Silver linings: Tea/coffee Date April 2020


Mr. Judy and the dogs are once again front and center if we were getting together over a hot beverage. Aren’t they always?


Pull up a chair and mug with Coco and Deborah and me for the ultimate coffee tea date: can we talk? Especially about the damn menopot!

Hard to believe this was just 3 years ago

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I would tell you I called my mom on my Dad’s birthday last week. He would have been 94. I didn’t mention it . . . and neither did she. She’s a pretty stoic person in general, although during the months of his decline she was a nervous wreck. Now she’s had time to decompress (now she has too much alone time though!).

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d tell you that one of the things that has changed for me is the way I food shop. I was used to going several times a week, never getting more than I can carry in one load — and always using reusable bags.

Now I try to limit it to once a week, which makes the fresh veggies harder to keep stocked, but of course limits my exposure. The irony is that after enforcing a no plastic bag law (fine by me), now they’re saying don’t use reuseable bags. Some stores. Some are okay with it as long as you pack it yourself — fine by me, I actually prefer to pack my own bag, but at the smaller grocery stores they actually make that difficult.

I took cleaning spray to the store and sprayed the bags before I actually left, then again after I unpacked them. I know, I know, I should have been doing that all along.

At least last week I could use these, haven’t been to the store yet this week

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d tell you that so far I’ve mostly been able to find what I needed. I’d also tell you that I don’t think I’m hoarding, but I have actually been spending more at the food store (I saw a news story that the grocery stores have seen a surge in sales!).

I am buying some things just in case I am unable to find them next time I shop. Although my freezer is now full to bursting, so I guess we’re good!

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d tell you I have noticed more runners pretty much everywhere I went in the last couple of weeks. It’s obvious that some of these are relatively new runners. Good coming from bad — there’s always that silver lining!

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d tell you I notice what I call the 9/11 effect. We went to NYC after 9/11, after a long absence from the city because Mr. Judy isn’t fond of it and we lived in TX at the time. It was a 40th birthday present to me, so about 6ish months afterward (we didn’t go right on my birthday — NYC in the middle of Winter is not for the faint of heart!).

Even Mr. Judy enjoyed the trip. He noticed that everyone was more courteous, more friendly, just in general nicer. I have noticed people being much nicer after COVID19 really hit.

Are you noticing any difference in people, if you’re out there walking or running?

Are you afraid to grocery shop? I’m not really, but Mr. Judy is beginning to freak out about it.

Can you think of any silver linings lately? 

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gwy karma vs dharma thumbnail

ICYMI: I took advantage of the one nice day this week to film outside; I talk about Karma vs Dharma here. I’m also going live on Facebook at 4 pm ET  hereto share a short-er preview of next week’s longer Yin Yoga video (which was also filmed outside — feels so much better out there!).

I can’t really interact with you while I’m doing the live video, but you can like it and/or comment and I’ll get back to you later! Maybe there will be a new meditation this weekend . . .

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29 thoughts on “Silver linings: Tea/coffee Date April 2020

  1. I am noticing many new “Corona-runners” as well – easily detected by their woolly jumpers and baggy jogging pants. I think it’s great! I hope some of them will stick to running.
    And yes, people are definitely nicer and smiling a lot more than usual.

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  2. LIke most things, I’m pretty sure the majority of the new runners will give it up after finding out that running isn’t easy! I go running pretty early to avoid most of the walkers and runners that are clogging the paths and trails. I’m fearful that they are going to close them.

    I had my credit card number compromised this week, so I think there are some people who are taking advantage of others right now. This was particularly troubling because it happened to me while I was trying to watch a running podcast and I clicked on a link. The link took me to a website and I thought I had to sign up for it. Doh! I’m not usually so gullible…

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    1. Oh no on the credit card!

      I am mostly running in my own neighborhood. Usually that’s not too difficult, but yesterday some idiot kid on a motorized scooter kept riding it on the wrong side of the road — repeatedly, because he just kept going back & forth on the same side — causing me to have to cross the road repeatedly. Seriously, he was coming straight for me! I wanted to slap him with a 6 foot pole.

      BTW, since I’ve been at home since I got dogs (first working), while they do bark, they’re not terrible. I think they’re a lot worse when I’m not here to shut them up, LOL!


  3. Maybe because everyone is home during the day, you notice more runners.

    Definitely fewer runners at the times I run. Usually the parking lots are full. Now just a few out there. And they are running alone.

    No I’ve always shopped on Sat or sun and buy for the week. Same. Still working full time. Trader Joe’s still allowed my own bag. So did Walmart. (There I did not use a cart.)

    My silver lining is that I am exploring new trails and doing a lot more walking. Also a lot less laundry when you wear only one outfit a day. Also saving money on no social activities or shopping.

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    1. Of course it’s because people are home. But you can usually tell when someone is a new runner (which is probably why new runners are afraid to run outside!).

      I can’t shop in senior hours. Good to know about TJs, I rarely use a cart anywhere.


      1. How do you carry toilet paper, paper towels, food for the animals, litter, detergent, etc without a cart? Just curious.


      2. No litter. I don’t buy the furkids food at the grocery store. Mr. Judy orders toilet paper & paper towels online — which is why we actually had enough. He’s a hoarder.

        And I have really big reusable bags.


      3. That makes sense. I’m not an online shopper for stuff I can buy in the store easily. And my hubby never goes online. He complained that we needed a new thermometer and the stores are not. I ordered it online and it came a few days later. Obviously we never get sick. It’s been broken for like 20 years lol

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  4. Mostly the pandemic has brought out the very best in people. In a few instances, I’ve seen the very worst though too. This was the first week I did not bring my reusable bags to the grocery store. It felt SO wasteful but I get it. That’s a wonderful pic of you and your parents!

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    1. It seems a store by store basis for the reusable bags. I didn’t go to the store this week — it’s easier when there’s only two of you.

      The only bad I’ve seen so far is the people who are clueless about social distancing — and the price gougers.


  5. Yes I am a little freaked out about grocery shopping right now. WE are trying to order most stuff and make limited trips to the store. We are bringing our own bags just seems easier. They are still out of a lot of stuff and it’s pretty hit or miss. I am sure your mom is so lonely what a hard time for older people especially.

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    1. Unfortunately now they’ve shut down all group activities where my mom lives. The right call, but very tough on her. So lonely in that small apartment on her own, and she doesn’t have a smart phone so no facetime or zoon. 😦


  6. I’ve definitely seen more people out and about on the local running/bike trails who seem new. And lots of families. I like that more people are getting outside and active but it is difficult when they don’t know the etiquette and take up the whole area. I’ve stopped running there because it’s just too crowded and am sticking to the neighborhood sidewalks instead.

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  7. I’ve definitely been seeing a lot more runners/walkers too–most have been pretty good about sharing a socially distanced sidewalk. I still have to work every day and I’m mostly just afraid of potentially unknowingly infecting my parents, so I’ve been trying to self-isolate/quarantine myself in the house, just to be safe.

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  8. I’m out in the rural burbs, so I don’t really get too much interaction with people. The ones I do see are always happy to wave or say hi, so no change there.

    Mr PugRunner is totally stress shopping (he does our grocery runs). I’m just happy he does it, because I have no interest in being in the store right now.

    I miss my parents terribly. My mom is still working at an assisted living facility and I hate it. 😦

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    1. I know that must be so hard with your mom’s job — but I want to thank her anyway. While my mom is in independent living, not assisted, still, she does great good. But it still must be scary.


  9. I did the yoga for runners this morning and loved it. I will have to check out the new video.

    I think this crisis is harder on older people. I know the people I deliver Meals on Wheels to have a hard time understanding why we can’t have any contact or a little conversation like we did in the past. They are supposed to put a cooler outside for us to deposit the meals in and we wear gloves but not everyone puts a cooler out. I finally said I was going to leave the meals on the porch even if there is no cooler. I don’t want to endanger them or me. I hope your mom’s doing OK.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The new Yin video won’t go up til next week, but there’s 2 videos on my Chocolaterunsjudy FB page now. I plan to keep doing those, although haven’t necessarily settled on a day/time.

      That’s wonderful that you do Meals on Wheels — especially now. But I can imagine how many seniors don’t get it.


  10. I’ve definitely noticed more runners and people on their bikes as well. One poor guy today was wobbling all over the place like he hadn’t been on his bike in many years, which I’m guessing he hadn’t! The weather has been absolutely gorgeous, so that’s driven people outside just for walks too.

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    1. Unfortunately up here if we have one nice day a week we’re lucky. Well, actually this weekend might be nice. And we did have one nice day during the week. But nice means it gets up to 60 and maybe we see the sun. 🙂

      Of course our summers aren’t as bad as yours. Unless they are, sometimes we do get a humid summer but most of the time the summer is nice.

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  11. I have see a lot more runners out and about recently, too. And, a lot of people walking. I think this pandemic has brought out the best in most people. I know some are struggling more than others, though, and some need to lash out. It’s definitely a tough time. I’m just grateful it hasn’t hit Iowa as severely as it has elsewhere…yet.

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    1. Luckily we live in upstate NY. People hear NY and they think NYC, but it’s not that bad here either. Although I have a friend whose husband is on dialysis; I can’t even imagine how scary that is. She never seems to catch a break. 😦


  12. I only go grocery shopping once a week, and it’s been fine so far. Last weekend I noticed people were being careful about keeping their distance. My store has a scan-as-you-shop option and that’s what I do, and bag my groceries as I shop. I definitely see more people talking walks in my neighborhood. I’m most proud of the families with clearly reluctant teens — I can’t imagine how my kids would have reacted in their teen years. Thanks for sharing the picture of your parents. I’m sure your mom appreciated your call, even if she kept stoic about it.

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    1. I know, my nephew graduates HS this year, poor guy.

      Although I must say when we walk the dogs (or I do my Soul Strolls), the worst ones to dodge around are typically the kids. But then there are the ones that are clueless about which side of the road to walk on . . ,


  13. Oh the new runners, they’re funny – each of them in a hoodie with the hood up. They must be BOILING HOT but they’ve seen it in films, haven’t they.

    I dared go for a run for the first time in a week and it was OK at 6.20 am so that’s a relief.

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    1. That’s wonderful that you could get out for a run without feeling like you were putting yourself in peril. It is getting crowded even in our small quiet neighborhood — and the weather isn’t even all that nice yet!

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