DE Reflections: Tea/coffee Date April 2022


I’ve got some musings from our trip to DE to discuss over our hot beverages. As always, grateful to  Coco and Deborah, for hosting us, even though — just like in March — we still need our hot beverages!

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d ask you if your first quarter of 2022 went well or was productive. Because yes, one quarter of the year is gone. No pressure. Mine was very productive!

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d tell you while I may have been very productive, the house has kind of suffered. Although I did get busy in it towards the end of March. I was working with a course about working with moon cycles, and it was suggested to purge 5 things from every room in your house during the waning moon (after the full moon). I’m not sure I hit every room, but I enjoyed that it was just one week!

I had read about this town, Milford, DE & its Riverwalk. They have really tried, but it’s no San Antonio. Maybe that’s the point. It’s all about small town life. Not sure that’s for us.

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d tell you that I haven’t scratched DE off of our short list yet, but it didn’t seem to be “the one”. Perhaps we need to spend more time towards northern DE. I’m used to living in a hilly/mountainous area now, and I think I’d miss that when hiking. I just wasn’t blown away by the hiking/running opportunities — but then again we only had two dry days there.

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d also tell you southern DE reminded me a lot of Cape Cod, but more. More strip malls, more chain restaurants, more people and traffic.

Happily no mud to deal with but those Daffodils were clearly unhappy with the Winter-like weather in Spring

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d tell you I was going to wear my old hiking boots to Olana on Tuesday when I went to visit my mom — because Spring & mud — but then I realized due to our cold snap there were be no mud (and there wasn’t). However, I had to scrape a ton of DE off of my other hiking boots first, since I’d worn them to walk on the beach in DE.

What sort of terrain do you enjoy? Mountains? Ocean? Forests?

Small town or big city? 

How’s 2022 going for you so far? 

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22 thoughts on “DE Reflections: Tea/coffee Date April 2022

  1. I too got a lot accomplished the first part of the year so far! And my house was neglected as well. I need to make that my goal-certainly our weather will give me plenty of time inside!

    Looks like a nice little side trip to DE!

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  2. I’m surprised to see blooming daffs! Ours are 2″ out of the ground at most, and that’s good because we’re covered in snow again. Purging is always a good idea here. I’ve been able to keep the kitchen free of clutter and I just cleaned out my office the other day. Yeah the first quarter just slipped away didn’t it?

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    1. They were not my daffodils. They were at Olana — and in fact, the only clump that was blooming (poor fools!).

      My kitchen needs some decluttering. I can never seem to keep it clear of clutter for long!


  3. No daffodils at my house yet.

    Depends what you mean by productive. Great on the running front. 7 races including 4 half’s and almost 300 miles. Seeing friends more and of course there is always work. My kitchen is purged but the rest of the house, it looks good unless you open the closets. Lol. Never enough time.

    I think where we live is perfect besides the long winter. Near to airport and trains and buses. Lots of opportunities for hiking and concerts theater and shopping. Lots of lakes and rivers. I grew up minutes from the ocean. But so much traffic to get there.

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    1. No daffodils at my house either — well, not blooming — those were at Olana.

      I think everyone has a different definition of productive — doesn’t necessarily have to be about work, either.

      You’re lucky to live in a place you love. Imagine if you had had to move at some point — to some place you’d left almost 40 years ago because you didn’t like living there in the first place. And you were living in a house and city that you loved!

      This was always a temporary place for us. I’m glad you ended up here because of my parents.


      1. I only ended up in Albany because of college. My husband would never leave his family and I wouldn’t leave my friends (who are like family). Those friends who have moved all ended up in Fla so that’s why I go there every year.

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  4. I feel like I got a lot accomplished but at the same time did nothing! I could do with some purging. I have a busy summer coming up of travel so not sure how that will go. I think I will start with my kitchen again!

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  5. My son is in DE right now for a trumpet competition! They’re staying at a hotel right near the university, and I don’t think he’ll see much else.
    Now that I’ve lived near the ocean for over twenty years, I’m longing for mountains. I’ve brought up the idea of relocating (eventually) with my husband, but he doesn’t want to leave Florida. Oh well!

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    1. Luckily we’re both on board with leaving here. I grew up not far from here, and I left as soon as I graduated College!

      The only reason we’ve stayed even this long was because of my parents.


  6. My daffodils are just barely through the soil…I think they survived yesterday’s snow (which was gone by mid-afternoon). There’s a lot to be said of small town living (that’s what I’ve done most of my life), especially in terms of safety and community. But, we have to drive at least 30ish minutes (at the minimum) for any of the “big retailers.” Our seven years in the East Lansing area were ideal (at the time) because we had suburban living with big-city access.

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    1. Our daffodils (and those weren’t ours in the photo) were buried by several inches of snow a while ago. I think they survived, so I’m sure yours will as well.

      I am not a small town girl. Really hated living in VT, and we lived near the largest city in VT!

      But neither am I really a big city girl — not to live in. Suburban city with big city access is preferable, but I don’t know where we’ll end up.

      The big city probably needs a really good public transport system because neither of us enjoys city driving. Although when you actually know where you’re going that’s half the battle. 🙂


  7. Ah, so you were checking out DE as a retirement locale? I didn’t realize that. I did realize today that we are 1/4 of the way through 2022. I need to get on my intention to be intentional before the year slips away.

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    1. LOL about the intentional year. 🙂 Hey, as long as you’re happy, it’s all good!

      Yes, DE is on our short list. No, it wasn’t our first visit, although our first time to Rehoboth Beach. We’ve both been there multiple times.

      It’s different when it’s just a vacation vs trying to see if you’d be happy there the rest of your life.


  8. I feel like Q1 slipped by in a blip. It was a very productive time thanks to the new job, but like you, my house suffered. Planning to be more home/garden focused this month.

    Looking for the next place to live I can imagine is very different from a typical vacation visit. I think I’d like to be near a city so I could have the arts/theater/dining when I wanted it, but I’d also like to have access to mountains for hiking and the ocean/large lake.

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    1. Hopefully the weather cooperates with your gardening plan! Starting a new job is so difficult no matter how much you like it.

      I think I’d at least settle for hilly. Austin was hilly & had great places to walk.


  9. I can’t believe a quarter of the year is over already–too soon! I definitely haven’t accomplished anywhere close to all the things I wanted to do yet!

    I don’t think I could pick a favorite terrain but I’d definitely go for small town over a big city! (Cities feel way too stifling to me.)

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      1. They’re definitely not for everyone! I like visiting big cities since there’s so much to do but I’d be unhappy living in one. I’m glad we have options! 😅

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