Treadmill be gone!: Tea/coffee Date April 2023


I’m joining  Coco and Deborah and as always enjoying my hot cocoas. If you are celebrating a holiday this weekend, I hope you enjoy it.

At least it takes up much less space this way

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d tell you I came home one day and my old treadmill had exploded all over the garage. Not literally — but after trying to sell a non functioning treadmill with no luck Mr. Judy finally realized it wasn’t happening. So he took it apart and has already made one sale off of the parts.

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d tell you speaking of Mr. Judy he was involved in something weird with our phones this week. He was on a call, but got a beep that someone was trying to call. He told me afterward that my mom had tried to call, which is very odd because she almost never calls me (I call her almost daily). Excuse me, I need to go call her as a matter of fact.

Okay I’m back. So I dialed my mom — or so I thought — and somehow it dialed Mr. Judy’s mom. Which is totally weird because I don’t know her number by heart and I never remember how to automatically return the call (no, it’s not a cell phone). I don’t usually talk to Mr. Judy’s mom.

A head popped up & then the dog was running straight at us . . .

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d tell you our neighborhood is getting smaller and smaller. We were walking Bandit the other day, when a dog popped his head over the plastic barrier in a gap in someone’s fence — and proceeded to hop over and run straight for us. He did not seem overly friendly. Luckily the owner quickly realized what was happening and ran out to get him. He’s a new to them dog; a previous stray.

I’ve run by that house a couple of times and they’ve done nothing to adequately block that gap. What if the owner isn’t home the next time? Or doesn’t realize her dog has escape to attack _______________ a dog, cat, human, whatever.

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d tell you speaking of dogs and oddities, the other day our neighbor was out with his German Shepard in his backyard. That’s not odd, but he stayed out there at least half a day. Was the dog sick and he wanted to spend as much time with it as possible (that doesn’t appear to be the case, thankfully). Did his wife kick him out of the house (the husband, not the dog)? Did he lock himself out of the house? We’ll probably never know.

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d tell my sister can be a little controlling. She now wants to know when I’m going to see my mom, so that she can make sure she’s not coming then. She wants to increase the time between her visits.

I get it: she has a strained relationship with my mom (I really don’t know why) but unfortunately she is local so much more falls on her shoulders. She could just stop doing it all and I’m grateful she doesn’t. The reason this is a pain is because she doesn’t feel the need to inform me when she is going — doesn’t that seem the better solution? Then again the day I choose can be because of weather, especially in Winter.

If you have a MIL, do you chat with her on the phone?

As I started up this post, I thought shouldn’t the Coffee Date have been last weekend? Am I the only one to have that thought??

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28 thoughts on “Treadmill be gone!: Tea/coffee Date April 2023

  1. My parents’ phones are messed up–when I text one of them, they both get the text. It’s so weird.

    Cocoa and I spend a lot of time out in the backyard when it’s nice out!!

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    1. I spend a lot of time in the backyard with Bandit during the Summer, too — we’re getting a littler taste next week! Although as Bandit’s gotten older he’s not as tolerant of heat, so he doesn’t stay out as long.

      I was about to shower when I inadvertently called my MIL, but then she wanted to talk since we never really talk.


  2. Yikes on that gap in the fence. I’d be so worried for my own dog if I lived there. I no longer chat on the phone with my MIL. I used to but it became 3 and 4 calls every day. Let’s say I’ve learned how to set boundaries.

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    1. My MIL doesn’t even call Mr. Judy that often, although she does sometimes. And while my calls to my mom have become very short (wasn’t always the case) — I think mainly because she can’t hear well on the phone — they are sometimes draining because it’s often complaints. I often say I really hope I don’t become that way when I’m elderly!


  3. That is really odd about the phone. I have not used a land line in ages but I guess somehow the lines got crossed. I always get freaked out when I encounter unleashed dogs out on my trail or neighborhood.

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    1. I can usually read an unleashed dog. Although this sort of thing happens really quickly. I’m happy they didn’t fight, I appreciate the position the dog’s owners are in (and who knows what their financial status is), but at the same time I’m po’d that I have to keep coming up with new routes because of other dog owners.


  4. To answer your question, the coffee date does feel late. But it’s the first Friday of the month. I think “Runfessions” fell on the last day of March this year.
    i’m glad it’s your old treadmill that “exploded.” When I saw the title of this post I thought it was your new one, yikes!
    My vote is that your neighbor was locked out of his house… although as you said, we’ll never know.


    1. The odd part about the neighbor is he’s a police officer. So if he were locked out I would think he could get back in (and his wife WFH & as far as I can roll rarely goes anywhere).

      Still happy with the new treadmill. 🙂


  5. I rarely talk to my MIL but we do use FB messenger.

    Ugh on the loose dogs. I always worry when I encounter one with Scooby. He usually freezes and puts up with the other but I’m freaking out.

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    1. My MIL isn’t on FB (and really, neither is her daughter). Unlike my mom, she can text — but she never texts me & only rarely texts my husband.

      In TX off leash dogs were a common occurrence & I carried citronella spray — and had several occasions to use it — but it doesn’t effect all dogs. I no longer carry it since it’s nowhere near as common here, but it does happen.


  6. I write my posts WAY in advance so I don’t get confused with the dates.

    My MIL doesn’t live far a way and she can’t hear well.. you have to scream in the phone so we just visit her.

    We do have a lot of dogs in my neighborhood but I only drive by them… I rarely run there (too boring).

    I’m sure my BIL feels like your SIL. He lives with my MIL so shoulders most of the responsibility. He never complains but he is retired we are not.

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    1. My sister does complain & while I don’t really blame her, it’s not exactly like it’s easy for me either. Her drive round trip is less than my drive one way. She does work part time still, though. OTOH when an extended stay at my mom happens, it almost always falls to me. Thankfully there haven’t been any since December. This is the longest break I’ve had in overnight stays since she broke her hip (almost 2 years ago).


    1. I have had friends who’ve been bitten on the run. 😦 I generally worry more about getting tripped by a loose dog. But I was afraid they might start fighting, which thankfully didn’t happen.


  7. Yeah, that gap in the fence is worrisome. You’d think they’d have the sense to not leave the dog unattended. I used to talk with my MIL briefly (when she was still living), but our conversations always felt awkward because I knew she wasn’t calling to talk with me, LOL.

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  8. I know there are a lot of dogs in the neighborhood because I see them out with their owners or I hear them barking. I’ve had a few run towards me and I get terrified. I don’t want to do anything for them to chase or bite me.

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