Clear Goals: March 2021


Spring is a natural time to start becoming more active. Activity is really its own reward, but it doesn’t hurt to have some goals.

All good performance starts with clear goals.
— Ken Blanchard

I may not be planning a performance any time soon, but clear goals in my life are important. No clear goals leads to too much time trying to decide what to do — better known as analysis paralysis. Who wants to waste time dithering about what to do?

Getting in scheduled runs
I ran 3 x week, as planned. Even three times a week seems challenging right now! I may not work at a paid job (right now), but that doesn’t mean I don’t keep myself busy, cause I sure do!

Grade Earned: 

Recording my runs
Like March: started out strong, sort of petered out towards the end of the month. Again keeping myself busy with other things.

Grade Earned: B

Dynamic Warmup
I was quite good at my dynamic warmups as my runs began to become a more normal length. Still working on a few residual niggles that have been niggling at me a long time (making progress) so I know that this is important.

Grade Earned: A


Foam Rolling
This has become an entrenched part of my morning routine (see more about morning routines here). I do it because it makes a difference. Sometimes I do it both before and after a run. And I work on my feet pretty much every day to keep them happy (see my routine here — I redid it, and I swear there was audio! Ugh. I may have to refilm the whole thing).

We’re going to be working on flexibility in the Facebook Group (join here) next month, and it’s going to be a combination of SMR (self myofascial release & Yin Yoga). So not only does it help with flexibility, it can help with some annoying aches & pains, too — win-win! 

Grade Earned: A++

The starter is now in the freezer, and the bread bakery is closed for now.

Not really quite sure what happened here. I was doing great up to my birthday — and I got back on track right after my birthday, too. But the weight has crept up a little. I have some ideas, and I’ve been implementing them. It may just be a seasonal adjustment. I hope!

Grade Earned: B

Cross Training
Yoga, running, a little hiking, walking, a little bit of indoor cycling. I’m doing pretty well, but slacked a bit on strength training. Although the first ST I did recently, I was so sure I was going to have some DOMs — and I didn’t. There’s been a lot more Yoga as I do short practices in the Facebook group — I guess it’s working for me too.

Grade Earned: A+

March 2021  gets  . . . 
. . . an A. Probably should’ve been an A-, there was definitely some room for improvement in a few areas. I did feel really run down for about a week there in the middle — which is why there was so little ST — but gave my body what it needed and bounced back pretty quickly.

February Goals:

  • Continue to lengthen out my long run. Y. I started the month with a long run of 4 miles, and slowly worked my way up to 6 miles. Taking it slow & easy to keep my body happy. I don’t plan to go much over 7 or 8 miles any time soon (and it depends on my body), as I am still not training for anything.
  • Do some longer ST. Y/N.  Y. I did once, LOL! Most of the little ST I did, if you’re not counting Yoga, was short. ST is so important, but listening to your body is more important.
  • Balance + Core Challenge. Y. I had fun coming up with a variety of routines in the Facebook group and on YouTube (here). I know my balance still needs work! Watching my parents age, I know just how important this is. May I also say that it’s important to use a cane/walker if that is necessary, no matter your age. Pride goeth before a fall, indeed! I hope I can stave that off for a long, long time. I just had a conversation with my mom about that. She’s good at using her cane, but is reluctant to use a walker, and I think she’s at the stage that she needs to. So just gentle nudges for her for now and pray there are no falls.
  • Continue to try to eat intuitively — unless the weight starts to creep up.. Y. It’s time for a little Spring cleaning. I’ve started, but it’s not always easy!

Which leads me to April Goals:

  • Continue to lengthen out my long run. I am not going to make any goal for how long I want my long runs to be. My body will tell me. I would definitely be happy to be at 7 miles by the end of April, but a happy body is more important to me.
  • Do some longer ST. I will continue to the short practices in the morning, as it’s really working for me right now. Time to do a longer one at least a one day a week — on the days I don’t run.
  • Flexibility Challenge. I am having fun coming up with some very different — and effective — practices.
  • Continue to try to eat intuitively — unless the weight starts to creep up. Always a goal. Over the years I’ve gotten much better at it, but it’s always a work in progress.


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18 thoughts on “Clear Goals: March 2021

  1. Well done on your March goals, Judy!
    My balance needs some work, too! I need to think about that.

    Since I’ve been doing consistent core work I really notice a difference, especially during long runs. It seems to be easier to keep a good posture when I get tired.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. As usual you are consistent in meeting your goals.

    I’ve been stuck at three 3 milers and one 10 miler forever. So I’m excited for a return to racing.

    Now that things are opening I may even go to a yoga class or two. I wish my gym would open as well. So far no date.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I mentioned “spring cleaning,” on Michelle’s blog, in reference to my eating. I’m tall, so I can gain a few pounds and they really don’t show, nor do my clothes fit differently. But the scale can tell a different story. I think I’m OD’ing on sugar, so that’s something I’ve been fine-tuning recently. UGH. I just wish it didn’t taste so good LOL

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Unfortunately being short even just a few pounds makes a big difference on me. Although if your clothes fit I wouldn’t worry about the number on the scale. It could even be putting on muscle!


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