Running by the numbers in 2017


I am not a numbers person. I don’t really track monthly or yearly mileage, although I have done a few yearly mileage challenges in the past. It just doesn’t motivate me.

What do I care about? My weekly mileage. Making sure it’s where it should be for wherever I am in training. Making sure that I’m not slacking or jumping up too much too quickly.

Since most people do seem to be very motivated by the numbers (and because I don’t really have 2018 goals yet), I decided to take a look back at mine and tally it up. Which required looking at Garminconnect, Finalsurge, and my running journal — and there are holes in pretty much all of those so it’s all an estimate anyway!

Total miles run for 2017: 1016.58
I know that’s actually a bit low, as I didn’t add in quite a few treadmill miles from December. If I had been a numbers geek, darn, I shoulda run a few more to round it up to 2017 for the year, except, of course, I know that I’m missing miles so there ya go.

Total miles run on the treadmill in 2017: 95
Again, an estimate. See, I’m always marking myself harshly because I never track things as closely as I should. While it may seem I spend a lot of time on it, the truth is most of my runs are outside. Although this harsher winter could change that! And not a single long run was done on the mill — which has not always been the case. Oops, I did my long run on the mill on New Year’s Eve day.

Monthly Miles in 2017
January:     70.74
February:   94.51
March:        97.22
April:           99.10
May:          104.00
June             59.21
July:             79.05
August:        97.10
September: 91.98
October:      78.31
November:  86.37
December:   80.00

Good thing I don’t tally stuff up and get hung up on those numbers, eh? Thanks to Rachel @ Runningonhappy for pushing me to one of my highest running mileage years ever — and more importantly, definitely my most successful running year ever!

Time spent running: 189 hours
Again, this doesn’t include treadmill running. I am not gonna work that hard tallying it up, sorry! According to Alexa, that’s just 7.8 days. That can’t be right, can it?

Elevation gain for the year: 17,491 ft
I asked Alexa for a mountain that was that height but she couldn’t come up with an answer. Google didn’t seem to know, either. It is higher than Everest base camp, though.

Races in 2017:
4 half marathons (1 was my first trail half marathon)
1 15k
1 10k
1 4 miler
1 3.5 mile Turkey Trot
3 5ks  (1 was my first trail 5k)

Total races: 11
Total PRs: 8 (counting those first trail races as PRs!)

States added: 4
The most states I have added in one year
Which brings me up to 16 states (and 18 halfs)

Looking ahead
2018 looks to be a quieter year, but of course you never know. I am signed up for two halfs and the annual July 4th race. And that’s it. I’d love to have 2018 all mapped out, because I’m a planner and it makes me happy to have things to look forward to, but I also believe that things work out the way they are supposed to be.

As usual, I am still thinking about 2018 goals. When I searched for it on my blog, I couldn’t actually find any 2017 goals. No doubt Darlene will point them out to me, she always seems to be able to find everything. There were many monthly goals, and most of the time I did well with them.

I would like to add two states next year (one of the halfs I’m already signed up for is a repeat state — just the way things worked out). I’ll be honest: I’d love to add three states, but the main goal is to keep running, tackle new challenges, and have fun with it all.


This week I am also joining up with Running on Happy, Suzlyfe, Crazy Running Girl, and Coach Debbie Runs each week for the Coaches’ Corner linkup


Have you got your goals all set for 2018?

What about your races?

Do you always tally up your monthly & yearly mileage?

36 thoughts on “Running by the numbers in 2017

  1. A good year. I tally my mileage when I’m in a challenge but it doesn’t push me to do more. I also tally mileage to track my shoes so I know when it’s time to retire them. Since I don’t train for any races I just stick to running what feels good 3-4 days a week.

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  2. That’s a lot of tracking for someone who doesn’t care about the numbers. Surprised you got on the bandwagon.

    Anyway you had a great year and you knew that without the number count.

    Hope 2018 is good to you too.

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      1. I manually add my runs to Daily Mile. Only distance. Not pace since I don’t track it and I only know pace from races. I don’t even record pace then.

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    1. As I said to Darlene, most of that is there automatically, but I almost never look at Garminconnect & only at Finalsurge usually for my training plan. And I didn’t have another post in mind. 😉


  3. It was fun to witness your breakthrough year. I am one of those rare people who does not tally miles. I have no idea what I ran nor do I care. Whatever it was, was enough. I agree, things play out exactly as they’re meant to. Happy New Year!

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    1. I would love to add another 4 states this year, but I also like to take long racecations so I can really explore. Which adds up in vacation time for Mr. Judy & $$, and we do need to go out to see the family, too.

      I would definitely like to add more than one state, though!

      Good luck adding those states this year, Kim!


  4. You had a great year, congrats! I have never reached the elusive 1,000 miles in a year. Racing through more states sounds like a lot of fun. This year will be much more laidback for me too…minus the whole marathon training thing, lol!

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    1. Well, I think with the whole getting married thing it’s good to be more laid back on the running front — or maybe not! Running is most definitely my stress buster.

      I don’t really know if I’m broken through 1000 miles before or not, and truthfully, I don’t really care. Obviously I’m very happy with how 2017 went. 2018 already isn’t lining up quite how I was planning — not in a bad way — but in a way that *might* open up the door for another half PR — of course you never know.

      A few years back I probably ran more miles. Maybe. Although I only did 2 halfs that year & I ended up injured, so increasing my mileage was definitely scary.


  5. 1,000 miles is still a lot. I track my mileage when I’m training, but I don’t track it when I’m just maintaining my base. I could write everything down, but I’m OK with not knowing the total over a year.

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  6. You had some great mileage this year!! I was just reflecting on years past and I only hit 1000 miles once and that was back in 2010, I think. Well, that I kept track of. I’m trying to be better with writing things down. And 8 PRs out of 11 races? (yes, I agree first races count as PRs!) BOOM!!


  7. You had some impressive mileage! I keep track of my weekly and monthly miles, but don’t actually add everything up until later in the year because the yearly mileage numbers aren’t important to me. I’m the kind of person, if I kept an ongoing count throughout the year, I’d be focused on the number of miles run and not the quality of the runs themselves. Ignorance is bliss LOL Congrats on a great year!

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  8. Have you got your goals all set for 2018? To drop the last 10 lbs & complete my 1st half marathon.

    What about your races? I need to get signed up. $$ is always is a factor.

    Do you always tally up your monthly & yearly mileage? No, but like you I watch my daily mileage.

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    1. Well, I’d like to drop 5 pounds. Of course I’ve wanted to do that for the last 4 years. 🙂 Seriously, as long as I can continue to be free at WW I’ll be pretty happy. Good luck, Paula — it’s not easy!


  9. I never remember to use Garmin connect, but I do enter every run into an online tracker that I’ve been using since I started running. I like to know the monthly mileage. If I hit that goal, the annual takes care of itself.

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    1. I don’t have annual or monthly goals! My vivoactive syncs automatically to Garminconnect (and Final Surge, which is what Rachel uses).

      I’m probably better off not knowing monthly miles, anyway. Then I’d just beat myself up if I didn’t make it!


  10. I like to know what my monthly/yearly mileage is…especially when I had a yearly mileage goa. I’ve never tried to figure out what my elevation gain was… holey smokes! I had to go check mine… I was sure it would have been <1,000… but it was 9,333!

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    1. Well, the mileage is thanks to you 🙂 And really, that’s not what motivates me at all. Knowing I’ve done my best & trained wisely (which again, thanks to you) is what I’m more interested in.

      And no, I haven’t done OH yet. There are many states I haven’t done yet. 😦

      I do need to look at spring 5ks . . . with that first half not until July (maybe) it might be the best time to train specifically for a 5k! I’ve never really done that before. Except for my first — and that was just to finish!


      1. You should come to Ohio in 2018! I don’t think I’m traveling this year but we’ll see.

        5k’s are so much fun. Can’t wait to find out which one you choose!

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