30 thoughts on “Does running make you feel like Wonder Woman?

  1. It’s complicared.

    I always have a long race on my schedule. That motivates me to get out there in all conditions and seasons.

    But I don’t have a plan or coach because I want the freedom to do as I like. As you said, run for fun. Skip a run. Skip all those painful drills.

    So I know I could be faster. But at a cost.

    Of course I ran on Global Running Day. A 5k for fun.

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    1. I enjoy having an off season. It doesn’t mean I stop running, but life can be simpler when you run for fun. If I’m going to race, I’m usually going to train — not saying that’s not rewarding, too, but it can get tiring. We’re not all energizer bunnies.


      1. Only off seasons I have would be if I have an injury.

        If I had your training schedule I would be exhausted. 400s. Ugh. I try not to run more than 3 miles during the week. I often skip long runs. So it doesn’t get tiring.

        When you’re my age, you have to do the same. Lol.

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      2. We all have different lives, different goals, there is no right or wrong.

        I know if I had your job, I wouldn’t be racing so much — I do like to race, but I also find it tiring. Plus if I were traveling that much, I’d want to just chill at home. Again, we’re all different.


  2. It’s funny how you mention ancestry. My sister and I come from the same family yet we are both so different at running. I suppose that could come from the amount of training she puts in compared to me. But I also wonder if it could be body type too. I wonder what my body is actually capable of??? But sometimes I’m too lazy to find out…haha -M

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    1. Well, my sister & I are quite different, too. She’s the one with the athletic ability (although not so much into exercising these days). She also has a much, much better metabolism than me — maybe it’s those few extra inches on me she has!


  3. I like running just because when I am not training for anything. It makes me enjoy my runs and doesn’t make me feel like I have to do it or it’s a chore. Even when I w, not training for a race I still try to run a double digit once a week.

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    1. Never run double digits if I’m not training for anything. That’s crazy talk. 🙂 But then I could enjoy a bit more food . . .

      Sometimes when I training runs can become a chore, I won’t lie. And then you have some glorious ones and you feel so accomplished you remember why you love running!


  4. I don’t believe in the last six years that I’ve ever gone out for a run feeling that I’m going to nail it. I am always apprehensive, no matter how long or short the outing will be. BUT, sometimes, and it’s especially delicious when it’s unexpected, at the end of a run I feel strong, healthy, powerful.
    That happened during my last run, on Wednesday (Global Running Day!), when I had three half miles intervals, the longest I’d run after a hiatus of nearly a year. I had three hours sleep the night before and was very tired but did not want to miss the chance to run on a beautiful afternoon, even after work. I thought I’d be dragging and was going to be okay with it if I had to walk a bit during the half milers. Nope! At the end of the third one I was beginning to tire a bit but felt good. I checked my Garmin and saw I had only 6/100 of a mile. I asked myself, if I had to, could I continue? Yes, I could. It felt great.

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    1. I’m not sure I ever go out for a run feeling like i’m going to nail it (those are usually a gift) but neither am I usually apprehensive about them — although sometimes, trying for certain paces that are scary for me, or my first double digit run in many, many months coming up next week . . .

      Much as I prefer cool temps to run in, there’s just such a freedom about running in a tank & skirt!


    1. Would I run if I wasn’t training for something? Good question. Even when I’m not training, I know that there will be something I’ll train for & have to maintain my base for.

      But I know I’m happier after a run, so the answer is, yes, most likely I would run even if I didn’t race. But probably not as much or as often!


  5. I love when I’m running, and it easier to love it in the off season. The weather is rarely perfect, and there are days after work where I’m exhausted. But I love having something to train for, and I make sure the training is fun too.

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  6. I have a WW sticker on my laptop at work and I often joke to my little patients that I am WW–after all, have you ever seen me and WW together? LOL

    You know I love to run fast and those are the runs that make me feel badA**. When I cross the finish line at a killer pace, I feel unstoppable. Long runs make me feel accomplished, but since I’m really struggling with endurance these days, I don’t feel bad A** running a long, slow distance.

    Different strokes.

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  7. I am a little of both…I love the discipline and focus of being “in training.” I don’t have to plan out my runs because I have a plan to follow (which I have the liberty to modify if I wish LOL). But, I also LOVE not having a plan or a specific race on the horizon. It’s nice being able to run just for the sake of running without a care or worry about the distance or frequency. ((sigh))

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