I’m not a senior . . . : Tea/coffee Date February 2022


. . . or am I?

The senior moments are flying fast and furious here as I head into my 60s. A couple ohave to do with keys. Thanks,  Coco and Deborah, for hosting us, we definitely need our hot beverages lately!

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d tell you on one particularly cold morning our house started to complain. Extremely loudly. It made these weird kind of popping noises. We looked at each other and wondered what was going on — was the roof going to collapse?

Turns out this is normal in extremely cold weather. Surely we’d both heard these noises before, we’ve lived here almost 14 years! Maybe we were both having senior moments.

It just felt creepy. Hasn’t happened again.

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d tell you I went to go grocery shopping early one morning last week, after we’d had a dusting of snow overnight. There were shoe and paw prints going up and then back down our driveway. Things that make you go WTF? 

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d tell you the next week when I went grocery shopping, I couldn’t find my keys at first. I searched every jacket they could possibly be in. I walked out to the car to put some things in it, and as I stepped into the garage I thought “the keys are still in the trunk lock”. Sure enough they were.

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d tell you I last week I received what I sincerely hope is my last NY license, since they are good for 8 years. Although seriously why do they make me look so darn ugly? No, I’m not sharing that photo!

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d tell you that one day I stood on the treadmill, trying to figure out how to get it going. Yes, the power was on. I kept pushing buttons, and then my husband asked me if I’d put the key in. Folks, Winter is just rife with senior moments!

Have you ever left your keys in the trunk? Of course not, who else but me actually still has keys for their car!

Speaking of keys, do you ever forget the key for your treadmill? 

Would it creep you out to know someone is walking up & down your driveway? 

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49 thoughts on “I’m not a senior . . . : Tea/coffee Date February 2022

  1. I don’t have the key issues but my husband does! He likes to drive my car but can’t seem to remember to put the keys back where I usually keep them. I finally bought an Apple air tag so I can find them. Problem solved!

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  2. I hate that word Senior. Just saying. I’m approaching a decade older than you. New age group. Yay.

    I leave my key for my car in the car. And in the same place. That way we can switch cars and never lose it. And luckily I always have pockets in my running clothes. I have a key and 150k on my old car.

    I always misplace my phone. In the house. That find my phone app on my watch gets a lot of use.

    We get mail on our front porch so I never worry about footprints. But also I get in my car from the garage so I would never notice anyway.


  3. Knock wood we are good about our keys in this house. Now that I said that, watch out. Yes to crazy cold weather sounds. The other day there was a woodpecker working on our cedar siding. In the dead of winter. I swear they are relentless.

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  4. When it snowed here a couple of weeks ago I noticed what looked like animal prints on the sidewalk and it creeped me out a bit wondering what they were from. This was also right after a neighbor posted a photo of a very large coyote in his yard from a night cam.

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  5. ha ha I was looking for my phone the other day and I was talking on it at the time! I have a keyless ignition but my has to be in the car somewhere to start it. Sometimes I find them in my running pack or can’t find them at all. Our house also creaks in the winter-my husband never hears it just me. It can be creepy

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  6. I have a theory about the footprints! Someone was walking their dog, the dog was sniffing around and wanted to explore something up near your house. The person indulged him, figuring it was okay since there was no one around. How’s that for a good explanation?
    I’ve had many, many moments lately where I walk into a room and can’t remember what I intended to do there- but I think that’s more a sign that I need to slow down and focus more. Or I could be getting old, ha ha.

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    1. Well, I’ll never know, but you could be correct — I would just never walk my dog up a stranger’s driveway!

      although I have been known to walk up someone’s driveway a little bit to take a photo, but not the whole way!


  7. I rarely misplace my keys, but when I do it takes me SO long to find them, and then I get mad at myself for being so scatterbrained, lol.

    Our house was making a bit of noise over the weekend, primarily from the crazy winds. It was scary!

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  8. The driveway footprints are a little creepy! We got in the habit of just leaving our keys in the cars, which are in the locked garage overnight (and most of the time when we’re home during the day). After we got back, last weekend, I took Max out to the backyard for his business…and the deck made a LOUD popping sound. I instinctively ducked because it sounded like a gunshot. The little ice that had been there is gone, but nothing appears to have “cracked” or broken. Weird!

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    1. I’m glad that you’re deck is ok! Apparently building materials expand & contract at different rates.

      Apparent everyone but us keep their keys in the garage! Although often our side door is open & someone could get in.


  9. Ok. Maybe you didn’t show the entire driveway, but those prints freak me out because it looks like the person walked up and an animal walked back – no human footprints going the other way. So, maybe a werewolf? 😉

    My house pops and creaks too. It does it more in the summer when my metal roof gets hot.

    As I said above, I’ve been looking for my phone and realized I was talking on it. I am the queen of losing things. Once when I was subbing in the county school system, I had gone in early to review what the teacher wanted me to do. I had the paper on the desk, looking at the assignments in the books, and somehow lost the note she had left. I had not been up from the desk. It wasn’t in any of the books. I have no idea what happened to it. I had to have the office have her e-mail another copy to me. NOW, that is bad!

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    1. No, the footprints do go back down — no werewolves here (or even regular wolves, thank goodness!).

      I’m constantly losing things. Probably because I have to much stuff! It just drives me insane when I just had whatever it was & then it takes me 20 minutes to find it.

      I really need to declutter even more . . ..

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      1. I’m glad there are no werewolves. 😉 It drives me nuts when I lose stuff all the time too…like this morning it was my glasses. I had to retrace my steps and finally found them by the sink where I had washed my face. LOL

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      2. Oh yes the glasses are the other thing I lose regularly! I wear contacts, so I’m usually just wearing the glasses in the morning & evening. I know why people put their glasses on a chain around their neck!

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  10. I have my work keys on the same key ring I have my personal keys on. I need to use a key to get into the copier room and several times I’ve walked away with my keys still hanging in the door. I’ve had students and staff members have to return them to me. One day I was real concerned because I didn’t know where they were. Someone found them hanging in the copy room door and took them to the office!!

    I would be concerned about those footprints. Could it be someone who was chasing their dog that walked in your driveway?

    Why do you hope this is your last NY license? Are you planning on moving?

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    1. It’s good to know I’m not the only one with key problems!

      There have been no further footprints but it was a little disturbing at first.

      This was only supposed to be a temporary assignment. It’s definitely not where we want to retire to!


  11. Oh, I never use the safety key on my tread — or it’s always in place.

    I would be puzzled by those paw/foot prints. Hopefully a dog got off track and the owner just followed along. Scooby does drag me into yards from time to time.

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  12. My keys are always in my purse but I have a key box on the wall for all other keys. My husband is always looking for keys and they are almost always where they should be…in the key box. Lol
    But trust me I other senior moments.

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      1. The move here was a temporary assignment for my husband. And now he’s essentially retired. I’ve lived most of my life in NY, but never wanted to & my husband definitely doesn’t want to stay here.

        So yes, at some point we should move. Pretty certain it’ll be before this license needs to be renewed!

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  13. Houses make terrible noises, don’t they! I used to blame the ones in my husband’s old flat on the cat, then she moved up here with him and I was still there in the week for a bit, working out my notice at work and there were the noises still! Husband brought back a random key from his parents’ house the other weekend – it was called “Shed Key” but it wasn’t and had caused a hoo-hah. It was a long-defunct key so he took it away secretly!

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  14. Who would have been walking up your driveway? So weird. I make sure to leave my keys in the same place when I get home but sometimes I leave them in my jacket and go crazy looking for them. At least I know that if they’re not in my usual place then they’re in my jacket pocket. So in the next 8 years you’ll move from NY?

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