Controlling the C19 Munchies


I’m not much of a cryer. I don’t drink. I definitely wouldn’t say I’m not worried at times, but I also would say that for the most part, I remain optimistic: that we’ll pull through this, that we’ll come out stronger, that we’ll band together to help all those that have been hurt so badly and so unexpectedly.

Like many people I do find myself wanting to snack more than normal most days. I know some feel what the heck, I’ll get back to healthy eating when things are more normal. Except we now know that that is likely to be months.

If you’ve ever struggled to lose weight, you know that it takes much longer to take it off than it does to put it on. If you didn’t know that, well, I’m here to tell you for most of us that’s the hard reality. It could take a week to put on a few pounds and a month to take them back off.

popcorn in ceramic bowl
At least popcorn is a healthy snack. Are you a salty or sweets person? You know what I am! | Photo by Mo Abrahim on

What’s a hungry runner to do?
There’s nothing wrong with occasional emotional snacking (or drinking, if that’s your thing), but we all know when it gets out of hand. When our clothes are uncomfortable is a good sign that we’ve been eating a little bit more than our bodies really need. Here are a few strategies to overcome run-on eating:

  1. HALT. Seriously, just stop & HALT — consider: are you hungry? angry? lonely? tired? bored? missing loved ones? Sometimes just realizing you’re eating for reasons other than hunger will help you put down that bag.
  2. Are you thirsty? Most of us don’t hydrate well enough. Try drinking a glass of something (preferably not alcoholic, alcohol isn’t really very hydrating even if it is soothing). Wait awhile and see if that makes you feel fuller.
  3. If you know it’s emotional eating, try something healthier. If you want something creamy, add some chocolate protein powder and/or nut butter to yogurt. With the right protein powder it tastes like chocolate mousse! Others add pudding mixes, although I’m personally not so much a fan of those — either they have too much sugar or they have splenda, and I personally try to avoid sugar substitutes. For crunch, try baby carrots with hummus or an apple with nut butter. You get the idea.
  4. Sometimes only what you’re craving will do. Don’t fall into the trap of eating out the whole kitchen and then chowing down on what was calling to you in the first place. If you know you’re just going to eat around it, have it — but sit down at a table without distractions. Really taste it and enjoy it. No need to feel guilty!
  5. Sometimes just waiting 10 minutes can help. I’ll be uploading a meditation later this week to help you wait out those cravings. At the very least you’ll feel calmer and not at all guilty before you choose to snack — at the best, the craving will pass and you’ll realize that food wasn’t really what you were craving after all.

healthy apple fruits natural

Are you hungry enough to eat an apple? If you’re not, it’s probably emotional eating | Photo by mali maeder on

I hope that you found something in these tips that are helpful to you. I know how great it can feel to eat that food you’re craving . . . in the moment. What doesn’t feel great is going through your closet trying to find clothes that actually feel comfortable.

Ok, you tell yourself, I can just hang around in my pjs and my sweats all day. What does it even matter? It might matter to you in a month. Or two. What I know for sure:

Times are tough. We all have cravings right now — for food, for movement, for alcohol — whatever your personal poison might be. Don’t trade comfort in the moment for ease in your life.— Chocolaterunsjudy

Do you find yourself snacking more?Β 

What are you craving?Β 

Now what are you really craving?Β 


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39 thoughts on “Controlling the C19 Munchies

  1. I think I do snack more, but fortunately, we only have healthy stuff in the house. But then again, it’s possible to overeat on healthy stuff, too (nuts!). I like your tip about waiting for 10 minutes! I’ll try that!

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  2. I’m snacking a bit more–trying to pick things that are at least healthy! I bought pistachios, which take some time to eat. That seems to help with my intake instead of just shoveling something into my mouth!

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  3. Like you, I don’t drink (very often, certainly not on a frequent basis at least), and I usually am optimistic. But, the snacking can get out of control if I zone out and don’t pay attention to it. I tend to snack when I’m on the computer and random handfuls of popcorn or pretzels can add up LOL

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  4. I am home every night which is odd for me. But I don’t keep snacks in the house. My hubby eats yogurt for a snack. Me? My latest craving is baked apples (add stevia & cinnamon & stick in the microwave on the potato setting = πŸ™‚ ).

    Nuts and popcorn are too easy to over eat.

    I do worry about how this crisis is affecting people financially but it affects my sleeping not eating.

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      1. I used to eat them raw every night but now I like them hot by the fireplace (still cold in the evenings). I’ve only had popcorn in the theaters and NOT with butter. Usually don’t cuz it’s so expensive.

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  5. Since I’m home all the time now I find myself venturing into the kitchen way more than necessary. What has helped me is still sticking to my “traditional” meal and snack times. I’ve also tried to limit the amount of junk in the house, but I did purchase ice cream on Sunday, lol

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    1. For me it’s still too cold for ice cream!

      I just have been finding myself hungrier than usual. I’m certainly not undereating. πŸ™‚

      Glad you’ve found something that’s working for you, Kim, transitioning to being home can be really hard.


  6. I haven’t found myself snacking more recently but one thing I have discovered recently that I’m loving is cocoa dusted almonds. They’re not loaded with sugar but basically have a light dusting of cocoa powder with a little sugar. They are so good and I’m satisfied with a quarter of a cup, one serving.


  7. Great tips! I am definitely an emotional eater…I’ve been trying to surround myself with healthier snacks and for the most part have done a pretty good job? lol

    And dehydration is a thing too! I try to keep my water bottle topped off, thankfully I’ve been drinking a lot more water in this postpartum life!

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  8. I’ve been snacking a little more but I think its because sometimes Im not eating enough at meals. Meal planning has been tough when stores dont always have what I need so i’ve been winging it more than usual. I need to make it a point to have more healthy snacks around the house!

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    1. Even though I was already at home (mostly, anyway) and even though I don’t feel *overly* stressed, obviously there’s some & I just find myself hungry more. 😦

      I’ve been lucky that grocery delivery is going well, but that doesn’t mean I can get everything I want, either. I’m just so grateful that it’s an option & that someone is willing to do that.


  9. You nailed it with #4. There have been times that I’ve opted for “healthier” choices only to eat MORE and when I finally gave myself what I was craving, I was all good. But by that point, the damage was done. So I’ve learned my lesson. Eat a piece of chocolate if that’s what you want. Don’t eat all the carrots, a bag of pretzels, some raisins, and THEN the chocolate…

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  10. About an hour ago (8pm my time), my son claimed he was hungry. Hubby told him to grab an apple and before we knew it he was brushing his teeth and off to bed!! So I burst out laughing at your comment that if you won’t eat an apple you’re probably not that hungry, LOL! You are spot on with all your points. We need a permit here to go shopping and as my husband is an essential worker he is the one who has been doing all our shopping. As I know there are some very naughty treats I crave when times are tough, I’ve specifically asked him NOT to buy those!

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    1. I think lots of people eat from boredom (whether they realize it or not). I’m not going to the grocery store at all, so no snack runs! I don’t think I’m actually snacking that much more, but in general hungrier and there’s no reason for it.


  11. I think my hubby and I are snacking more out of boredom. We also give each other permission to eat. If I see him snacking, I think “Hey, I want a snack too!” For some reason, he can eat a LOT and not gain weight. I am afraid to step on the scale! I have been doing good about not eating sweets but I find myself craving ice cream many evenings!

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  12. I’m usually a snacker, but I’ve kind of given it up. I really lost my appetite after my surgery, and it was super hard to go get snacks, when I finally was able to get up and around. Now, I am just not interested in most things. I don’t want to cook, and I don’t want to eat. I think once we can start going out again, things might change.

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    1. I’m not really a big snacker, but that doesn’t mean that I am not interested in food. I do know when I went through a lot of the stressful times with my parents I didn’t eat as much, sometimes because I really had no time, others because I was too stressed out.


  13. I’m not sure if I’m snacking more than normal. I’m always a snacker, so try to have healthy-ish snacks on hand even when I’m not stuck at home.

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  14. I am eating a whole lot more than usual. Isn’t everyone? πŸ™‚ I am an emotional eater so when I get stressed out I am known for stopping at McDonalds and getting one of their meals. I know, not healthy. Now I am stressed out but do not go to McDonalds and instead go to my kitchen to find something to eat. I’ve noticed I have been drinking more coffee too but also been working on drinking more water too. Now at least I have a bathroom close enough to use.

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    1. Well, considering teachers like never eat (and I don’t know how you do that), maybe you should be eating more!

      When I’m extremely stressed, I do have a tendency to lose my appetite. I guess that’s different stress, though.


      1. I get 30 minutes for lunch and I made sure to always eat. I know some teachers work while eating but not me. I remember doing that when I first starting teaching but then realized I was doing it all wrong. πŸ™‚

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