5 Simple Tips for Running through the Holidays


If you live in the Northern Hemisphere — and in particular a cold, windy, snowy area like I do — running through the holidays can feel like a real challenge. Even if you live in sunny Florida, even in a normal year (and we all know that there’s been no normal years lately!), running through the holidays can still feel like a challenge:

  • Bad weather
  • Short days
  • Buying gifts
  • Cooking holiday food
  • Busy at Work
  • Waning motivation

Add in all the stress we’re all feeling right now, sometimes squeezing in that run is the last thing you want to do. Or you really want to do it but you just can’t find the time! Here are my tips to keep moving when time is short and the you’ve got many things on your to-do list.

Wake up earlier
I know, I know: you’re already overworked, overstressed, and tired! Bear with me though. You don’t necessarily have to wake up hours early! You might want to get up an hour early, but even 10 minutes will make a difference. If you’re like me and you hate being rushed, just decide on how long you want to run and double that time. 

It may seem like heaping even more on your holiday plate, but you’ll find exercise before you start your day will actually give you a little burst of energy. Even just 10 minutes!

Break up your run
You may not feel like you have a whole hour to devote to a run. How about 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes at either lunch or after work? Or even 10 minutes twice a day? 

Sometimes it feels easier to do just a little bit at a time. Little bits add up to a lot!

Join a Challenge
Better yet, join a challenge with some friends! Runners love a challenge, and they’re plentiful at this time of year. 

Run through the Holiday Lights
This isn’t always easy when you live in a cold place. Look for some holiday group runs you can join that run in areas that have holiday lights. Even though I’m Jewish, I do love looking at the holiday lights!

Run for a Cause
You may not be motivated to get out and run when it’s cold just for yourself — but maybe if you know your running is helping out a cause near and dear to your heart you’ll find your running motivation.

What’s your favorite way to keep moving through the holidays?

Have you joined a holiday challenge this year? 

What cause would motivate you to run when you don’t feel like it? 


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39 thoughts on “5 Simple Tips for Running through the Holidays

  1. Great tip with joining a challenge, Judy!
    I see many runners doing a streak which is a great way to keep moving during the holidays. Sometimes it’s just a mile a day, which is very doable even with a stressful schedule.
    I think charities that involve children are especially motivating – you don’t want to let them down!

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  2. Though I do hate cold weather. I don’t have a problem with motivation.

    I sign up for races so I know I have to run 4x a week. Sometimes in the morning dark or after work dark. But with working from home I can sometimes squeeze in a 30 minute run.

    And most importantly I try to make running dates. Friends make friends run lol.

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  3. I don’t live in a cold snowy climate, unless we visit the mountains, so I rarely run in freezing temps. I do run though when I’m in the mountains, unless it’s icy.
    I like the idea of running through holiday lights.

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  4. I don’t have many problems because here the cold is not …. so cold and, being retired, I have plenty of time to make my workouts when I like but I like your tips.
    Running through the holidays lights is a great idea. Long time ago we could see the holidays lights and the lights of the city running on the breakwater but now, unfortunately, it’s closed for security rules (it runs over the port).

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  5. I hate cold weather and even though our winter is mild compared to the north, it still feels cold to me. What’s kept me motivated is my weekly running group. I had been away from the group the past four weeks straight for one reason or another and when I finally went back this past week, I had really missed them!

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    1. Weather is relative. So when it gets colder than it was, it’ll feel cold to you even though I’d probably be happy to feel those warmer temps. 😊 Plus it does get cold in the south — it just doesn’t stay cold.


  6. Well, I do live in sunny Florida so there’s NO EXCUSE for not getting out for my runs! As a matter of fact, now is when our weather is most beautiful (as opposed to summer) so it would be a shame not to be out in it. I can see how it would be hard to get up extra early in the cold and dark though- all your tips are great. The RW streak is a great challenge for this time of year- I’m enjoying following along the people who are doing it.

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  7. I love seeing the holiday lights! They always make me smile. There are days when I don’t want to run either but I remind myself that skipping runs will not help me toe the start line in my 50k race.

    Thank you for linking up with us!

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  8. Great tips! What helps me is allowing myself to not have such high expectations. There are so many hours in a day, so if I can only run two miles instead of four or five, I tell myself that two miles is better than none. It doesn’t always work, but at least I’m getting in a run.

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  9. I have a “something short is better than nothing at all” approach. Even if it’s just a couple miles, I try to get rather than skip it completely.

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