Let’s Return to Spring; Please?: 4/13 – 19 WRD

More snow, but nothing really to write home about. Wind and cold though! Definitely having some shorts/bathing suit photo envy. I’d settle for putting away my Winter clothes, I stare at my closet and I just don’t even want to put them on again!


Joining Kim @ Kimrunsonthefly and Deborah @ Confessionsofamotherrunner, and apologizing for the rant. We all have our breaking point! Still running, but coming to grips with the idea that the half in June is probably a no-go. Trying to decide if I want to drop the mileage on my long runs . . .

Workouts update

  • Monday:  Rainy rest day
  • Tuesday: 4 miles easy, Dogwalk
  • Wednesday: Dogwalk, PB Cardio + Balance + Weights (25 min)
  • Thursday: 4 miles easy, Yoga (10 min)
  • Friday: SB (20 min), Dogwalk, Yoga (15 min)
  • Saturday: Yoga (8 min), PB Walking + Weights (30 min), Dogwalk
  • Sunday: 8 miles LSD, Yoga maybe later

Mileage: 16 (NC)

JY = Jasyoga
PB = Killer B
TM = Treadmill
YFR = Yoga for Runners*
WU = warmup
CD = cooldown
SB = Stationary Bike
YFPR = Yoga for Pain Relief
YTU = Yoga Tune Up Lower Body*

*Disclaimer: Amazon affiliate links; I will make a small amount of money if you buy through these links

Running Update

Spring is slowly arriving

The mornings are still chilly, and that’s generally when I run. Too bad it’s nicer in the afternoon! It was somewhat cloudy & windy, but still, not bad. I actually almost had slow negative splits. I guess I ran out of steam the last mile. 

Wish this was the only snow we got this week — it wasn’t! But it melts quickly.

Yup, woke up to a dusting of the white stuff, which was gone by the time I ran. Very cold and windy, but sunny — not a bad run. Paces are *slowly* getting better (see what I did there?). Eventually it’s supposed to feel easier to run breathing through your nose — I am most definitely not there yet, but I have some ideas why that may be.

Mr. Judy found this garden art. I didn’t remember we had it, or where we used it in TX!

This run sucked and was very frustrating on many levels. I don’t have my Garmin to show me pace, normally, but it kept going through data screens & so I kept seeing it. It wasn’t about the pace, though, it was about many things.

By the second half of my run I just ignored my Garmin completely. I won’t say that that made this a good run, but it did get me back in touch with my body. I was surprised my pace actually picked up on a long uphill despite a lot of walking. No injuries, no pain, finally nice weather (by that I mean sunny, mid 50s, and still windy, LOL!) — so there’s my positives.

Thanks Deborah & Coco for setting this up!

Favorites of the week
Another blogger Zoom meetup. So nice to put faces & voices to blogs. If you want to join the next one (which we didn’t discuss), but I’m assuming there’ll be a next one, just let Deborah @ Confessionsofanothermotherrunner know.

Other than that, same old, same old — which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Except the weather. The weather got me down this week, but today I believe we made the turn away from Winter and back towards Spring — I hope! I think tonight we’re going to do Moroccan for dinner (delivery). We continue our virtual world culinary tour.

How are you overcoming bad weather, if you have it?

How are you dealing with those cancelled races? 

What is motivating you off the couch and out the door? 

Coming up on Tuesday: have you been hitting the snack drawer hard lately? I think a lot of us are, for a variety of reasons! I’ll give you some tools to cope with those cravings.

You can start the challenge any time!

ICYMI: It’s a biggie this week. I released a 21 Days of Yoga Challenge. Short videos every day for 21 days. A collaboration between myself and four other Yoga teachers, so you know I packed my portion with a lot of runner Yoga. You can sign up here.

Be the first to know when I release new videos: sign up for my newsletter here to find out when I add new videos, and you’ll receive a free Self Love Affirmation PDF and a bonus audio-only version of this self love meditation.

41 thoughts on “Let’s Return to Spring; Please?: 4/13 – 19 WRD

  1. We are having a beautiful spring day today and the forecast doesn’t have any of the s-word in it for the next 10 days. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

    It was great to see you on the Zoom chat yesterday!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We are supposed to warm up. Today was definitely the nicest day of the week, but still quite windy. Seriously, I just want to wear a frigging skirt already!

      Although I have to admit I wish I’d worn one on today’s run . . .

      Always good to see you Wendy. Your news is so exciting!


  2. The weather this week was kinda crazy! We didn’t get any snow but lots of rain. Today is nice and sunny so hopefully that’s a foreshadowing to next week’s weather!

    Enjoyed seeing you on the Zoom call yesterday!

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  3. We have had some beautiful days here so cannot complain about that. We do get a lot of rain this time of the year which makes for all the beautiful flowers. Definitely yes to another chat in 2 weeks! Love to see everyone. Promise I will check out the yoga classes this week-already signed up! Have a great week ahead

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No worries on the Yoga. It’s not going anywhere. 🙂 Unfortunately the weather really did mostly suck last week. At least no snow in the forecast for this week, but I’m just longing to be able to walk around in skirt!


  4. This past week was a total buzzkill weather-wise. This week looks much better. I’m envious of those magnolia buds. We aren’t quite there yet. Hopefully soon. The yoga challenge sounds fun!

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  5. I am ready for this wind to end too. It makes running difficult. We have either been hitting the trails on windy days (it’s pretty sheltered in the woods) or running in town where the building can shelter us. Running on the bike path is tough – there are lots of wide-open places where the wind has been howling! I am ready for some REAL spring weather too!

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  6. Yes the weather is back n forth. Today was skirt weather. I went out too late and I struggled big time through this one. I’m going to quickly put it out of my mind.

    I’m ok as long as it doesn’t rain. Since I run late in the day it is Warner. I’ve worn a skirt a few times. I bet soon someone will complain that it’s too hot.

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  7. I haven’t even looked ahead at the weather LOL I just know it CAN’T get any worse. I’m glad I have my Monday 5K’s to distract me from the temptation to run before work. I’ve been doing them after work (when the temps have been much warmer…which I LOVE), so I’m trying to keep the time of day consistent. I’m looking forward, though, to my early morning runs happening in daylight again 😉

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    1. Well, not all the videos are right for the evening. It’s a mix! They’re short though. 🙂

      Yesterday was the nicest day of the week. The weather doesn’t really look to be great this week, but no snow. Although you never know.


  8. I can’t believe you’re still getting snow! I hope we won’t be getting your weather in a week or two.
    Nice that you could “save” your Sunday run.
    By the way, have you decided on a new date for your Dad’s funeral?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My brother is holding out hope for early June, that’s when we’d rescheduled it to. My sister & I don’t think that’s going to happen, but he’s the one that has to fly across the country.

      It’s not unusual for us to get snow this time of year. There comes a point though . . . you just want to be warm again!

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  9. It was lovely to see you all in the Zoom on Saturday – so exciting! I have been getting some really fast runs (for me) in, I think just trying to limit my time outside and also not having anyone to chat to!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So nice to “meet” you!

      Mine runs are really slow, but that’s because of the nose breathing. It’s supposed to get faster eventually . . .

      I do always find that I’m faster when I’m in a time crunch! I’m glad you can still get out to run.

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  10. Today it’s rainy in Italy, but the past days were sunny and warm. I would like to run through the streets under the rain but we must stay home because of the lockdown: it’s hard!
    I miss all the races cancelled. Around here In this period there are (were) the best races.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is so nice to hear about you! I wondered how you were doing.

      I’m sorry about the lockdown & missed races. I had one I had considered for yesterday, but never registered, and obviously it was canceled.

      We are still allowed to run outside. I have not used my treadmill once since this began, and there’s been some bad weather runs, but they were outside at least.


  11. I’m so over the cold weather! I finally switched out my clothes last week but Ive still been wearing the same sweatshirts every day. I cant wait to wear some shorts and tank tops!

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  12. I hope you get better weather this week! I’ve been moving my runs to afternoons just because it’s so much warmer then the mornings. I’ve been enjoying the yoga workouts in the 21 day challenge so far 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Weather is still meh, but I don’t think it will be as bad as last week. Maybe I’ll do an afternoon run. Problem is I can’t wash my hair after (takes too long to dry) and then I’m frightening. 🙂

      Thank you so much for commenting about the Yoga challenge! It’s always nice to know that the videos are helping someone.


  13. I switched my closets earlier this month as there’s no prospect of us going back to work before short sleeve weather. My “dresser” (plastic drawers) doesn’t get swapped and sometimes tees are a winter layer, so no issue there. I’m going to miss walking in my coat – I like the extra pockets even wearing Skirt

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  14. This snow is just blowing my mind! We are having awful storms through my region, but it is hot and humid. Hello, summer.

    Every day, I just get up and go. In my head, the movement is what will help get me stronger and healthier, so that’s my motivation. So far, it’s been working.

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  15. That’s the great thing about living in the south this time of year. Even when it’s cooler, it’s still nice and best of all, the humidity hasn’t set in yet! So far I’ve just had one cancelled race, which was actually not cancelled but postponed until the fall. Who knows what’s going to happen with my June race.

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  16. I know we had a mild winter but it is already April but it doesn’t feel like it!! Ugh, so over it. It was gorgeous on Monday but now it is windy and I am not going out there. I’ll wait and see if it is better in the evening. I’d pretty much forgotten about my cancelled races. One was a free entry and not sure if I will do it when it takes place in the Fall. I did get a refund for one race and am waiting for another one.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Same here about April, but the truth is it’s pretty normal for here. Doesn’t mean I have to like it, of course! So over leggings & jackets for runs!

      I never registered for the April race, but I did think about it (it would’ve been Sunday). It wasn’t a bad day, either (even if I did struggle with my run).


  17. We’ve had a gorgeous spring and even though it was quite warm a few weeks ago, it’s been cooler than normal these last two weeks – still pretty days, though. As I type, it is bright out with blue skies and white puffy clouds that I can see north and east of us, but there’s a dark cloud overhead and it’s raining really hard. We’re supposed to get pretty intense storms with lots of wind later today.

    It was great to see you on Zoom on Saturday!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Spring? What is that? Sigh. But that’s fairly normal for up here. It’s raining today. Happy I beat it and got my run in before it started — cold rain is just not my jam (especially very windy, cold, rain).

      I just remind myself about how hot & humid you’ll have it before you know it. I’m not a fan of that, either. If only I could afford to live in HI. 🙂


    1. Even without snow, yeah, the weather this week is still pretty bad. I just saw that the south is getting record heat while we’re a good 10 degrees below normal. If only they could send us some sunshine & warmth, right?

      The Yoga won’t be going anywhere. 🙂


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