Newsflash: It’s not always fun


Wendy @ Takingthelongwayhome recently made the comment of why do it if it’s not fun (or words to that effect) when she decided to drop down from a 50k to a half.

This is not a rebuttal to Wendy’s post — we all have our reasons for training or not training, for skipping runs or not, for dropping distances. Hers were very valid! You can read it here. It did, however, spark the idea for this post.

Fairytales and Fitness

Some days I’m really glad I’m not training for anything

Some days it’s just not fun
I’ve been getting out there earlier and earlier this Summer. Mostly it’s been hot & humid & it’s just what I had to do to make my runs more funcomfortable.

I made the decision early on during this Pandemic to do my utmost to run outside — unless there was truly dangerous weather or real stay-at-home orders were enacted. So far, so good.

It isn’t always fun, though. I do my best to get out on the most runner-friendly days of the weeks, but most of us have been experiencing an unseasonably hot Summer, and even upstate NY is not immune.

There have been days it’s so buggy I must look like an insane person while swatting constantly. There are days that have been so hot|sunny|humid — or worse yet, all three! — that I feel as though an elderly grandmother using a walker could pass me.

I keep running because some days I end with a smile on face

So WHY am I out there anyway?
I say it frequently on this blog: your why is the most important thing in anything you choose to do. It’s what will keep you motivated. It’s what keeps the tough going when the going gets tough.

I am out there because I don’t want to break up with running. Oh sure, some days for sure I do want to break up with running. Ultimately, though, I want to keep running the rest of my life — even if I am never able to race again.

Running has taught me so much, has made me so much stronger, has shown me that I am stronger than I think I am. I hope to keep adding states to my tour of the States eventually. It’s all part and parcel of why I keep running, even when it’s not fun.

More about MY why:

Just Keep Running
Some days it won’t be fun. Some runs you’ll think running is really stupid and ask yourself why you’re torturing yourself this way. The answer is simple: because some days running is just what the doctor ordered. Some days you’ll feel like you can conquer the world because you ran.

Keep running through the bad runs so you can run through the great runs. — Chocolaterunsjudy

What is your WHY?

Has your why changed because of the pandemic?

Have you ever considered hanging up your running shoes? Have you ever actually done it?


16 thoughts on “Newsflash: It’s not always fun

  1. I agree with this. For me, running is hard and you wouldn’t normally translate something as hard as being fun, but I still get out there and do it because I know in the end I will enjoy it, does that make sense?
    However, this past week my sister and I went on a Hike and we both agreed it was NOT fun so we turned around and headed back to the car…lol. Thanks for linking up! -M

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  2. I love this! It’s not always fun and while there’s usually a reason (not enough sleep or upset that day or the previous day) sometimes there isn’t. I’m fortunate I know in that I use running for my mental health and to boost my immunity, so I’ve kept running the same – in fact, having done two virtual races and taking part in two year-long challenges I’ve almost done more races this year than last!

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  3. Some of my WHYs have changed in the pandemic.

    I still run to get out of the house/office, to experience nature, de-stress from work or family drama and to socialize with friends.

    But without any races to train for, I don’t have to worry about skipping runs, walking most of them and shortening distances. My WHY for getting stronger, faster, better and more successful is gone.

    So even if it is hot, humid, raining, cold, etc I don’t consider them NOT fun. They meet a purpose so I do them.

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      1. Maybe not but a lot of things that are important and healthy are not fun. Flu shots for example. The benefits outweighs the pain.

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  4. I agree, Judy. Many of my runs lately have not been fun, but I don’t want to break up with running either. I know that over the long term, running keeps me sane by helping me burn off excess energy. It makes me feel strong and accomplished, gives me time and opportunity to think, and allows me to eat that occasional handful of potato chips if I want to. I would hate to think of starting again from scratch at my age. Great post! We do need to remember our “Why?”

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    1. The why is the most important thing with pretty much everything we do! I will never be a huge fan of summer running (unless it’s like 70 and some cloud cover & not humid — almost never happens, LOL!). Like anything gotta take the good with the bad.


  5. scratches head: I’m hoping that I wasn’t misunderstood. I’ve been running probably longer than anyone in our blogger group except Marcia. Clearly it’s not fun all the time but I do it because I love to run. However, at the age of 57 and with a diagnosis of RA, there’s no need to push myself so hard that I’m couchbound for 3 days. That’s what I meant. I’m not quitting on running, but giving myself grace. I hope that makes sense. Glad that my words gave you some food for though.

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    1. Wendy, this wasn’t at all personally pointed at you, as I tried to make clear when I wrote you had very valid reasons for what you wrote. To be clear: this wasn’t a rebuttal, criticism, or any kind of commentary on what you wrote at all.

      I was afraid you would take it that way & I’m sorry that you did. It truly was not my intention. I think you made a wise decision. I can’t imagine what it would be like to run with RA & I suspect that I wouldn’t.

      I only mention you because your post did give me the idea for this post.


      1. It’s funny how the written word can be interpreted so differently than the writer intended! I’m glad you put the disclaimer in the beginning of the post–but I felt that I needed to respond, to give my perspective.

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  6. What is your WHY? To stay healthy.

    Has your why changed because of the pandemic? Not really, but knowing I have strong lungs makes me feel strong so if I should get Covid-19, I will stand a good chance for recovery.

    Have you ever considered hanging up your running shoes? Have you ever actually done it? No. I want to run the rest of my life.

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