Will I Swim again?: Runfessions June 2019


I’m joining Marcia @ Marcia’s Healthy Slice and here we are, halfway through the year already! It’s time to get off my chest those odd and pesky little runfessions for June.

I swimfess . . .
I was completely oblivious to the fact the community center I swim at closed. The horrors! Where will I swim now? Apparently they closed last October, but yeah, I don’t like to swim in Winter and you know how cool it was for most of Spring!

Not the hill outside my neighborhood, but another I’m not avoiding

I runfess . . .
That I used to run down the road outside my neighborhood quite often. It’s a really long hill out (several, actually), and you know what that means. I’ve gotten back to running it. Hills make you stronger people!

I runfess . . .
I actually never even opened the box of Freihofers’ cookies from last month’s 5k. I did eat the small sample package I picked up at the expo. Let’s just say for the most part sugar and I do not see eye to eye, and there’s no reason to open Pandora’s box.

I have the zucchini brownies I made, the chocolate chip cookie dough balls I made  . . . but I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do with those cookies!

Had a good time despite going solo

I runfess . . .
I tried like heck to get someone to run last week’s trail race (read about it here) with me, and I was totally unsuccessful. If you read my recap, you know I met some new people and had a good time anyway.

I runfess . . .
That I recently found out my chiropractor will no longer be taking my insurance going forward. I’m not sure whether I want to stick with her or see if I can find another one that does. With minimal racing it’s not as important right now.

Do you enjoy winning food from races? I’ve never won any AG awards, but the two times I came close both were food. Not all runners are that food crazy!

Ever belonged to something that closed and you didn’t realize it for months? In my defense, I didn’t actually belong to that community center. I just swam there occasionally.

How important is your chiropractor to you, if you see one?

What do you have to runfess from June? Come join us


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35 thoughts on “Will I Swim again?: Runfessions June 2019

  1. Swimming is an important part of our cross training and I miss it (I cannot swim anymore after the incident). I hope you can find a good alternative.
    Around here all the AG awards are food + oil and wine, usually until the 10th place.
    I follow a regular routine of physiotherapy and it works.

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    1. I simply love to swim — always have, but finding the time for it means it’s gotta be close to me.

      Wow, AG awards to the 10th place — often here’s it’s to the third, sometimes the second — and occasionally only the first!


  2. It’s hard to pass up on all the sweets–I’m right there with you–but being able to button my pants is a priority these days!

    I was pretty bummed out that our indoor pool closed for repairs. I was going to do the deep water running class. It will have to wait!

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  3. LOL on not noticing the pool closed in October! Bummer on the chiro. Paying out of pocket can be $$ but it’s a pain to try to find someone new. Our former GP became a “concierge” practice, and we had no interest in that!

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  4. I once won an apple pie from a half marathon I did. I definitely liked that!

    Good for you for running those hills. One of my running friends always says “Train to your weaknesses.” He is right. Hills are my weakness. I have gotten into the trail running habit of walking up all the hills. I really should do more hill repeats. Maybe tomorrow! 🙂

    I hope you find a place to swim. I swim at our local rec center too, but I haven’t actually done laps since…well, a long time ago! Months.

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  5. I specifically run a 5k because you win a pie. My hubby ate those cookies. I can resist cookies.

    I never went to a chiro and now I’m hooked. However I don’t think I would go to someone else. And it doesn’t cost me anything. I have Medicare and CDPHp.

    I prefer lakes and oceans. There’s always the town pool.

    You meet more people at a race if you don’t go with friends.

    The only race I say no to is trails.

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    1. I don’t have medicare or CDPHp. The copay isn’t bad, and even without the insurance, it’s still not terrible. Especially with less running I go less often. But someday no doubt I’ll be running more.

      You used to be able to say no to a marathon. Never say never. 🙂


      1. I would never have gone to a chiro if I didn’t have an injury but I like her and she’s a runner so we chat a lot too.

        I am only running nYC because I got in and it’s NYC!! if I do one, I want to go big.

        I may run a trail race for free but I don’t see the reason to pay for it when I wouldn’t be racing it. I am pretty competitive and racing it cold involve an injury. But everyone is different, obviously.

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      2. Racing any race can involve injury. In some ways, road races are actually way worse — it’s a much harder surface to slam into.

        Not that I’m saying you need to run a trail race. We all make our own decisions.

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  6. I do not remember any food awards I may have won. I know the turkey trot I’m running this year gives out pumpkin pies to finishers. I swear my insurance covers about 6 cents of each of my chiro visits. You know how much I love Dr Miracle but now I’ve got a $1200 bill sitting here. I can feel that my pelvis needs alignment, but with no important running coming up, I’m avoiding it.
    I have no problem swimming in the outdoor pool. I avoid indoor swimming like the plague. Thanks for runfessing!

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    1. Wow, that’s quite the bill. Like, that was my uncovered portion of my less than 24 hour hospital visit.

      I love swimming period. Pools, indoor & outdoor, lakes — just no oceans. Love walking along the beach but I swear Jaws forever ruined swimming in the ocean for me (which is really dating myself!).


  7. I don’t belong to the gym where I used to swim anymore so I did not swim all summer. We have a small pool at our house but it’s hard to do real laps in it. I am hoping to do more pool running this summer though. Not sure about the food prizes-I don’t think I have ever gotten one!

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    1. I don’t like swimming when it’s cold. so our very short summer is my only option. We don’t have a pool (wouldn’t really make a whole lot of sense when only one of us enjoys it).

      It’s the only thing I miss from our time in an apartment when we first moved to TX . . .


  8. Kudos to you for being so disciplined to not open those cookies! I really need to learn from you.
    That stinks that your chiropractor no longer takes your insurance. Is it much more to pay out of pocket? If so, I would find another one that accepted my insurance. After all, business is business and the money you save could be put towards more race entries!

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    1. That’s interesting. I’ve done both for a long time — massage & chiro — and I find they work synergistically. I would give up massages before chiro, actually (I guess it depends on your massage therapist)!


  9. I have a terrible sweet tooth, and I would not have wasted much time in sampling the cookies. I’ll definitely be tested in the next year or so with my ortho treatments. A co-worker brought donuts this morning, and i had to take a pass ;-( That may change, though, as I get more adept at removing/replacing my mouth piece LOL

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    1. When I was a kid, I broke my braces on more than one occasion. My poor parents.

      I just know I have a tendency to overeat those cookies. Maybe I should bring them to the vet (but frankly, the works there don’t really need them either).


  10. I’m like Kim – My sweet tooth would have gotten the better of me with those cookies. It’s why I keep so little sweets in my house!

    I dropped my chiro a few months back when he stopped taking my insurance and can’t say I miss it. My one caveat is I do get fairly frequent sports massages.

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    1. If I had to choose between chiro and massage, I’d go with chiro. Massage feels great, but it doesn’t fix the things that are out of alignment and while I’m in pretty good shape overall, things seem to get easily out of alignment.


  11. My “pandora’s box” is a jar of almond butter. Once it’s opened, I eat it by the spoonful. I’ve won food from a race before but it has never been vegan (boooo) so I’ve always given it away or tossed it.

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    1. I have to measure almond butter, but it’s no longer a trigger food for me (although I may still eat more of it than I really should — I mean just larger portions/more often than I should). That wasn’t always the case for me, though.

      That particular race has a cookout after, and there are actually vegan options (didn’t stay so don’t know what they were). I doubt the AG awards were, though.


  12. If it’s ice cream, I’m all over it. Cookies are a bit less exciting to me!

    Crazy that the pool closed! Is there another one around or was that it for you?

    I don’t have a chiro. I don’t usually get very attached to doctors or medical professionals, so I would probably just move on to the next.

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    1. Oh, that’s awkward, being your neighbor! I think I’ve probably decided to stick with them for the time being. Especially with less running it’s not as important right now (knock on wood).


      1. It’s not awkward at all – she’s a sweetie! Here’s what would have been awkward: when I learned the last name of our new next door neighbors (before we met them), I was afraid it might be my gastroenterologist. I do not want to see the male doctor who does my colonoscopy on a social basis! LOL

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