The Pros of Running at Home


Always looking for a silver lining (or trying to convince myself of something), so I decided to come up with reasons why it’s good to run in my own neighborhood. Can I come up with five?

Fairytales and Fitness

Less pollution
The photos of the change in places like Los Angeles and Delhi are just mind-blowing. Who knew just 2 months could make such a difference? I wish those changes could stick around. How do we come back together and somehow drive less?

No driving saves time
Even the closest place I drive to run is 10 minutes away, some are 20 minutes. That’s 20 or 40 minutes round trip. Of course this also reinforces Pro #1. Not to mention you don’t have to find someplace for your keys.

More likely to Warm Up
It’s easier to skip the warm up when you’re chatting with friends — or it’s cold out. Easier to do it on your own, and if it’s cold, you can just warm up in your own warm home.

Easy to make pitstops . . .
. . . in a real bathroom. I admit I’ve never had to do this, but knowing that it’s available — there’s peace of mind.

Mailboxes. They’re not just for mail.

Easy to shed layers
Many times when I’ve run in my neighborhood, I step outside and realize I don’t need a jacket or gloves. Sometimes I just leave them on our patio, but there’s also the option to stuff them in the mailbox temporarily, or just leave them inside.

You’re mostly stuck if you want to shed a layer once you’ve driven somewhere, unless you want to go back to your car — but you might want to shed that layer before you can get to your car.

I sometimes put my water bottle in the mailbox when I’m doing strides. You can do that so you could loop around & pick up more water/fuel/whatever it is you’re going to need and don’t want to carry. Because we all know that we don’t want to take more steps than necessary when we’re out there running for our health, LOL!

Do you feel that there are any benefits to running in your own neighborhood?

Do you make use of your own bathroom when you do run in your neighborhood?

What do you stash in your mailbox?

GWY Dare to Be Yourself

ICYMI: I let my hair down (almost literally!) and talk just a little bit about being yourself and daring to do the things that scare you. How will you ever know if you like them — or not — if you don’t try?! Catch this short vlog here.

18 thoughts on “The Pros of Running at Home

  1. Agree with all your points, especially the first one on less pollution!
    We don’t have a car, so I have been running in my neighbourhood non-stop for the last 2 months. It’s stress-free and easy.
    Love the idea with the mailbox!

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    1. Unfortunately here it would be very difficult without a car — although right now we’re not driving much! I would love to one day live somewhere where it’s easier to do errands via walking.

      That’s amazing that you have so many great p,aces to run that you don’t ha e to drive to!

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  2. All true.

    But I have many pros to not run near home so I rarely do

    We don’t have sidewalks
    Cars driving by are often dangerous
    Walkers don’t follow rules.
    Boring. Same scenery
    Not motivating. Tempting to procrastinate.
    Trails are easier on the legs.

    Everyone has their own preferences. It’s all good if we are happy.

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  3. There’s a 5K route that gets utilized a lot by most of the local races that happen in town…and it goes right by my house. If I’m not feeling like mapping out a new route for distance, often times I’ll run this 5K loop in one direction, pause at my house for water/potty,etc., then head back out (but in the opposite direction). I have a good selection of hills in my area, so I’m never without options if I “stay local.”

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    1. It’s actually impossible to find flat in my neighborhood except for about maybe half a mile.

      I can never remember a race route to save my soul, no matter how many times I’ve run it, so good for you for remembering the route!


  4. Good for you for looking at the bright side. My “neighborhood” is actually only one .4 mile loop. After that, I am on a country road. I like running from home but I am getting tired of all the options that start at my driveway. I am ready for some variety. I love the idea of stashing water in the mailbox!

    Thank you again for helping me sort out that Oregon race. I hope we can both do it next year!

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    1. Ah, luckily I can get about 3-4 miles in my own neighborhood before I have to loop. Actually, if I want #allthehills, I can get pretty far. I hear you on getting bored with the options at the end of your driveway!


  5. I run in my neighborhood often! But I don’t stash anything in my mailbox since my mailbox is attached to my house, lol! When I did the 19 miler, it was super handy to do loops where i could stop and use the bathroom and refuel.

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  6. I don’t use my own bathroom because of five flights of stairs, but you’re right that it’s a good security blanket. Totally on the pollution, and noise pollution too

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    1. Thankfully I’ve never actually had to make a pitstop at home. But it does give just a little bit more freedom.

      5 flights . . . I’ll be your knee isn’t happy about that either. 😦


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