Racecation Week: 8/20-26 Weekly Wrap

It’s always a busy week before a race, but driving instead of flying means that I have more wiggle room with when we leave (although the pet sitters really do like a time!).

I’m joining up with the Weekly Wrap from Holly @ Hohoruns and Wendy @ Taking the Long Way Home to wish the Weekly Wrap Happy Anniversary and count down to my big race day.


Workouts update

  • Monday: Dogwalk, PB KB Total Body (20 minutes)
  • Tuesday: 6 miles easy, JY Train Your Core (15 minutes)
  • Wednesday: SB WU (10 minutes), PB Bodyweight (25 minutes), Dogwalk
  • Thursday:  Dogwalk
  • Friday:  5 miles easy with 6 x 20ish strides
  • Saturday: YFR Hamstrings + Foundation
  • Sunday: 1812 Challenge

Mileage: 29 (NC)

JY = Jasyoga
PB = Killer B
TM = Treadmill
YFR = Yoga for Runners*
WU = warmup
CD = cooldown
SB = Stationary Bike
YFPR = Yoga for Pain Relief
YTU = Yoga Tune Up Lower Body*

*Disclaimer: Amazon affiliate links; I will make a small amount of money if you buy through these links

Running Updates

It was actually a pleasant day to run! Shocker! It was cloudy, not too humid, and there was a nice breeze. I’d like to dial up this weather for Sunday, please. Had a pretty decent run.

It was a beautiful morning to run. Almost caught the sunrise. Threw in some strides and had a nice, strong run before we hit the road.

I ran the 1812 challenge today but according to my garmin it was more like 18 miles (a new course this year) & I’m perfectly fine with that!

An automatic PR since it’s the furthest I’ve ever run.

Favorites of the week
There are two chiropractors in the practice I go to — mine was out with, ironically, back problems, so I saw the other chiropractor — I’ve never been to her in her official capacity, although several of my buddies go to her, but know her a little socially.

Turns out she loves Sackets Harbor (where my race was today). So we chatted about it, the race, which restaurants are good, and since she’s doing Wineglass in the fall (which I did last year), I told her that the prerace dinner is really good, and we chatted some about that course.

And then in my Weight Watchers meeting I was chatting with a friend, and she happened to go to NYC and also Harriman  State Park, which the Appalachian Trail runs through. There’s some chance we could be headed that way in September, and she mentioned a hike that sounded doable — I know little about the area and hadn’t yet researched it, so just another little bit of synchronicity.

Let’s get the conversation started:

Do you like a shakeout run before a race (I don’t!)?

Do you really study the race course or just assume it will be well marked (I tend to look at it, but not really study it)?

Any little bits of synchronicity this week (the universe sending you something you need)?

32 thoughts on “Racecation Week: 8/20-26 Weekly Wrap

  1. Congrats on finishing that 18 miler!!! You should be so proud of yourself. That’s a lot of miles!

    As a matter of fact, yes, the universe did deliver for me. Yesterday, my youngest sister told me what she thought of my social media presence. It was shocking and I was pretty upset. Today I found out that I was picked, along with 9 other Momentum ambassadors, to receive a set of the new Momentum wraps for fall and to host a giveaway. I was shocked they picked me, but they liked my idea. Funny how the universe sets things right.

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  2. I base my decisions on local races based on the course. I need to know it’s clearly marked, and if I would be bored. I do study the course too, as a way to try to relax before the race.

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  3. I had a strange twist of the universe working for me as well….Thursday was a short day at the office (well, I was done by noon) and didn’t have anything to go back for after lunch…and the tv reporter had messaged me that morning. When I replied back to her (at lunch time), she then asked if she could do the interview that afternoon. She drove an hour to my town and we met at 3:30..and the story was on the 10:00 broadcast. Any other day, I would not have been available. Fate?

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  4. Nope. No shakeout run. Save my legs for the race. I also wouldn’t run 5 miles (well that’s more than I run during the week anyway) 2 days before a race I like 2 days rest. Maybe I’m old. LOL


    I discovered that Billy Joel will be in Madison Square Garden on Dec 19 and I am working in the city that day. He’s my fave. So I got tix. My first solo concert.

    Karen & I signed up for a race in Paris to run together but she just found out that she is going to be in the US that day. I guess my first solo European race.

    Congrats on 18 miles. Your time was great too. As I did my long run today I was feeling zero FOMO.

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    1. That is too bad about Karen. 😞 But at least you speak the language so it won’t be confusing. You’ll still love it.

      Pretty sure I’ve never been to a concert on my own. We did see Billy Joel when we were in college.

      I tried to convince you guys to come out for the half. It would have been a fun girls’ weekend & it’s only 3 hrs away (although it was 4 for us since we had to drop off the dogs). Right on Lake Ontario & the hotel was really nice. Oh well!


    1. I really need to tally everyone’s answers up. It’s been interesting & I’m really glad people took the time to answer!

      I am not a fan of the shakeout run — and I have tried them on more than one occasion.


  5. Congratulations on the 18 miler! I’m looking forward to hearing the details!

    Your top photo looks like a Canna Lily. I have tons of them in my yard. Is that at your house or taken on your trip?

    I typically do not go on a shakeout run, preferring to let me legs rest as much as possible. Thanks for linking!

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    1. The top photo was taken at the park. We have no lilies at all at home — the former owners were apparently not much into landscaping, and we haven’t planted any since they’re so toxic to animals, although the dogs are never in the front yard.

      I’m with you on the no shakeout run thing. My legs don’t need as much rest as possible, but I usually find I do better with a few days of rest before a big race.


  6. Congrats on the 18 miler! Whew that’s a long way to run. 😉 I usually take 1-2 days off from running before a race — that’s what works for me. I try to study race courses in advance but my brain doesn’t retain directions from course maps (unless there are only a few turns) so I still need it to be well marked.

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    1. This race had almost 20 turns! No way I could have kept that in my brain. It was mostly well marked.

      I did study the elevation chart and where the half marathoners turned off from us crazy people. 🙂


  7. Congrats on your longest run ever! I typically don’t do a shakeout the day before, I do mine 2 days before and then just do some dynamic stretching the morning of.

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  8. Congrats on the 18 miler! I tend to look over the course and the elevation but I don’t really memorize it. I assume that races will have the course well marked but I guess I shouldn’t really assume that.

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  9. Congratulations!! I can’t wait for the full recap! Such a great accomplishment.

    I was a skeptic, but I do like to have a shakeout run before the race, it really makes a difference for me. I forgot to do one before the Philly 10K yesterday and my legs are paying the price!

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    1. If I can get photos in order, I’ll probably post a recap on Tuesday. We’l see.

      It’s funny, I’ve tried it both ways — with a shakeout & without. I’m not sure it really makes a difference, but OTOH, I usually find I do better with fresher legs. So I always tell Rachel no thank you.


  10. 18 miles, yay! And you made up a bit for my 18 mile race the other weekend coming in at 19.2!!

    I like to study the course profile before a race and then try to replicate at least the idea of it, to practice the ups and downs a bit. I also like to do more than the total elevation gain in training, to make race day feel easier.

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  11. Hey Judy! Congrats on your finish! Yippee! I usually do a short run or walk of about 2 miles the day before. I get too antsy and I need to go out. I even hiked 8+ miles the day before my first half. That was called over-booking, but I’ll never “win” the race so I am always happy to finish. I think it really depends on your condition and how well you want to do, as to whether or not it is useful. It was nice meeting you!!

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    1. I love to hike, and have done quite a bit of hiking before halfs — but not the day before! Can I have some of your energy?

      It was great to run part of the race with you — definitely made the miles go by faster. I do have some photos of you, so let me know how you’d like to get them!


  12. I tend to go back and forth with the coarse. Some times I want to know every turn (like in NYC) and some days I don’t want to know much about it (like the hills) because I think it will make me nervous.

    How ironic that the Chiro was out with back problems. You’d think he/she would know how to prevent that…haha

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    1. Back problems can truly happen to anyone. My BIL was a chiropractor (although I never used him!) and yes, he gets spasms sometimes.

      I could never have remembered all the turns in this most recent race!


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