Can you curl your tongue? 

Have you been noticing unusual animals in your neighborhood? 

Do you think running easier might be beneficial to you?

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27 thoughts on “THE Book on Stress: Tea/coffee Date August 2021

  1. Nope can’t curl my tongue.

    I don’t walk or run often in the ‘hood. Just rabbits and many hawks. And of course deer.

    I don’t do speed drills anymore but when I did in FTC I always got scolded by Patrick after my repeat which was too fast. Then I slowed down. He was right.

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  2. We have tons of deer and frogs and red fox in our backyard. They all keep to themselves so don’t really bother me at all. I can curl my tongue-yes it is genetic weird huh? I have not done any real speedwork in a long time but sounds like smart advice to me!

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  3. I can curl my tongue, as can my daughter. I often see rabbits but that’s about the extent of neighborhood animals other than cats and dogs that I see. There was a baby rabbit that built a nest out of leaves behind my grill outside a couple of weeks ago. I had to sweep the leaves away so the rabbit would go somewhere else or I was afraid my dog would get to it (she saw it first and was watching it).

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  4. That’s so timely on that advice on going out too fast in the 800…I heard many commentators scolding some of the Olympic runners for doing that. Of course, it makes total sense, but when you’re on that grand stage it would be tough to hold back for fear you’d never catch back up to the others. I did see a small frog, Wednesday morning, on my early-morning run. I almost was tempted to pick him up and move him to the side of the road…almost.

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    1. Well the book isn’t about how to get stressed, LOL! Apparently the author actually coined the term stress. Oddly enough several books I read recently actually mention the book. I think the universe is trying to tell me something!


  5. Yes, I can curl my tongue! I would trade it for certain other talents though.
    I’m starting to think that if I would just run easy for the rest of my life, I’d never get injured again. Everything goes well until I add in speed workouts. Unfortunately I always want to run faster…

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  6. Yes to the tongue curling. I live in a place with lots of wildlife. We have the most beautiful birds. Great Blue Herons, Egrets, Cormorants all migrate here for the summer. We’ve had squirrels and racoons living in our attic. Evicting them was a royal PIA. I probably used to run some of my runs too fast but that is no longer the case.

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  7. I don’t want to brag, but not only can I curl my tongue, but I can also touch the tip of my nose with my tongue. LOL

    While heading out on a run at dawn, I saw a raccoon climbing the siding of a neighbors house and eventually going into their attic via a hole in the roof soffit. Those little guys can climb anywhere!

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  8. I am quite curious what those paw prints on your deck are!
    I feel sad that your seeds have not taken off seeing as what they represent. Do you have another sort of memorial in your yard? I had a plaque for my Baylee but this past winter it cracked and crumbled to pieces. 😦
    A big no from me on the tongue thing!

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    1. We’re never going to know what that animal was!

      Actually, Lola has sprouted new seeds.

      I don’t really need something to remind of her. We have a little bit of her fur, but this time & with Giz we didn’t even keep their ashes.

      We planted rose bushes for our first two cats, who are buried in the backyard — in TX. We plan to move away from here, too.


  9. Ahh, send some rain over hereeeee–we desperately need it, haha. (I think I have those purple mason jars too!)

    We get raccoons, squirrels + stray cats over at my parents’ place. I recently moved though, so I’ll see if there’s any kind of wildlife that likes to hang out around here!

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  10. LOL, I can’t do toe yoga but I can curl my tongue. The paw print is pretty big — what made the white print? I think Scooby works hard to keep critters out of our yard. Bummer on the Lola sapling. Hopefully the bunnies were nourished by it?

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    1. Well I can do toe yoga. 😊

      Our assumption was the print came from a raccoon but we’ll never know.

      Actually after I wrote that Lola did sprout new leaves! She might appear in the next tea date, LOL. Now if we get her through next winter . . .


  11. I can NOT curl my tongue. Neither can my hubby or any of my kids. All of my grandkids can, though. The bird you describe does sound like an immature bald eagle. There is a next of them not too far from our house. They are really fun to watch. I am so sorry about your “Lola tree”. I don’t have much luck with saplings either. Too many critters around my place too!

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  12. I live in a city and in my garden we receive the welcome daily visits of many birds (seagulls, blackbirds, magpies, crows etc.) and sometimes the hedgehogs.
    Long time that I don’t do anymore real speed works (I am getting older……).

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    1. You have wild hedgehogs? I’ve never even heard of that here, although I imagine there most be some (not where I live, though, I think).

      No seagulls either — although you do see them around other places in town, still, we live far away from the ocean (but too far from a large lake).


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