Learning my Garmin: Runfessions March 2021


I’ve had my Garmin Vivoactive 3 for almost 2 years now? Something like that. I know I was actually able to race with it . . . it’s amazing what I still don’t know about it! But first my car is making its way into my runfessions.

I runfess . . .
My car did not get driven for 6 weeks at the beginning of this year, mainly due to illness. I did go to see my mom in that period, but I take my husband’s younger car for those drives. I did not go to the grocery store at all in that period! I swear I heard it sigh with relief when I finally drove it — not to mention she started right up. I call her Old Faithful for a reason!

I runfess . . .
The first time I did drive my car was to the grocery store. I’d been cooped up so long, that even that seemed like an adventure!

I runfess . . .
Apparently what I really think about on the run (outside) is counting my run intervals (as opposed to what I wrote about here). I often just run when I’m on the treadmill, but am still using run/walk intervals outside. I know that I have approximately 4-5 run intervals per mile — and then I drink a little water.


I runfess . . .
It took me years, but I finally realized that the vibration my Garmin Vivoactive 3 makes for a run/walk interval is shorter than the vibration it makes for each mile. If I’m paying attention and counting those run/walk intervals, I can usually tell when I’ve hit a mile just by the longer vibration. Which means I don’t have to look at the watch at all.

I runfess . . .
When we went on our hike last week, we crossed a road that crosses a path I used to run at often, although I haven’t run on that portion in a very long time. Winter, Pandemic. I have spent so many miles there.

Since I wasn’t driving, as we crossed the road that bisects the bike path, I looked up for some reason. Obviously I never do when I run, because I was astounded to see the McMansions that are perched on the hill above the path! Who knew?

How long does it take you to figure out your GPS watch? 

Have you been surprised by something on a route you run regularly?

What do you have to runfess from March? Come join us


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35 thoughts on “Learning my Garmin: Runfessions March 2021

  1. I haven’t used my Garmin for anything besides distance and pace. Lol.

    Also never stopped driving during the Pandemic. In fact more miles than normal because of all my hikes and not being out of town for work. I can’t imagine. But then again I was when I broke my ankle. Much worse because I couldn’t do anything.

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    1. I didn’t actually stop driving completely, like I said, I visited my mom a few times during that period. I don’t use my car when 8 go to my mom though. That’s how it’s lasted almost 21 years. 😉


      1. Mine is 11 years old which is the longest I’ve had a car. It’s usually 5 years. I have 140k on it. It drives great so I may keep it until it gets too expensive to fix.


  2. I’ve had my Fenix for what? 5 years or more? And I still don’t know half of what it does. Guess I don’t care that much. It was great for triathlon though, when I did that sort of thing! Haha!

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  3. I know my Fenix can do a lot more than I’ve figured out — and that’s not including all the app you can upload to it. I don’t use any of the fancy features. I often run and ride along similar routes and notice different things — also since I mainly run in the dark!

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  4. There are definitely parts of my Garmin I have no idea how to use. I have mine set for intervals right now too and I cannot figure out how to show mileage at the same time. I have to pause my watch for the mileage to show up!

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  5. See, your comments about the Garmin are exactly why I bought the 35. I don’t need all the bells and whistles. This watch does just what I need.

    I felt the same way you did when I dug out my son’s car from all that snow and it started right up! Yassss

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    1. I love my Vivoactive. I like having the fitness tracker & GOS all rolled into one.

      I’m guessing your son’s car isn’t as old, although you never know. Mine turns 21 in a few months. Old enough to drink. 🤣


  6. I mostly use my Garmin for distance and calorie count. Last year, I did figure out how to get my training plans onto it – different intervals, hill repeats, zones, etc. I really don’t like using the “zones” though, because once you’re in zone 5, even walking isn’t going to get you back to zone 1 right away and it beeps that my HR is too high. Umm. Yeah. I know!

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  7. Ha ha..my Garmin is very basic (not even sure of the model because I got it from a friend). I’ve played with the features some, but honestly only care about the GPS & mile splits (after the fact). And I call myself a runner LOL

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  8. I am astounded that your car started after 6 weeks of not driving it. Mine sat for just a couple or so weeks and wouldn’t start early in the pandemic. My former Garmin watch was much more complicated than my present one. There were things about my old watch I never did figure out. One of the reasons I chose the one I have now is because I knew it wouldn’t be as complicated.

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  9. I’m still learning things about my watch and I’ve had it over 3 years! In the past 12 months I’ve only filled up my gas tank once. That’s how little I’ve driven this year! I can name all the places I’ve gone pretty easily.

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    1. Ok wow, you’ve definitely got me beat in the how little can you drive race. 🤣 Although we did get out for hikes a lot more last summer & we’ve already started for this year!

      Easier to do without a toddler although Bandit does add a degree of difficulty. He’s happy to hike, though!


  10. I have a very basic Garmin and I’m still probably not using all the features. Just out of curiosity I should probably figure out what else it can do!
    I have a shoutout to you today in my blog post, about the foot compressions. They’ve been helping me a lot!

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    1. I’m glad they’ve been helping! I can’t diagnose anyone, obviously, but I knew they helped me a lot. I think the trick is to do them consistently. Like most things!

      I rewatched part of that course & I was pretty right on from what I remembered — rolling won’t hurt, but you can’t get deep enough pressure from rolling. PF is so hard to beat. Thanks for the shout out!


  11. I just learned how to create my own Workout on my Garmin 235 lol, so I know what you mean!

    I have actually been on some runs and noticed houses that never seemed to exist before lol! Plus with the change in seasons that can make a trail look so different from one day to the next!

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  12. Bill drove his car today for the first time this year! When we go somewhere together (and we almost always go together), we take my car. It started right up too.

    I am still trying to figure out my Garmin that I got 1 year ago. for some reason, It sometimes shows “GOAL!!!” with fireworks sometimes. I have no idea why.

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  13. I have a new vivo 4s and I’m still trying to figure it out! but I make a workout on my watch if I’m doing intervals on purpose. then I don’t look at my watch whilst running, I just wait for the buzz 🙂

    sometimes when I’m walking or running a path I’ve been on a million times, I do suddenly look up and then have no idea where I am!! this happened to me yesterday in fact, and I had the feeling I walked right past my street. I hadn’t but what a weird feeling!

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    1. Looking around & not knowing where you are can be a good thing! It can mean you’re in the flow.

      Or you’ve just gone on autopilot & driven right past where you want to turn — I’ve been guilty of that!


    1. I never turn mine off since it’s also my fitness tracker. But I’ve had to more & more because sometimes I need to do that to sync it.

      I had no clue how to turn it on & off for the longest time!


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