Damn Wrong Siders!: Runfessions April 2020


April was so full of runfessions that I had great difficulty keeping them to five (which is just my own personal number for a runfessions post).

Okay, I’m starting out with a bonus runfession: I’m not always procrastinating on my runs. Sometimes I can’t find something I need, like these Saltstick Chews. I spent two weekends wasting time, searching for the damn things.

It’s like the elf on the shelf!

I usually keep my little holder in my messenger bag that I take with me on the run, but I’m not driving anywhere so I’ve had the bad habit of not putting them there. Then having no earthly clue where they were. Clearly I need to stick to my routine here.

I runfess . . .
I have always washed my hands, but clearly I wasn’t doing it right. Now my hands are dry and cracked and I’m having to apply lotion multiple times a day . . . and they’re still mostly dry and cracked!

I runfess . . .
I know in the scheme of things this is small, sort of, but NYS had just issued a plastic bag ban before C19 hit. I have used reusable bags & my own produce bags forever. I hate that there is plastic accumulating everywhere now!

I know some this may seem silly when people are dying, but it’s also killing our planet. I don’t even have kids to worry about, but still, the Earth is my home. Ok, rant over.

They’re thin, but I like them

I runfess . . .
I only washed our hand towels once a week. Mainly because we only had two sets of serviceable hand towels. Now we have enough to change them out every day in our upstairs bathroom, which is the most used bathroom. These hand towels on Amazon (Affiliate link here) are cute and not too expensive and they’re available. They’re thin, but I’m happy with them.

I just added another set from the same company, that is slightly different, as I got the link for the above towels, into my Amazon shopping cart. They come in some vibrant colors (Amazon Affiliate link here). I think we’re going to be good on hand towels going forward.

I runfess . . .
It’s no secret that cleaning is not my thing. No stress cleaning for me! I am heartily sick and tired of the incessant cleaning. My house is cleaner than it’s ever been — which isn’t really saying much, it’s still not as clean as it probably should be. There are days I’m just tired and I don’t wipe down the kitchen or the bathroom.

I runfess I had almost never cleaned my phone or tablet before this happened. Occasionally I’d take a microfiber cloth to them. They are getting cleaned on the regular now (just not every single day), along with door knobs and light switches (but what about all the handles on cabinets? Oy!).

I runfess . . .
I saved the biggest pet peeve for last. No one knows which side of the road to walk/run on. I am constantly having to cross the road because people are on the wrong side. Even runners who I know are not new runners.

It is making my neighborhood runs so frustrating. Why am I the one who has to move because you are on the wrong side of the road and are the one who will get flattened by the car that doesn’t notice you? Not to mention it’s putting me at risk because then I’m on the wrong side of the road.

Thanks for listening! Mr. Judy is definitely getting sick of my rants about the wrong siders, and I know I should be more Zen about it, but hey, I’m human too! And thanks if you actually made it this far. I know this was kind of a long one. Things have been building up this month!

What’s your latest, biggest pet peeves? 

Are you hands dry & cracked, too?

Do you find yourself hunting for stuff more than usual?

What do you have to runfess from April? Come join us


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34 thoughts on “Damn Wrong Siders!: Runfessions April 2020

  1. Yes, my hands are dry! We do have hand lotion by the sinks in our bathrooms but I don’t always remember to use some. From what I understand, if you’re not going out/letting others in, you don’t really need to be cleaning more than usual. That said, I’m not discouraging my husband when he wants to clean — although I wish he’d use the microfiber cloths instead of a gazillion paper towels.

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    1. We rarely go out, but occasionally have to. I had to pick up supplements for Lola this week.

      OTOH, we get deliveries. A LOT of deliveries. Not just the groceries and dinner once a week, but almost on the daily from Amazon.

      And of course we do sometimes chat with neighbors. Even though we’re social distancing, we’re not wearing masks so who knows?

      I’m not a germaphobe by any means but from the stories I’ve heard I definitely do not want this virus!


  2. I wash my hands probably 100 times a day when I’m working, so really, this is nothing new for me! But I do have some hand care products I can recommend if you’re interested. Really, good old vaseline applied at bedtime does wonders. If you’re averse to using vaseline, CeraVe makes a healing cream in a blue tube. Lotion, not so much. You need something thick!

    Stay safe, Judy!

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    1. Yes, I’m definitely sympathizing with healthcare workers!

      Oh, I do have something thick. It’s made of shea butter, coconut oil & olive oil (and that’s it!). But it takes a while to absorb. 😦


  3. I’m not a Germaphobe so I’m not cleaning more than usual.

    My hubby works in the hospital so we are well stocked on Purell.

    We use paper towels not hand towels in the kitchen where we tend to wash our hands all day long. Though I’m not a germaphobe, that grosses me out. Using the same towel over and over.

    I don’t run anywhere but trails. People seem to be respectful of distance and staying on the right side.

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    1. I forgot to add. I don’t do grocery deliveries. And Trader Joe’s does paper bags and the other stores let you bring and pack your own. I hate plastic bags too.

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    2. In the kitchen I actually do change out the dish towels every day. Wash them once a week. They’re black, they don’t show dirt. 🙂

      As to using the same towel, well, I’ve washed my hands before wiping them on the towel, so they’re clean — and change them each day — doesn’t gross me out.

      We all have different habits.


  4. It kills me to not be able to bring my reusable bags to the grocery store now. All the plastic is such a waste. I’m almost always on trails or I go early enough that nobody else is out so I don’t have the issue of wrong siders. I swear by Now Cocoa Butter to keep my hands happy. Thanks for linking!

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  5. Everyone still uses re-usable bags over here, me included. It’s a non-issue – strange, isn’t it?
    I agree with you, plastic should be reduced wherever possible, so I’m quite happy we still can use our own bags.
    Haha, wrong-siders annoy me a lot as well!

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  6. I thought I washed my hands a lot before but now it’s ridiculous. Mine are also cracking and so dry. I was just saying that our hand towels and kitchen towels are going to need to be replaced soon. They too are falling apart.

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    1. Our kitchen towels are ok. I buy those at Target, but we had enough of those. The hand towels — well, now I’m changing them more often so I needed more. They were a little hard to find decent ones.


  7. Judy, I had to laugh at your wrong-siders pet peeve. That is my husband’s pet peeve too. When we run and come across runners or walkers who are on the wrong side of the path or road, if it is late in the run and he is tired, he will give them a comment as we pass.

    I am frustrated about using plastic bags too. At least there is a place at our grocery store where you can recycle them. I hope they actually get recycled, anyway.

    And yes, oh yes to the dry, cracked hands. I am putting lotion on all the time and they are still rough and red. Ugh!

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  8. Hi Judy!!

    Those wrong-siders are a huge PITA and I vent about them all the time! Mostly to myself but I pretend that I’m talking to the dogs and cats. They’re listening, right? The ones that really boggle me are the ones who run on our busy street on the wrong side. There are no sidewalks! I don’t understand why they feel like playing Russian Roulette with their lives.

    Dry, cracked, and sore hands because of all the washing and all the cleaning, And I’m really tired of singing Happy Birthday or my ABCs every time I wash. I do try to mix it up. Sometimes you can find me really belting it out, a la Broadway style. Sheesh. The things I do for fun. lol

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    1. Luckily our neighborhood (which also has no sidewalks) isn’t too busy. It’s relatively safe.

      I don’t time my hand washing, though. Pretty sure just the fact that my hands are so dry means I’m doing it right. 🙂

      Big hugs on being by yourself in all of this, Jennifer.


  9. I’m a huge advocate for recyclable bags, too. At least we can use some of the excess plastic bags for Max’s dog walks…but that is still an excess amount of plastic. My skin is dry year-round, so I usually am motioning up after every wash-up. I go through a lot of paper towels in my kitchen & bathroom…my OCD prevents me from using cloth (except for drying clean dishes.

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  10. My peeve is all the noise the boys make when they are doing things. No matter what, it just comes with an excess of sound. Just. Be. Still!!!!!

    I know a lot of people have said that they are keeping their reuseable bags in their trunks, not taking plastic bags when they check out at the store, and just wiping down their groceries at their trunk, loading directly from cart to their own bags. Maybe that would work?

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    1. OMG, I know! Thankfully it’s only Mr. Judy but yes, he’s loud! I make him wear headphones when he watches tv. Probably not doing his hearing much good but saving mine (and my sanity).

      I wasn’t actually even just taking about the plastic bags for food. I meant the plastic produce bags! Ugh! It’s everywhere. 😦 Still getting food delivered.


  11. Yup! Even just going out for a walk i am constantly zig zagging to get out of the way of people walking 3 across or runners just not paying attention – it’s starting to get annoying!

    I’ve been using reuseable bags for years but they just implemented the plastic bag ban in CT a few months before COVID-19 hit. I still bring my bags to the supermarket but I wash then after every use now.

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    1. It doesn’t bother me quite so much when I’m walking, but somehow when I’m running I don’t want to expend the effort to cross the road. That seems wrong, doesn’t it?

      I’m lucky, I’m still getting food delivered. You do have to plan ahead . . .


  12. I think during these times we’re allowed a little extra ranting. LOL

    My entire body has been dry since my twenties. I cannot wash my hands without immediately putting lotion on them or they will crack and even bleed. 😦 I keep lotion in every bathroom, the laundry room, my handbag, my car, my work backpack…

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  13. O’Keefe’s hand lotion has saved my hands. It was expensive but to be honest I didn’t care because I was tired of cracked and bleeding.
    I’ve switched to hand/dish towels (I use both in both locations) in the kitchen to conserve paper towel, but ptherwise do not like for the same reason I’m not a fan of sponges. I feel like it’s just never really clean.
    I’m on the other side of the bag ban – glad it’s not happening until June at the earliest. I wasn’t ready. I am using a tote whenever possible but am apprreciating the plastic bags for things for which that doesn’t work. I wish we were back to the days where bag fee was all we had to worry about

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    1. I do have good stuff to put on my hands. I was just kind of shocked at how poorly I was washing my hands before this, apparently — and the constant dryness. I just can’t put it on every time I wash my hands, it’s too greasy until it absorbs.

      Since I only use my dish towels for one day, it doesn’t bother me. Which reminds me I have clothes to put in the dryer, almost forget about them . . ..

      Not a fan of sponges either. Unfortunately the husband is.


  14. Oh! the hand washing! It is the bane of my existence! I thought I was washing my hands often before but now, it’s out of control. We’ve gone totally cloth towels in the kitchen – partly for environmental reason and partly because they were hard to find in our area (so was toilet paper but we’re NOT doing cloth towels for that!!). Such a hard choice to make between taking care of the earth and taking care of ourselves so we don’t get sick….

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