Will this be “the one”: Tea/coffee Date June 2022


I’m joining  Coco and Deborah with some of the things I meant to tell you in May, but then I veered course and shared my race photos. There’s a few new things, too — and an explanation for the stress I alluded to in last week’s weekly run down.

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d tell you Mr. Judy was trying to figure out what the “GOU” stamp on our matzo crackers during Passover meant. Turn that upside down. Read from right to left. I realized, finally, that it spelled Pesach — in Hebrew letters (Passover in Hebrew).

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d tell you I totally kept forgetting about harvesting rainwater for the longest time this Spring.

Ever harvested frozen water?

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d tell you that when I finally remembered, and started to set out bowls to collect rainwater, one morning it was so cold the bowls were frozen to our deck. In Spring.

You’re leaving me? For HOW long?

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d tell you that Bandit happily went with the pet sitter when we dropped him off before going to ME. She sent us this great photo of him running around with another dog. Then he whimpered half of the drive home when we picked him up — which he never does.

He appears to be healthy, although his eating has been hit or miss (now it’s back to normal). I actually think it has to do with the fact that he’s almost never without us the last few years. Or maybe just that he’s getting older, too.

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d tell you a while back my mom’s aide took a somewhat long vacation (longer than any vacation I’ve had in years, but that’s not saying much). There was much discussion on whether or not we should fire her at that point — my mom really dislikes her, although she had stopped complaining about her so much as she (my mom) started to feel better. Let’s just say I thought we should, but my two siblings didn’t.

I got it: the aide had her faults, but the next one could be worse

I got a call from the place my mom lives while on vacation. There had been an incident between the aide and the staff and they wanted her gone. Like, immediately. She had yelled at staff and called them something pretty rude — because they had changed the bus to the grocery store and hadn’t informed her.

As much of a pain as firing her earlier would have been, now we were faced with a holiday weekend and trying to get a new aide to materialize, without letting the present aide know she is going to be fired. Fun times. Of course the agency was unable to produce an aide that quickly. The staff was at least understanding of our predicament.

As you read this, I should (hopefully) be heading home soon, while the new aide and my mom settle in together. So it was a twofer week (two visits), staying over night while the present aide packs to go home and hopefully doesn’t just storm out (although she has to take the train back) . . . the fun truly never stops.

The replacement aide decided she didn’t want the job. So I was off the hook on going back down . . .this week. Now I need to go Monday — or so they say.

If you have furkids, do you notice things changing as they age?

What are you looking forward to this Summer? 

Any family drama recently you’re at liberty to share? 

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25 thoughts on “Will this be “the one”: Tea/coffee Date June 2022

  1. I have a dog that will be 10 this July and I noticed several months ago she became much more affectionate than she previously was. The only thing I could chalk it up to was her age.
    I have a trip to Costa Rica planned for this summer that I’m very much looking forward to!

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    1. Interesting. I’ve always seen my older furkids withdraw more!

      So many Yoga retreats in Costa Rica . . . but we’re still on the hunt for the next state. 🙂 One of these days we really have to visit somewhere from my very long bucket list!

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  2. I thought I commented… did it get deleted?

    My cat is 17+ and has some annoying quirks now.

    Not comfortable sharing family stuff on the blog…

    Glad you had a restful week… hope there’s no family drama next week.

    Love summer!!! Looking forward to more races, hikes and hanging out on the lake.

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  3. Sorry about the drama with the aide. Elder care is the worst. It was a major PIA when my dad was alive. It’s almost impossible to get consistently good care you can rely on. When we went to Dubai/Greece for 3+ weeks we boarded Carlo who was 17 at the time. When we picked him up he was happy and friskier than usual. Turns out they put him on the play n stay plan that I typically didn’t think he’d link since he was so old. Apparently he really enjoyed it. Who knew?

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    1. That’s so cool about Carlo! My brother swears their younger dog is keeping their elderly dog young.

      Way back with my FIL my MIL struggled with aides. He’s been gone 10 years today!


  4. Cocoa has been much more affectionate and clingier since her stay in Madison. She has never been snuggly, but now she snuggles with me all the time. We’re also treating her for a bad ear infection in her remaining ear, so that may be something to do with it too. Dogs are so funny, aren’t they?

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    1. Oh no on the ear infection; I’m so sorry.

      Bandit isn’t particularly snuggly either — unless I don’t feel well or he wants something, generally. He’s almost 14, though, & I definitely see some behavioral changes.


  5. So sorry about the drama with the aide. That sounds really stressful to me. I hope it all works out soon.

    So far Scooby has been very normal after his Rover stays. I always take that as a a good sign, although a bit of adjustment/clingyness would be normal too.

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  6. Oh, Judy, I am so sorry to hear about the drama with your mom’s aide. It’s so hard to find good people to help out, isn’t it? So if the replacement aide decided not to take the job, does that mean you’re back at square zero trying to find someone?

    I’m glad Bandit is getting back to normal after his adventure with the pet sitter. It’s got to be so confusing for them. Pablo’s humans pet sit on Rover and he loves having dogs come visit that he can play with! 🙂

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    1. We work with an agency & it’s their job to find a replacement which supposedly they’ve done & right now I’m scheduled to go tomorrow (but of course neither my mom, the current aide, or her hospice nurse knows anything yet).

      That’s great that Pablo’s humans pet sit! Even if I wouldn’t do it, LOL. I appreciate those who do.

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  7. It sounds like Bandit did well with the pet sitter- maybe he was whimpering because he missed his new friend!
    Yes, the aide drama sounds hard. I don’t have any family drama now, but I sure did when my parents were alive- it’s a difficult time. Good luck with it all!

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  8. Sorry about the drama with the aide. I remember us going through similar issues with my grandmother’s care taker a few years back. It is a tough job and takes the right person for sure. I hope you all get it straightened out and find someone longer term. It sounds like bandit enjoyed his babysitter 🙂

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    1. I know I wouldn’t want to do that job! It’s tough being just far enough away that it’s difficult. It’s really been eating up a lot of my time lately but fingers crossed the new aide is better.


  9. We’ve never had to board Max…I don’t think he’d do well because he’s never been in that situation (other than a few overnight stays at the vet following his ACL surgeries). We’re lucky that my parents and sister are (usually) willing to check on him if we go out of town for the day, etc. Ugh, I’m just dreading when we have to deal with elder care. I suspect my mom will be a high-maintenance patient, because she’s not the least bit independent and can be very “entitled.”

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    1. Yes, you’re definitely lucky to have family nearby to help with Max! We’ve never had that. Pet sitting is expensive!

      I love my mom, but yes, she can be pretty entitled too. For instance she’s doing so much better there’s even been discussion on whether or not she still needs an aide. For instance I’m sure she could make her own food but she doesn’t want to (I can relate to that). I worry she just wouldn’t eat if she had to cook for herself. There are a lot of things she does need help with too.


  10. Bandit is probably just letting you know that he wasn’t totally on board with him being elsewhere while you were in ME… but I do tend to think that they can change with age.

    pretty funny about the GOU stamp 😀

    I’m so sorry about the drama with your mom and the aide. That’s a major bummer.

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  11. I’m sorry about the aide situation. My mom is an aide for a client, and while she is amazing, so many others are not. It’s hard.

    Bandit is probably making you feel guilty for leaving him. Dogs are good like that. Right now, I have puppies, and they are dramatic and always in their feelings. they are joining us on vacation this week. I’m terrified lol.

    The very toxic matriarch of the family passed away. I had already gray rocked and removed myself from the situation, but the fallout of the death has been Jerry Springer worthy. I’m embarrassed to be related to some of these monsters.

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    1. Aww, you’ll be fine on vacay with the doggos. Seriously if we can travel with Bandit . . .

      I am very appreciative that there are people who do this work. I couldn’t. The aide who is leaving is ok with it thankfully so not as bad as we feared. The change makes my mom anxious though.


  12. I am sorry to hear about the aide. I know that is stressful. Hopefully soon it gets taken care of and works out. My mom has a great caregiver and we are very happy with her (she is my cousin’s wife) but who knows how much longer she can help out.

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