All the Seasons of Spring: Tea/coffee Date April 2021


Thanks,  Coco and Deborah, getting us altogether virtually for a coffee date. It may be Spring, with all that applies — swinging back & forth between Spring & Winter — so I’m still drinking hot chocolate. 🙂


If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d tell you a couple of weeks ago I was having serious vaccine envy. It seemed as though everyone I know — aside from my sister & BIL — is vaccinated. I whined to everyone about it and I apologize! The next week they opened it up to 50+.

It says “Own Today”

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d tell you the day I learned that I would be eligible to try to make a vaccine appointment the next day — (3/22) — was also the first day I was able to use the Yoga platform in 2021. I got a little goofy trying to take photos of my wrap after I wrapped that practice. It was a good day! My appointment is 5/29, although I’m hoping to move that closer.

ETA: the day after I made the 5/29 appointment (3/24), I made an appointment for 4/26. It was at a site a bit over an hour from me; the 5/29 appointment was much closer. Then I made one for 4/15 (same place, longer drive). This was all the morning of the 24th. Then Darlene told me there was a more local place that had a lot of appointments for that day (the 24th — are you following all this?).

Yup, I made an appointment for that afternoon and prayed I wouldn’t have a reaction so I could go visit my mom the next day as planned, which also happened to be my Dad’s birthday. My mom is pretty stoic, and rarely mentions those sort of anniversary dates. Still I thought it would help brighten her day to have a visit. I knew it would brighten her day to hear I’d had my first vaccine!

On top of all that, my brother is in the middle of getting his vaccinations, and planning a trip out to see my mom in June. He hasn’t seen her in over a year. Plus I also have to fill out a jury questionnaire by the beginning of April; I don’t know when/if I might be called, but the thought of jury duty was definitely freaking me out. As long as it’s not on the date for my second shot . . . 


This photo was less than a week before the photo above — Spring is nothing if not changeable!

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d tell you I’ve been doing my best to dragtake Mr. Judy out for hikes. Any day that is even reasonably warm and dry (and by warm I’m including windy, cloudy, and about 50 sometimes). Bandit doesn’t need any prodding.


I really needed these brownies

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d tell you I have been jonesing for a cookie. I’ve also been busy and not baking. Then I spied a container in the freezer — lo and behold, it was brownies! I’m usually fairly good at mentally keeping track of what’s in there, but I had no clue they were there — and so happy they were!

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
We started to watch Upload (Amazon Prime). The first episode was silly, but mildly entertaining, and it’s definitely light fare, but it got better after the first episode. Although I’m beginning to think we should consider an HBO subscription. You’d think Netflix and Amazon Prime would be enough, wouldn’t you?

Does your beverage of choice change with the seasons? 

Have you been able to put away Winter running clothes? At least I’ve fairly certain I won’t need the stuff for 20 and below anymore, but I don’t want to jinx it!

What are you watching these days? Always looking for recommendations.

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36 thoughts on “All the Seasons of Spring: Tea/coffee Date April 2021

  1. I have enough space that I don’t put clothes away from season to season.

    Always drink hot coffee in the morning and chocolate milk after long runs and races.

    Not really a TV watcher. I’d rather walk and then read in the evenings. I started The Sinner on Netflix. I liked it. Don’t have Amazon prime.

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  2. It was in the teens here this week so no. the winter running gear is still very much in use. Ugh. I am having no luck finding a vaccine appt. I’m sick of all the hunting to be honest. I know people much younger than I who’ve managed to get it and that ticks me off. There seems to be no adherence to the rules pertaining to who is eligible.

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    1. No teens, but 20s.

      I’m sorry you’re struggling so much to find an appointment. 😦 It wasn’t too hard for me — once it finally opened up to my age, that was the sticking point initially.


  3. I am glad you were able to move up your vaccine appointment! It feels so liberating. I am also trying to figure out how to get my husband out for some walks and movement. Some weeks it works better than others!

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  4. I’m in vaccine envy mode here. I hate hearing on the news that almost half of all Americans have gotten at least one dose …. I washed all my fuzzy headbands and gloves thinking I could put them away for the season, but Mother Nature thinks I need to wear them at least one more time.

    I was craving oatmeal raisin cookies last weekend and did make a batch. I tried a new recipe and it was so good!

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    1. I totally get it. I was SO envious of everyone getting vaccinated. I hope you are able to get one soon!

      I had plans to make some desserts for Passover, but between getting my vaccine, the visit to my mom, and the reaction to said vaccine — that didn’t happen. Maybe that’s a good thing!


  5. As much as I love my pretty purple winter jacket, it was with great reluctance that I’ve been wearing it EVERYDAY this week. Brrr, it’s felt like winter, but at least the snow has stayed away. I’m still out of the loop on getting vaccinated…but Monday is the day it’s available to everyone (in Iowa). Fingers crossed !

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    1. I can put away the REALLY heavy winter stuff, although I haven’t. But definitely not all winter stuff, today is definitely winter not spring.

      I hop you are able to get vaccinated soon, Kim! I know how frustrating it can be feeling like you’re the last person ever to get it.


  6. Glad you were able to get the first vaccine. Jury duty right now would stress me out too. I’m pretty sure they would HAVE to excuse you to get your second vaccine, should that become and issue.

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  7. Congratulations on the vaccine, Judy!
    I will probably only get mine in the summer… Switzerland and Europe, in general, are way behind.
    Keep it up with Mr Judy! He might grumble, but I bet he’s happy afterwards. 😄

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  8. I’ve still been wearing my winter running clothes so they’re not going away any time soon! I’m planning to make some brownies for Easter. So glad you were able to get the vaccine!

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  9. It’s been cold and windy these past couple of days. I never put any of my clothes away because I have room to leave it where it is. I do have some in containers but they’re still in the closet. You look so cute in that first photo. 🙂

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  10. We’ve returned to teens and low 20s so the winter clothes are still very much in rotation.

    That’s great that you were able to line up a vax appointment. I’m bracing myself for the cluster I’m anticipating getting my appointment will be if getting my parents set up was any indication. Still 2 weeks to go before I can even try.

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    1. I was pretty lucky in the vaccine department but it still ate up quite a bit of time arranging it. Really glad I was able to do that Bentley dropped the age again. Good luck with yours!


  11. Ahh, I hope you’re able to get it soon! Glad you’ve been able to go on hikes too!

    I’m kinda a tea person all year round, but stick to the colder teas for warmer weather! :]


  12. I was having vaccine envy too, Judy. No need to apologize. PA still hasn’t opened up to healthy people under 65, but Bill and I were able to get out first shots because we deliver for Meals on Wheels. We had very little reaction to our first shot. I hope you didn’t either.

    We just have Netflix, and I am beginning to wonder if we should subscribe to Amazon Prime. I can never find anything I want to watch on Netflix.

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    1. I think that’s awesome that you were able to get your vaccines due to delivering for Meals on Wheels! Very happy for you!

      I did have a reaction, but it wasn’t horrible. A little afraid what will happen with the second but at least I know when it’ll be & can arrange my life accordingly.

      We use Amazon for all sorts of stuff — plus free delivery from Whole Foods. I don’t know if I’d do it just for video.


  13. I’ve never been on Jury Duty but it’s something that I’ve always wanted to do. I know that’s weird since everyone I know that has ever been called to jury duty has dreaded it!

    Let’s hope you don’t get called on the date of your second shot!

    Have a great weekend Judy!

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    1. I am so envious of people who have never been called. I never was when I lived in VT, but it’s been regular ever since then — for 30 years! Obviously not serving for 30 years but being called & picked like clockwork whenever eligible for those 30 years.

      I know people who like but I really don’t!


  14. Yay for getting your first vaccination, and yay for Darlene letting you know something opened up earlier!

    I was once summoned to serve on a federal jury (where the mastermind of 9/11 was later tried), but luckily the night before when I called my number wasn’t called to serve. I felt so relieved.

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    1. I’m not sure I’ve been called for federal jury duty before but I swear every other kind & I’m almost always chosen; I’ve served on several juries.

      The only time I wasn’t chosen was a capital offense & they couldn’t impanel a jury & yes I was so relieved!

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  15. it’s kind of nuts that you can make all those different appointments but good that you can choose the location, etc! obviously go with the best one! We won’t have that choice. It’ll be through our GP. I’m calling my new one tomorrow…

    glad your brother will be able to finally see your mom again!!

    by the way I had to drag Ron out for a walk on Sunday. Being stuck at home and having “no reason” to train makes it harder for him to be motivated. Always the ones with the talent hey?

    my beverage of choice (as far as coffee or tea goes) doesn’t really change with the seasons. I just love espresso as much as I love mint tea. and I put nothing in either drink so it’s perfect.

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    1. I’m not sure how good all the locations really are, it’s still not as organized as it sounds. The actual shot process is, but not the process of getting an appointment. I was really lucky & of course have the flexibility in my day, too.

      I have to say Mr. Judy has actually gotten much better about walking for the most part. Doing something other than a walk in the neighborhood continues to be a little more challenging (to get him to agree).


  16. I just started putting away the heavy hats and gloves, then the next day I had to grab a hat out of the basement for my run on Saturday, lol! This time of year is always playing tricks on us!

    I haven’t had brownies in so long, yum! That’s a great surprise. I’m glad to hear you’re getting the vaccine soon! I feel like everyone has it but me, lol!

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    1. I can put away the really heavy stuff (although I haven’t) now, but it’s still pretty chilly most mornings!

      I felt the same way about the vaccine before I got it, even though that wasn’t strictly true. My older sister is getting hers this week after not really pursuing it much.

      I’m sure it’ll be a relief when you get yours, Janelle!


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