Multitasking doesn’t pay off: Runfessions June 2022

I runfess . . .
As tempting as it is to leave the foam rolling until after practicing Yoga in the morning, I have learned my lesson and know that I have to do it before — or it just won’t get done.

I runfess . . .
I mentioned last week that my Garmin has been showing some higher HR on a few runs. I was suspicious enough that I did a little digging on the Garmin forum. Plenty of people complained about something like this after a software update — 3-4 years ago! I don’t think my Garmin has updated recently.

I might actually try a few other things I saw, like cleaning the sensor more often and powering off once a week. I never power off my watch unless I have to for some reason! I’ve also read that dehydration or too many carbs may cause this too. I wouldn’t say I carbo loaded before my 5k, but I did eat more carbs — before & after — that is normal for me. I’ll keep you updated on what I find out.

I cookfess . . .
I almost started a fire in the kitchen one day. I was preheating my cast iron pan, I had set a timer on my Garmin, and then went downstairs to get some brief computer work done. I didn’t ignore my alarm; in fact I think I headed back up before it even went off — only to see lots of smoke pouring out of the pan. I’d set it to high, which I hadn’t meant to do. So much for the pan’s seasoning, but grateful I didn’t start a fire!

I runfess . . .
I have done it again: waited to sign up for a race until almost the last minute (if you haven’t read about that race, the recap is here). Although this time I managed to sign up online. Part of it was waiting to see if I had to go to my mom or not, and on which day. Part of it was also the waiting to see how the weather would be. Waiting until the last minute may cost you more $$ (although in this case I don’t think it did), but if you have to DNF, then you’re throwing those $$ away — even if it is for a good cause.

I runfess . . .
Running has been going relatively well lately. Well enough that I’ve begun to eye a Fall half marathon, but there are so many factors out of my control that could derail that plan. We’ll see what happens!

Do you ever look at your HR during your run? After? Most of the time I wear long sleeves, so usually only look at it afterward.

How is your running going?

Are you getting after that Summer bucket list?

What do you have to runfess from June? Come join us


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23 thoughts on “Multitasking doesn’t pay off: Runfessions June 2022

  1. My apple phone does measure heart rate but I never look. I race with my Garmin and don’t look either. i don’t run or train by heart rate. I’ve always had a higher resting heart rate. My hubby brags about how low his is.

    I don’t mind if I DNS. I prefer to register for races early so I know what I have each weekend so I can plan around them. It helps when you run with others too.

    Glad to hear you are ready for a half training. Fingers crossed Covid rates stay low.

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  2. Yeah I never look at HR. I can feel when I’m in or out of range. I used to when I trained for marathons in heat. It helped me give myself grace on pace. Yikes on the almost-fire!

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  3. I tried to do HR training at one point but it was just too difficult and I didn’t have the patience to stick with it. Now I just look at my HR after a run. I don’t put too much into it though because I’ve heard running watches aren’t that accurate.

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  4. I should pay more attention to my HR, but I don’t. I’m so used to running-by-feel, that I just know when to ease up…actually, I think my body just does that on its own (?). My watch is too hard to read without my “cheaters,” anyways. I’d have to stop and make sure i was out of the sun (so there wouldn’t be a weird glare), etc…just not worth it to me, LOL.

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  5. My Garmin is set to show me my HR on the face. I look at it often. But I’ve seen high heart rates lately that don’t correlate with how I’m feeling. Someone told me that the watch could be picking up my cadence. Hmmm. I’ll have to wear my Apple watch to compare the 2 on a run.

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  6. i rarely look at my heart rate, unless something feels off during the run. I have heard that the Garmin heart rate could be inaccurate, so I just go by how I feel.
    I’m also cautiously optimistic about my running these days and looking into a fall and/or winter half. I’m just going to take a while before I sign up though- you’re right, sometimes waiting really does pay off.

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    1. I do like to track my resting heart rate, so I wear my watch 24/7. I actually haven’t looked at this morning’s run data yet . . . I don’t usually watch it as I run, either.

      Just looked — today’s HR was pretty normal and it was a hot one (although I did start earlier). I also turned my watch off for a while this morning. I’ll have to keep experimenting.


  7. I occasionally look at my HR and it always seems to be higher than I think it should be. My HR runs low usually so I don’t get it.
    I’ve forgotten things on the stove many times. I now set timers too. Glad you didn’t have a fire.

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    1. For whatever reason my HR was in a normal range for me on Sunday, even though it was relatively warm.

      I don’t HR train, but I do notice it after the fact, and I take notice if it’s consistently higher. Which really never happens, so that’s why I took notice of it!


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