Last year in the 50s: Tea/coffee Date February 2021


Thanks,  Coco and Deborah, for inviting me and all the other bloggers to get together with the warm beverage of our choice and get caught up in what’s going on in our worlds.


If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d tell you the last couple of years have changed my relationship with running. I don’t know if it will change back when things are finally more normal. I never lived to race. Do I miss it? Sometimes. Sometimes not. I haven’t even really missed running much — not running opened up a lot of time to work on my passion projects and I got so much done — while still staying fit with other fitness pursuits.

Winter running can be peaceful. It can also test your limits. Some embrace the cold; some “run” from it.

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d tell you part of the reason I probably don’t miss running so much right now is it’s Winter. A relatively mild Winter in these parts (until this month, of course), but that doesn’t mean there hasn’t been some bone-chilling cold days and snow. Usually for me Winter is a time for maintaining my base.

Although I have been known to train through Winter, most of the time when I’ve done it I swear never again! I’m a sucker for a race around my birthday, though, which is next week. That means travel. Because who wants to run a half marathon in Winter in upstate NY even when times are normal? Well, some people do, but not this girl!

Mason jars make me happy. Mason jars with healthy food even happier.

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d tell you these brightly colored mason jars filled with healthy food: parsley — used to make pesto, not pictured but it’s also in a mason jar!, home made chocolate cashew milk,  greens soup, vegetarian chili, cauliflower (which has been transformed into cauliflower leek soup), home made chicken bone broth — they make my heart sing every time I open the refrigerator door.

I’d also tell you somehow I got 2 things of parsley into my grocery order, and because every time you go back to adjust an order with that company, you have to enter your substitutions all over again, I just let it be. Then when it came, there were three things of parsley! One was used for the greens soup, another for the pesto, and I guess I’ll just have to make more of my greens soup!

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d tell you I hurt my shoulder doing Yoga last month; the first time I was able to resolve it pretty quickly with self myofascial release (SMR), even though it was so painful I could barely lift my arm past shoulder height.

The second time also resolved pretty quickly, for the same reason. Although I had one night, after it was almost all better, when oddly I had a terrible time sleeping because I couldn’t get comfortable — despite the fact that during the day it was feeling pretty good. Weird! Luckily it was fine by the time it snowed and shoveling didn’t bother it.

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d tell you I turn 59 next week. Of course I can’t tell you how I’ll feel when I turn 60 in 2022, but right now it doesn’t bother me. I think that’s because I’m the baby of my family — both my immediate and my extended family. Also there’s the fact my sister is 7 years older, so obviously she turned 60 long ago, although sometimes I swear I feel like the older sister!

How do you feel about big birthdays? 

Oldest, youngest, middle child or only child? 

What would you do with #alltheparsley?

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34 thoughts on “Last year in the 50s: Tea/coffee Date February 2021

  1. Age is just a number to me. I think it’s because I have older friends and younger friends. And I feel better in my 60s than my 50s.

    I would miss running if I stopped. But I think it’s the people not only the activity. I stopped tennis after many years. I do miss my friends. Same with quilting and mah jongg. You can replace one activity with another but you can replace people.

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  2. I’ll be 59 this year too. I don’t feel that old, but like Darlene says, age is just a number. I try not to think about it too much because it messes with my head. Where did the time go?

    So interesting that you’ve moved away from running-I would miss it so much! Although with my newfound love of trails, I could totally see gradually moving on to hiking.

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    1. It doesn’t mess without my head. Most of the time doesn’t bother me at all.

      I haven’t moved away from running, really, but it’s also never been as important to me as it is to some runners. I don’t really enjoy winter running that much, have never been a fan of winter at all.

      I’ve enjoyed hiking for a long time — long before I started running — but not always easy to squeeze in.


  3. I try to embrace the cold of winter running and find the beauty of it. For me, it’s not as much of a beat down as summer running and humidity. Running is always going to be there for you. Taking a break can be good for the body and the soul. I respect your honoring your body and doing what you feel like doing.

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  4. I’m turning 49 in a few weeks and I say, bring it on! As long as I can continue to stay active, I feel like that goes a long way towards my health and how I feel physically. I have an older brother who is 3 1/2 years older than me and he hasn’t done much to stay healthy so I’m in much better shape than he is (and have been so for a long time).

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  5. I runfess I’ll probably always run in some capacity as long as I’m able to. That said, I love not having to force myself out in the very cold/icy conditions. I’m happier banging out a few miles on the mill and calling it good. I also runfess I’m just not that into racing right now. I just don’t care about the clock or a medal etc.
    Age is just a number. I do wonder how the hell I got here so quickly but why fret about what you can’t change? Love the colorful Mason jar assortment in your fridge!

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    1. I haven’t stopped running but right now not missing racing, either. I do hope to return to it, but when it’s more normal — so it’ll probably be a while. Although I don’t have marathon stars. 😊

      Love my mason jars!


  6. Happy birthday next week, Judy! I never thought 60 was a big deal. Maybe that is because I am the baby of the family too. It was an opportunity to move up to a new age group! 🙂

    So sorry to read about your shoulder injury. I have never heard of SMR, but it makes sense. I might look it up. I am starting to have trouble again with my hip/piriformis. I wonder if that would help.

    I would struggle to figure out what to do with 3 bunches of parsley! God for you for putting them all to good use.

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    1. I haven’t used all the parsley yet, but since I put them I’m water — which I don’t usually do! — I *think* I’ll get to them.

      Shoulder is just fine but it was very painful for a few days for sure!


  7. I’m the oldest and the hubs is the baby. It’s interesting to see how our kids’ personalities have all developed within their birth order. You know I’m a devoted summer runner, but I somehow manage to bear the cold of winter. Usually, Winter is a time for maintenance, or an off-season in January, but that wasn’t the case this year with my stress fracture. I’m more thankful than remorseful over things, though. The biking (outdoor and indoor) really filled a potential void, and it’s definitely here to stay.

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    1. Out of bad good often comes (the biking).

      Funny, my husband is the oldest. I think gender can actually come into play, too. My brother is the middle child & often complained my sister & I got more (poor neglected middle child, LOL!).


  8. Happy early birthday! So far I have been very excited for my next big birthday because it’s meant I’d be moving into a new age group at races. I’m not so sure I’ll be that excited about turning 65 and even less so for 70. 😬

    I am the youngest of two and my brother is four years older than me. Once he went off to college I felt like an only child and I loved it. LOL

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  9. Happy almost-birthday! I’m glad your shoulder injuries didn’t last It’s so frustrating when you’re injured like that. LOL on the excess parsley. I’ve used it chopped as a topping on my channa masala this week.

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  10. We used to run so many races in the winter here, because those were the training races for the big spring events! but I have to say I miss running and don’t miss it at the same time. Sometimes I just just feel like it and that’s ok. I am not in a rush – I really don’t want to be injured again anytime soon. We are so lucky here in NL though – winters are usually pretty mild. We’ve had a prediction of snow and freezing temps this weekend (so far no evidence) and Dutch people have lost their minds buying sleds and skates for a bit of snow fun. I’ll believe it when I see it – ha!

    I’m the oldest of two. Ron is the baby of 4 (regardless still the baby but there was a sister before him that died when she was just a toddler). My brother and I are so different and have reacted so differently to events in our young lives but there are only about 3.5 years between us.

    For me, after about 45, age was just a number. I do like to celebrate milestones though.

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    1. I think every birthday should be celebrated!

      You keep active, Renee — that’s the most important thing. Most likely I’ll always run, as long as I’m able to. But I’ve never been quite as driven about it as some. Maybe when things are more normal it’ll be different.

      It’s a mild winter, in general, here. We’ve actually been lucky, too, most of the recent big storms didn’t hit us hard. But it’s still more cold & snowy than I’d like!


  11. I love birthdays, especially big birthdays. 40 was amazing. I’m not worried about 50, for sure.

    That’s a lot of parsley! I love it in pesto, and I have a yummy pork chop and potato recipe that calls for a lot of parsley that’s really yummy.

    I am very much an only child.

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    1. I didn’t know you were an only child!

      Well, I’m not expecting much from this birthday, for sure. Hoping for something better for next year. 🙂

      I did use the some of the parsley for pesto — I need to make more! I actually use the parsley & greens — and no basil (unless I have some, which I haven’t lately).


  12. Yay for mason jars! I really need to find my collection (I brought it back with me in the move back home but some stuff is still mysteriously gone). I miss food prepping!

    I’m the youngest but often felt like the older sibling when I was growing up. (My brother and I are only 13 months apart though so there wasn’t much of a difference to begin with, hehe.)

    Happy almost-birthday!

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      1. I go through spells where I’m good with it but also giant sections of time where I’m not. (Now would be the perfect example of that — I haven’t meal-prepped since I moved home. ._.)

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      2. I should be prepping some veggies for tomorrow’s meal right now. I’m not. I know it would make a difference, but there are so many other things I want to do!

        I guess that’s the problem. Sometimes doing the things I want to do over the things I know will make my life easier. It’s not easy to balance it all!

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  13. Well… at least parsley is super healthy! I don’t know what I’d do with it all though- pesto is a good start.
    Birthdays don’t seem to phase me these days- this year I’ll be “aging up” into the 55-59 age group! Like you said- not sure how I’ll feel when I’m turning 60. Somehow it sounds older than it feels, right?

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  14. 2020 definitely changed my outlook on running. I knew I was done with marathons, but now I wonder if I even want to do half marathons. I’m sure the distance running mojo will come back eventually, but right now I just don’t have it.

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  15. How do you feel about big birthdays? I am at times stunned at the number. It came so quick. I will be 58 this year.

    Oldest, youngest, middle child or only child? I am the youngest of 2.

    What would you do with all the parsley? No clue. I never cooked with it.

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